14 Biggest Russian Chair

Biggest Russian Chair

Posted on June 15, 2007 by

biggest Russian chair 1

In one small Russian city they have made the biggest chair in Russia – it’s that big that they can put a car on it. It would be transported to Moscow for some advertisement purposes.

biggest Russian chair 2

biggest Russian chair 3


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14 Responses to “Biggest Russian Chair”

  1. Washington says:

    Well, they have tsar cannon, tsar bell and that’s a Tsar chair!

    What is it with russians and big things?

  2. Mary Mekko says:

    The poster behind says “12 Chairs”. This is a famous novel written in the 1920’s, by a Jewish Russian journalist, about the search for all 12 of a set of aristocratic chairs. They’re scattered all over the new USSR, with the diamonds of the former aristocrat sewn into the seat of just ONE of them. So the hunt is on, as people go all over the country looking for the 12 chairs. VERY FUNNY BOOK! Later, the author was killed in WWII (name, I’ve forgotten).

    This satire has been made into a Soviet film, available now with subtitles, but also MEL BROOKS made the same film, and it’s absolutely hilarious – also a musical! The opening scene in his film shows the peasants in a street market singing “Hope for the best, expect the worst!” cheerfully.

    So my guess is that this big chair is an ad for a stage production of the book.


  3. Desu says:

    Wasn’t this chair in one of those russian tv shows for kids? It was like.. “Measured 10 times cut once” but that one kid failed and measured out 10x as much

  4. Shizo says:

    This chair is made to promote 12 Chairs furniture factories (look at the first photo).
    The novel “12 Chairs” was written by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov (Илья Ильф и Евгений Петров). They also wrote Gold Calf (Золотой Телёнок) which is also a damn funny book!

  5. Cool!
    Godzilla is coming :)

  6. Entropiou[S] says:

    It’s not the Biggest Russian Chair. Even in our little town Dubna we have a bigger chair =) Here it is

  7. Collins says:

    There’s an enormous chair (with a desk!) used as “art” on Hampstead Heath in London. Not sure if it’s still there, but it’s definitely bigger than this one. Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Hampstead_Heath_The_writer.jpg

  8. Почитал, обрадовало :) А может и правда всегда думать только о хорошем, а все плохое переворачивать?

  9. Pretty awesome stuff, I love it hah

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