25 Russian Presidents Boat

Russian Presidents Boat

Posted on May 30, 2007 by

boat of Russian President 1

We had photos of the Russian Presidents Airplane and Russian Presidents Helicopter. Now its time for the Russians President Riverboat. It is being used for the needs of the head of the state in inland cruises.

boat of Russian President 2

boat of Russian President 3

boat of Russian President 4

boat of Russian President 5

boat of Russian President 6

boat of Russian President 7

boat of Russian President 8

boat of Russian President 9

boat of Russian President 10

boat of Russian President 11

boat of Russian President 12

boat of Russian President 13

photos by riverfleet.ru and bu33er

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25 Responses to “Russian Presidents Boat”

  1. Sarah Abramov says:

    One day i will be the first transgender president of Russia!

  2. Goldmeyer says:

    So poor. Abramovitch took all the money of Giedinaya Rossia to buy some good boats for himself and didn’t left even $20M for Putin’s good boat.

    Abramovich PIMP boat


    Putin’s KGB’s giavka


  3. wackyruss says:

    It is always so strange to see RUSSIA written as POCCNR (sorry was too lazy to figure out how to type the backwards N and R).

    • Goldmeyer says:

      1. Open Photoshop
      2. Create a small picture 15×15 pixels
      3. Write latin ‘R’ using arial black font
      4. Use ‘reflect horizontally’ tool

      READY !

    • Goldmeyer says:

      RUSSIA -> http://babelfish.altavista.com -> РОССИЯ

      I use to write something like this:

      Русские медведи содружественны
      (according to babel fish this means “Russian bears are friendly” :-)

      • Bullwinkle says:

        That’s gross! Russian women should shave those parts! Go to your Red Cross and get a razor for crying out loud!

  4. Richard S. says:

    Kinda like David Gilmour’s (Pink Floyd) river boat. LOL

  5. EliseiZorine says:

    from the outside it seems to lack all luxuries;

  6. I am says:

    What …Rossia ?you crazy . Abramovich buying boats only for his own money. And what is giavka?

  7. gay français says:

    I’d like to get naked and oily and ride Putin on jet ski. tee hee hee

  8. Pavel says:

    Boris is on vacation

  9. oles says:

    I think I see James Bond hidden in one picture…

  10. You'reNot says:

    Nice TV’s.

  11. Bullwinkle says:

    Hi Misha,

    Do you have a boyfriend?

  12. IG0R says:

    haha davil

  13. DD says:

    WTF does the man need a boat for!?!??

  14. mad1982 says:

    Classic ship

  15. Cigarettes says:

    this ship looks like a museum on water.

  16. Cigarettes says:

    Museum on the water

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