20 Siberian Crystal Scraper

Siberian Crystal Scraper

Posted on May 29, 2007 by

Russian Crystal Scyscraper in Siberia 1

We had already some photos of UFO building Russian developers plan to build in Moscow and the tower shaped like AK-47 in city of Izhevsk.

This time there is a plan of one of Siberian Governors to build a 400 feet skyscraper right in the middle of nowhere, deep inside Siberian woods which would be in form of a big diamond crystal. They have already found investors and the project is soon to be started.

Russian Crystal Scyscraper in Siberia 2

Russian Crystal Scyscraper in Siberia 3

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20 Responses to “Siberian Crystal Scraper”

  1. Sarah Abramov says:

    Второй и ниибёт!

  2. xyplex2 says:


    Looks like the dark crystal to me.

  3. Mycos says:

    It will be new home for squirrels, bears, wolves etc. For when they turn the forest into lumber.

  4. hardscarf says:

    Just where is ‘in the middle of nowhere’? Evenkiya? Buryatiya?, Lesosibirsk?

  5. björn says:

    one word: PROTOS

  6. Goldmeyer says:

    wooden izba in a form of mall is more suitable for siberian colds.

  7. Bert says:

    Looks like a supervillain’s lair. Putin’s dacha?

  8. Goldmeyer says:

    It’s cheaper to eat amanitas and then drive in tundra.

  9. Xenia says:

    No class.

    it will blind all airplanes for 100 miles.

  10. Goldmeyer says:

    BTW : Sarah would you marry me ? We will go to Norilsk for 1/2 of honeymoon (http://www.norilskrussia.net/) and then fly to Israel together …

  11. Sarah Abramov says:

    do you seriously take yourself as a candidate? Jewish God willingly we already conquered russia. Why weaken our gene pool with russians? but to israel i’ll move.

  12. Texas1 says:

    Sarah abramov, you arent Russian, you are an amaerican nolife kid who sits and waits till your dad will rape you again

  13. Pacific NW says:

    Will it be a just a fancy giant block of plastic? Will it have an interior? Is it just some crazy lighthouse?

  14. hardscarf says:

    Finally: it is located in Khanty-Mansiysk, the capital of the similar named oil and gas region in West Siberia. Just another Ilymzhinov alike project: “The structure is part of the plans the city has set created for when it will host the 2010 Chess Olympics.” Architect is Norman Foster, who is working in the two capitals of Russia too (“big village” and “Piter”) on massive projects.


  15. Sofia says:

    It’s cheaper to eat amanitas and then drive in tundra

  16. Really cool post. I do agree with almost everything you talked about, but not quite all of it. Let’s say I agree to disagree on a few points. Good stuff though.

  17. I tend to agree with your post. I’ve had difficulty finding any worthwhile information on this subject. Thanks for your thourough and informitive post.

  18. Jina Ciani says:

    I always have something to state on these things, but i’d better not on this occasion.

  19. Viktor says:

    Does anybody know where I can read more about this particular project? I have clicked every earlier link in the comments seciton, but none works, or is in English. :(

    With sincere regards from Scandinavia

  20. md jahangir alam khan says:

    hi please let me know details
    thank you

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