10 Small Moscow

Small Moscow

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moscow photos 1

These are photos of Mini-Moscow.

moscow photos 2

moscow photos 3

moscow photos 4

moscow photos 5

moscow photos 6

moscow photos 7

moscow photos 8

moscow photos 9

moscow photos 10

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But actually these are not photos of any Moscow model. They are photos of real Moscow, made from a helicopter and then processed with special filter . Made by Julia Pinkasevich.

Also we had some time ago photos of Moscow model.

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10 responses to “Small Moscow”

  1. Muhhamed Ali Bardjani says:

    I want to live in this place after death and to have a sex with 72 muslim gays!

    Allah Akbar!

  2. loxlox says:

    These are NO miniature, but real places. The effect comes from the special lens used to take the pictures.
    Check here, for other examples :

  3. Doug says:

    I think I can see where the “New Russians” live….

  4. oles says:

    It’s a very well known Photoshop trick, but still, it looks cool.

  5. gorby says:

    im pretty sure it says explicitly that they are NOT supposed to be miniatures nor are they said to be.

  6. Chingau Wei says:

    Actually this photography style is called “tilt-shift lens” because you can use a special lens, tilted on its axis inside the lens housing. This causes the slight blurring at the top and bottom of the image and changes some other aspects.

    Now you can do this more cheaply and easily with some Photoshop work. However, the tilt-shift lens method is still the best. Google tilt-shift lens for more pictures similar to these.

  7. karee says:

    i agree. russia stinks!

  8. Su.ck.My.Pu.tin says:

    good old moskva

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