22 Russian Scary Books for Naughty Kids

Russian Scary Books for Naughty Kids

Posted on June 20, 2007 by

russian book for misbehaving 1

In early 90s you could buy special children books for misbehaving kids in Russia.

This is an example of such a book. Kid, who is reading this book, is being promised many scary things to encounter if he doesn’t obey to mother or father. Here are some translations:

“You’ll fall deep inside a hole
if you don’t obey to your mom”

“If you plan not to listen to father
wild black cats would scratch your brother”

russian book for misbehaving 2

“If you decide not to clean you teeth
then prepare to meet a wild beast!”

russian book for misbehaving 3

“You haven’t cleaned up your room?
Then to ugly monks would come to you soon”

russian book for misbehaving 4

“If you cry each time you eager
Prepare to melt from the tears like piece of sugar”

russian book for misbehaving 5

“If you play during your meal each time
then you should know that spider would come”

russian book for misbehaving 6

“If you are greedy as old and don’t share balls
probably you would be eaten by wolves”

russian book for misbehaving 7

“You like to fight with your fellow-friends?
Then you’ll be bitten by different snakes!”

russian book for misbehaving 8

There were 200,000 copies sold, I don’t know if this a lot and don’t know if the books got the effect on naughty Russian kids of early 90s…

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22 Responses to “Russian Scary Books for Naughty Kids”

  1. blubber says:

    Estonia for estonians!

  2. Little Red Riding Hood says:

    When i was little, my dad told me ATMs worked by having little monkeys inside them. I believed that for years. Now that I work at a bank, I wish it were true!

    • rasiz says:

      when i was little someone told me that gasoline that goes in cars is actually water that fills up car tires, allowing the car to run.

  3. illlich says:

    “If you are greedy as old and don’t share balls
    probably you would be eaten by wolves”

    …. uhhh. . . . OK, I’ll share my balls.

  4. Slava says:

    Hа уроке зоологии Марья Ивановна спрашивает:
    – Дети! Что можнополучить от курицы?
    – Мясо, можно получить!
    – Молодец! :-.
    Петя тоже тянет руку.
    – Hу Петинька?
    – Яички! :-D
    – Молодец Петенька. Hу а еще что? – спрашивает учительница. Класс молчит.
    – Hу Вовочка, а ты что скажешь?
    – Hезнаю. :-(
    – Hу на чем ты спишь?
    – Hа лавочке.
    – А под голову, что ложешь?
    – Валенок.
    – Hу а папа твой начом спит? :-
    – Hа полу.
    – А под головой у него что?
    – Второй валенок!
    – Hу а дедушка на чем спит?
    – Hа печке!
    – А под головой у него?..
    – Подушка! :-)
    – Hу что можно получить, если у дедушки подушку разрезать? :-)
    – Пи@@юлей, от дедушки, можно получить!!!

  5. sveta says:

    i dont understand this joke, some one please explain:
    Странного иракца, бредущего по пустыне в белой форме незнакомого образца, они заметили сразу. Весь взвод, укрывшись за “Хаммерами”, долго рассматривал его в бинокли,пытаясь обнаружить оружие, но тщетно. Похоже, сошедший с ума от ужаса, он брел, сам не зная куда. Из сострадания к несчатсному, решено было отвезти его в госпиталь. Разведчики быстро догнали одинокого иракца и окружили, разглядывая старомодную выцветшую форму и совершенно нелепую на их американский взгляд фуражку… Позднее единственный разведчик, выбравшийся живым из этой ужасной бойни, рассказал, что иракский смертник, перебивший весь авангард американской дивизии, повторял перед боем странную боевую мантру: – Zdravstvujte, lubjeznaya moja Katerina Matveevna…

    • Aiwan says:

      Sveta, meet the heritage of the best soviet films.
      Just I can’t explain the meaning of “pepelatz” and why it is so important to rotate “zapa”…

    • kirrilic is dead says:

      sveta (aka slava; checked your IP) I have to say this one more time: ADAPT. Or drown. Thats what happened to the neanderthals…

    • Andrew Bond says:

      for right understanding of this joke you must see a film White Sun of Desert (Белое солнце пустыни), famous and well-known film in Russia.:)))))))
      very funny joke!!!!^))))

  6. billy, the dooshe thrille says:

    Кажется я начал понимать что такое виртуальное общение.
    Знакомых море, а трахаться не с кем.

  7. Lev Aranovich says:

    Tha boy in the second picture seems overly excited at the sight of wild beast.

  8. Boris says:

    Why did my comment disappear!??
    It’s as if someone [cough]administrator[/cough] is censoring them.

  9. fire says:

    you still like eating our wheat though, don’t you

  10. Andres says:

    Mr. Translator, you have bad Russian and bad sense of humour.

  11. Corné says:

    it is much like Struwelpeter…

  12. Smokes says:

    Good method to educate young society. hahah

  13. Linas Lituanus says:

    Nobody did stress the obvious facts that: (1) The book was issued not in ordinary Soviet times, but at the end of 1991. Who doesn’t know, the peak of the last Soviet crisis was then. (2) Looking from the printing quality and other features, it seems, that the booklet was printed in some second hand typography. — So, it was sold like a joke or a courisosity; perhaps this seemed profiteable for editors or so.

    I don’t think we shouldn’t make far-off conclusions on how Russians treat their children from this example.

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