29 Truck Without Front Wheel

Truck Without Front Wheel

Posted on June 19, 2007 by

truck without a wheel 1

Yes, we had already photos of trucks missing one wheel on Russian roads, but they were without rear wheels. Now meet the Russian truck without a front wheel moving across a public road in the left lane. It seems that one wheel is enough to move, how about to turn?

truck without a wheel 2


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29 Responses to “Truck Without Front Wheel”

  1. alex says:

    Yeah we already saw a truck without a wheel.

  2. NoN says:

    Bayan! I was on englishrussia previously

  3. Ondra says:

    Tatra T815 :)

  4. sappa says:

    idi nahui

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    I need a cock now

  6. Anti-Boris says:

    Hey Boris, would you rather boom boom in man’s anus or make out with a jew?

  7. Anti-Boris says:

    Hey Boris, would you rather boom-boom in man’s anus or make out with a Jew?

  8. EliseiZorine says:

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  9. Igor Abramova says:

    We plan intrusion of shemales into Baltic

  10. Blubber says:

    Ok, it’s because I am gay and I get offended.

  11. FRESCO says:


  12. Igor says:

    This is Igors truck, I can not afford wheel cuz the police ask for to many bribes, if i do not pay, they beat me and beat my family and put them in the underground cave without food.

  13. mrx says:

    why does this surprise you?

    in Romania I saw a lot of farm vehicles, especially tractors still working wihtout a well, some are specialy designed to do so in case they have a flat tire or a problem with the hub. romanian tractors have this ability.

  14. Truck Parts says:

    Those wheels need a lift kit for sure…

  15. robin yates says:

    any vehicle with a solid axle can drive down the road on one wheel, I have done it myself driving a JCB.

  16. jcb says:

    Good article about machine

  17. blubber says:

    Shut the fuch up! Homsexuals, Jew and gays are the scum of the earth.

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