12 Russian Car Thieves

Russian Car Thieves

This video is about not so
successful Russian car thieves.
barnaul rain 1

17 A Car Underwater

A Car Underwater

A few cars got under water due to the malfunction of sewerage after a rain in Russian town
Barnaul. The owners had to swim to their cars - only car roof-lamps were above the water.
undergrounds of Odessa 1

49 Undergrounds of Odessa

Undergrounds of Odessa

These are shots from
undergrounds of Odessa city.
russian aircraft-carrier 1
34 Old Aircraft-Carrier

Old Aircraft-Carrier

  This Russian aircraft-carrier boat had a strange story. When it was being built it was called "Riga" - the name of Latvian capital city, but just after the construction was over and 20 minutes later the ceremony of the ship's launching started they got a call from Moscow demanding to change the name to "VARYAG", probably just because at that time Latvia demanded independence, so Russian government understood that if they leave the old name, in just a few months one of their top-ships would carry the name of the capital of the another state. So they called and changed the name same day the boat was launched. That was a bad sign. A few years later, they couldn't maintain
it anymore, and the ship itself demanded some sort of upgrading so they decided to... sell it for iron-and-steel scrap! The company which bought it couldn't transport it to scrap site, mainly because Turkey didn't allow the private company to pass the big and scary aircraft-carrier through its waters it in time so it stayed for one and a half year and they seriously considered on abandoning it. Later they got permission from Turkey and moved it from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. And then in Mediterranean it has almost got stuck on sandbank. So it took it a few years to come to travel in its the last journey.
russian northern houses 1

171 Russian Northern Huts

Russian Northern Huts

These are traditional houses of Russian North-Eastern people. They say they become popular now around all the Russia as a budget way
of owing your house instead of buying expensive apartments, so here and there you can meet such huts over the Russia.
39 Russian Self-Moving Tractor

Russian Self-Moving Tractor

Russian Self-Moving
Tractor. Funny.
Russian ABC book 1

36 Russian ABC Book

Russian ABC Book

Now Russian kids study alphabet at
same time when they study car brands.
20 Yak-9


This is Russian plane YAK-9 on
some foreign flight show.
Shark in St. Petersburg 1

50 Shark in St. Petersburg

Shark in St. Petersburg

In the sweet waters of Neva river in St. Petersburg they have found a 2 meter long (7 feet) shark. It's a
first time the shark is found somewhere near St. Petersburg or generally in North-West of Russia.
102 Police Show

Police Show

Police expresses their protest against small group
of young people. Young people want to legalize pot.

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