Horse Stone, Russia 1

17 Horse Stone

Horse Stone

This is a strange structure standing deep in Russian forests on the Horse Island in the middle of small lake. It's a small Christian church on top of a very large boulder. This boulder has a history too. Long before the Christianity came to Russia, this rock was used by local tribes as an idol, thousand years ago in 1000 b.c. It was called "Horse-Stone" and the island as
we mentioned was called Horse Island. They sacrificed horses to it and when first Christians came they were shocked by bloody rituals of locals, but after they cleared up the place they decided to use the stone. Probably the main reason was to have it under control in order to prevent locals continuing with their pagan procedures around it.
russian car glowing in the dark 1

17 Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark

This Russian owned car is not just nice because of
its exterior. It glows in the dark. Really.
Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 1

88 Some Other Russian-Estonian Monuments

Some Other Russian-Estonian Monuments

While hundreds people quarrel online and offline about the Soviet Bronze Soldier monument moved to another place by Estonian authorities, some more Soviet monuments can be found treated totally with lack of any respect in the back yard of "Museum of History" in the capital of Estonia -
Tallinn. Anyone can come and see Stalin, Lenin and other Russian Soviet heroes standing and lying scattered all over the backyard, together with stone tombs which were saint for all Soviet people who trusted in Soviet state, now probably waiting their turn to go to scrap site.
Moscow changes 1

14 Moscow Styling

Moscow Styling

Moscow is the capital of Russia and it changes quickly. For example this small part of Moscow changed drastically just
during one day. The shot above was made in the morning, the photo below is made later in the afternoon.
Strange Park near Moscow 1

6 Strange Park

Strange Park

This is a strange place near Moscow city, park that imitates different crashes, like a helicopter hitting the power
lines or a crashed plane site near the train crash site. Sometimes guys from Russian rescue team train there.
German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 2

43 German Anti-Soviet and Anti-Jewish Posters on Russian

German Anti-Soviet and Anti-Jewish Posters on Russian

During World War 2 German Nazi propaganda machine used also posters on Russian language in order to convince Russian people that German army liberates them from Soviet dictators and that most Soviet leaders are of Jewish origin, as you know Hitler hated them. These propaganda was used in
"liberated" areas of Russia that were under short term German reign. Some historical evidences though show that during this times there was a reasonable economic growth on those territories free of Soviet "anti-privacy" acts. The one above is simple: "Down With Bolshevism!"
Somebody in Russian used this strange way of Revenge 1

10 Russian Revenge

Russian Revenge

Somebody used filler foam for
the revenge in Russian city.
Russian Electric Car 1

17 Russian Self-Made Electric Car

Russian Self-Made Electric Car

These days when gas prices go up and the world's top car makes go for hydrogen cars people in
Russian cities also try to keep up and offer their view on hybrid and electric cars.
real russian bride 1

38 Russian Bride on a Bus Stop

Russian Bride on a Bus Stop

Sometimes we get inquires via our support form to post more Russian brides. And just a few hours ago one our reader submitted photos of one Russian bride searching for
American or European husband. If somebody wants to drop her a line simply use the same support form with the subject "In search of Russian wife" please.
Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

62 Underwater Fountains of St. Petersburg

Underwater Fountains of St. Petersburg

Just a few days ago the authorities of St. Petersburg city has launched the set of new fountains in the city. These ones remarkable though. Now they placed the main part of the fountain underwater, not underground, under
the waters of Neva river of St. Petersburg. Now from many points in the city people can see the new fountains, illuminated in the evening, which make different unpredictable structures with the water.

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