38 Slightly Flooded Kiev Subway

Slightly Flooded Kiev Subway

kiev subway flooded 1


This is how Kiev subway looks these days.

The level of water sometimes reaches thighs, but it doesn’t cause the stations to be closed.

kiev subway flooded 2


kiev subway flooded 3


kiev subway flooded 4


kiev subway flooded 5


kiev subway flooded 6


kiev subway flooded 7


kiev subway flooded 8


kiev subway flooded 9


kiev subway flooded 10



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38 Responses to “Slightly Flooded Kiev Subway”

  1. Sarah Abramov says:

    28 Weeks Later

  2. Boris Abramov says:

    Yes, current meteorological climate in Ukraine has a lot in common with the current political one :)

  3. Boris Abramov says:


    • 3apa3a says:

      Hmmm…..I remember from my Holy days that a woman practicing Islam should not speak in a company of men as well as should not speak unless giving permission….I dont remember giving you one Sarah…lol

  4. Sarah Abramov says:

    That’s all because of George Bush and orange revolution!

  5. Andreas says:

    Haven’t they heard of pumps?

  6. Starshii says:

    Minsk will rock even more after you just do the “jeans revolution” and kick that lukaluka out. I saw a nice poster year ago in the orange Kiev: “Ukraina segodnija, Belarus 3avtra” (Ukraine today, Belarus tomorrow) I hope it will be like that and then maybe Russia in the day after tomorrow…

    • Sarah Abramov says:

      No way, don’t even dream about!

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Hey Starshii, shall we talk about how many politicians from the pro-russian Party of Regions have been killed or have died mysterious deaths over the last two years? Or how pro-russian bussinessmen and women have been pressured and threatened against supporting pro-russian party in Ukraine?

      Oh no, you wouldn’t know. They tend not to ignore such facts in the western press. I wonder why? – oh yes…..its because they are “pro-russian” not pro-western. Hmmm…

  7. Pros says:

    Brave ukranian people – no fear of electroshock :-)
    Well, after Chernobyl nothing can surprise me.

  8. i want to kill a german or a muslim; can anyone help me?

  9. EliseiZorine says:

    maybe its beer that spilled, thats why everyone is happy; or maybe their politicians drowned in that water thats why everyone is so happy; or maybe they own the subway station and will get insurance reimbursement, thats why everyone is so happy; or maybe they were deprived of water for long time do to some orange fashion statement and now have to steal it in subway, thats why everyone is so happy; or maybe the person who is taking pictures is a hot naked chick dressed as clown, cracking smart joked to cheer up trapped and drowning people, thats why everyone is so happy; or maybe its mandatory in Ukraine to smile when standing in sewage, not to show the likelihood and expectancy of sewage spilling, thats why everyone is so happy; o oh, i am in trouble, my boss is not happy, but he is Ukrainian and i am gonna spill ass lot of liquids in the office here to cheer him up;

  10. Gooshin says:

    народ, вы че, тут фотки метро показывают а вы о изламе чепуху несете..

    делать нечего?

    • EliseiZorine says:

      why; are u muslim and it bothers you? or are you very liberal and want to free all and all from the oppressor?

  11. redwhite&blue says:

    this is proof that the country is a giant toilet.

  12. redwhite&blue says:

    how is everyone? i was away in korea and china. very sorry to be back. where is texas1?

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Were you sent by CIA to create colored revolutions there to?

    • John from Kansas says:

      Hello globetrotter, how was your trip? texas1 was with you as I recall. You didn’t leave him in Asia did you?

      • redwhite&blue says:

        it was really awesome. beijing is a really great city. unlike russia, they have working toilets everywhere. unfortunately, like russia, the city has become way too modern and a lot of old huts are being torn down.

        i dont think texas1 ever left the Great State of Texas in his life. How about you John from Kansas? I assume from your name that you are no longer in Kansas. Are you still in Kiev?

  13. Domestos says:

    Kiev isn’t in Russia.
    The same way Russia now occupy less than 1/6 of land surface on Earth ;)

  14. andrei says:

    wow, this is mildly amusing, but since when kiev is in russia?

  15. Muhhamed Ali Bardjani says:

    What does dirka mean? Дырка?

  16. Luke Pickard says:

    I just got back from Kyiv (yesterday). I had been there for a month and not seen anything like this. There subway is actually very nice, efficient, and cheap! Way better than our damn Chicago subway. I’d deal with the water in Chicago if they were as good as Kyiv’s subway. You should check out my pics on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukeamotion, there are plenty of regular subway pictures there. Not this one time flood event from the 80s. :)

  17. TheDudeYouHateToMeet says:

    Happy Ukrainians frolicking in a sewage-filled subway. Oh how wonderful.

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