19 Russian Servers Need Special Cooling

Russian Servers Need Special Cooling

Posted on June 5, 2007 by

russian way to cool servers 1

So when it’s hot computer servers need cooling.

Look how they manage to cool servers in one Russian office.

russian way to cool servers 2

russian way to cool servers 3

russian way to cool servers 4

russian way to cool servers 5

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19 responses to “Russian Servers Need Special Cooling”

  1. EliseiZorine says:

    this is where vapochill & oil cooling comes in handy;

  2. Carolina Dude says:

    Given that heat rises, it is not likely that they are venting hot from something at floor level. I can only assume that the purpose of that contraption is to pull cool air from outside. So what is the gray/silver appliance that the ductwork attaches to? Looks like more than just a simple fan.

  3. M says:

    It’s purpose is to vent hot air out of the window. The framework is attached to air-condition device, I have one like that at home.

    Btw: the manual says NOT to try extend the hot air venting pipe =)

  4. Pros says:

    It’s no different in any other country if the air conditioner’s broken.

  5. Boris says:

    Just curious, why do many server setups include regular PCs when there are specialized server racks?:
    I doubt it’s used as a firewall or router (most use Cisco), maybe a NAS or backup server?

    • mrcann says:

      regular PCs (computer junk) can be used to host some of the less-critical services. For example a server that hosts print spooling service.

  6. Michael says:

    Why? Because normal PCs are cheap, spare parts are readily available and you can install Linux on them to have a server running in no time. Rackmount cases are expensive and if you only have one or two servers it’s not worth spending the extra money on them.

    • mrcann says:

      regular PCs tend to die fairly quickly. while a proper server has got hot-swappable redundant parts. Much better airflow design as opposed to ATX PCs and some other benefits.

      • Michael says:

        PCs don’t die too quickly if you buy decent hardware and keep things cooled properly. Just about every server in our data center is just standard commodity PC hardware, most of the failures we have are due to disk issues and once in a while a power supply will die.

  7. Uncle Slappy Nuts says:

    Looks like the portable air cooler draws the air in from outside via the air intake at the bottom, pumps out the cold air at the top, which is then blown back at the rack by the desk fan.

  8. Uncle Slappy Nuts says:

    Doh, upon further inspection maybe not.

  9. Uncle Slappy Nuts says:

    Doh, maybe not.

  10. DJiK says:

    What does the big red button do?

  11. Ivan Minic says:

    You are joking.. right?

  12. AnTON_91 says:

    Excellent variant

  13. Are you serious????……..

  14. Computers says:

    Server must install in air condition room in order to work well. Especially those big servers are prone to overheating. We must protect our server system.

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