missiles in Russia
14 Somewhere in Russia

Somewhere in Russia

While we all are peacefully sleeping, there are
people in Russia who don't sleep. They work.
estonian premier minister chanted with shaman 1

33 The Shaman Against Estonia

The Shaman Against Estonia

Yes, I know that the last video was the last post about Estonia, but we can't pass by this one. This guy on the photo above is Estonian premier minister, the man who as Russian mass media states started this bronze soldier story. And this is
a shaman from Siberia. As Russian newspaper "Tvoy Den" states he was very revolted with the whole story, so he decided to chant day and night using his magical tricks to "kill the evil spirit in Estonian prime minister".
204 The Last One from Estonia

The Last One from Estonia

Though we already tired of this Estonian-Bronze things just another
video submitted from that night. They even speak English in the end.
russian traffic light
15 New Type of Traffic Light

New Type of Traffic Light

When you plan go travel to Russia remember to study the manuals from way new traffic
lights installed on some streets. Like this one. photo: shadow-of-irbis
construction works in russia 1

122 How They Build It in Russia?

How They Build It in Russia?

These days property prices in Russia hit new highs and they suffer greatly from lack of the property to feed this demand fully, so they build, build and build. But how do they build? It's no secret that all the
construction sites in Russia packed with foreign workers from even more poor ex-Soviet countries, who charge less and often don't have visas or work permits. And these pics show how do they build modern Russia.
kaliningrad, russia 0

66 Kaliningrad Before and After

Kaliningrad Before and After

Do you know a German philosopher Immanuel Kant? He left in easternmost part of Germany in the city called Konigsberg. Today this city is not called Konigsberg any more, it is Kaliningrad now, the most westernmost city of Russia and the things so are already for 60 years. After the WW2 this region came under the Soviet rule, together with so-much-discussed Estonia and other Baltic Countries. These countries are now independent, cutting the only on-ground roads and railroads leading to Kaliningrad, so now the city and the area
around it is fully cut off from the Russian mainland but still stays the part of Russian Federation even it is separated so much from it. You can see Kaliningrad as a leftmost red dot on this map of Western Russia. Here we have 23 pairs of photos of Kaliningrad from kng750.kanet.ru showing the city before the Russian rule and World War 2 in distant 1939 and nowadays, year 2005. You can make your own conclusions on how the WW2 affected the city, and how Russian rule affected it too.

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