15 Picture Gallery Inside the Subway Train

Picture Gallery Inside the Subway Train

Posted on June 5, 2007 by

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 1

This is train we had a few days ago, which is painted from outside with some flowers. It seems that there is another interesting fact about it – they have picture gallery so the passengers could get a feeling of a museum visit during their ride from home to office.

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 2

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 3

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 4

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 5

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 6

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 7

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 8

a picture gallery right inside russian metro train 9

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15 responses to “Picture Gallery Inside the Subway Train”

  1. Richard S. says:

    That’s pretty cool! That doesn’t look like the Moscow Metro though. Which city is it? My guess is Nizhny Novgorod.

  2. Odinizm says:

    YEY! i love statistics…not

    Numbers of Moscow Metro
    Latest numbers from official site.

    Passengers 2475.6 million passengers
    — privileged category 917.3 million passengers
    —— students and schoolchildren 254.6 million passengers
    Maximum daily ridership 9142.5 thousand passengers
    Revenue from fares (2005) 15997.4 million rubles
    Route length 278.8 km
    Number of lines 12
    Longest line Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line (41.2 km)
    Shortest line Kakhovskaya Line (3.3 km)
    Longest section Volgogradskiy Prospekt–Tekstilshchiki (3.4 km)
    Shortest section Delovoy Tsentr–Mezhdunarodnaya (502 m)
    Number of stations 172
    — transfer stations 57
    — transfer points 26
    — surface/elevated 14
    Deepest station Park Pobedy (84 m)
    Most shallow underground station Pechatniki
    Station with the longest platform Vorobyevy Gory (282 m)
    Number of stations with a single entrance 69
    Total number of entrances 266
    — with surface vestibules 118
    Total area of cladding 754.3 thousand sq. m.
    — with marble tiles 340.1 thousand sq. m.
    — with granite tiles 68.6 thousand sq. m.
    — with different tiles 210.7 thousand sq. m.
    — Other cladding materials 134.9 thousand sq. m.
    Number of turnstiles with automatic control on entrances 2362
    Number of stations with escalators 121
    Number of escalators 616
    — including Monorail stations 18
    Total length of all escalator 65.2 km
    Number of depots 15
    Total number of train runs per day 9915
    Average speed:
    — commercial 41.71 km/h
    — technical (2005) 48.85 km/h
    Total number of cars (average per day) 4428
    Cars in service (average per day) 3397
    Total run of cars 679.6 million car-kilometres
    — with passengers 649.5 million car-kilometres
    Average run of cars per day 548.1 car-kilometres
    Average passengers per car 53 people
    Longest escalator 126 m (Park Pobedy)
    Total number of ventilation shafts 393
    Number of local ventilation systems in use 4965
    Number of medical assistance points (2005) 46
    Total number of employees 34792 people
    — males 18291 people
    — females 16448 people
    Timetable fulfilment 99.96 %
    Minimum average interval 90 sec
    Average passenger trip 13.0 km

  3. Doug says:

    Overall, slightly better dressed and groomed passengers than what I have seen in my part of the world.

  4. John from Kansas says:

    Wonderful! This says a lot about Russian values and culture.

  5. Alex says:

    That is the difference between the capitalists and socialists ( who cares about the cost) it is just brilliant preserves national calture,
    Why am I stressing you would not understand as there is not any calture in your country

    • pingvin says:

      Yes, it is a wonderful and an original idea, if not a bit impractical for Moscow metro. May be they use this train off-peak hours and on certain roots (i.e. less prone to vandalism) As to the “calture”, Alex, one of the attributes of culture is being tolerant and I don’t think you are here. Often you can prove your point ( and you do have one, I agree) if you approach the discussion in a less confrontational manner

  6. Salocin.TEN says:

    This is really unusual!
    The one who came up with this idea is brilliant.
    How does it cope with the rush hour? Or is there none at all?

  7. Bamsy says:

    i’ve never seen this train. but i think thats a wonderful idea but NOT for Moscow metro really)

  8. Ivan Minic says:

    Actually this looks very good 🙂 Didn’t think that moscow subway is that clean

  9. sohrab says:

    although your name tells you might be russian,but I really doubt it!
    in russia no one would do something like vandalizm to such a beautiful public property!

  10. BinToHex says:

    This train runs on my subway line, I get it every week.
    It was painted in honor of Child Protection Day last year.

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