133 Holes in the Ground

Holes in the Ground

Posted on May 24, 2007 by

russian holes in the ground 1

From the end of 1980s a strange phenomena is happening in some Russian forests. People find strange, deep holes.

They appear in the dense forest, in the places you can’t get on the car or truck to bring any device to drill the ground. There is no any soil that should be taken from such deep holes is found.

On this pictures people go down to one of such holes but it just finishes with nothing. There are no any reasonable ideas on how these holes appear and what they are being used for.

russian holes in the ground 2

russian holes in the ground 3

russian holes in the ground 4

russian holes in the ground 5

russian holes in the ground 6

russian holes in the ground 7

russian holes in the ground 8

russian holes in the ground 9

russian holes in the ground 10

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133 Responses to “Holes in the Ground”

  1. cha says:

    that is really strange, anyone know anything about these?

  2. Zaluza says:

    It’s not a Russia, this photos has been taken near Kharkiv, Ukraine.

    • Joshua Cook says:

      in the 80’s The Ukraine was part of russia.

      • Joshua Cook says:

        oooh cursing, we must be an angry commie

      • Topog says:

        Neither existed at that time. Both were part of the Soviet Union.

        • sd says:

          > it was like me saying Nevada is part of Californi

          No it is like you say Germany is a part of USA (becouse USA troops were there and they are in Germany for today!). Its not mispoke it is deep hole ;) in knowledge.

          • Mudkipz says:


        • Tom Dilkinof says:

          It was actually USSR at the time. Lets be correct ass munches

  3. gerrybytes says:

    Doesn’t look very safe going down a huge hole hanging onto a branch.

  4. Premas says:

    No maxD, this one will be about anal sex.

  5. nocloud says:

    it sure is the right color

  6. Shizo says:

    How deep are the holes? How many of them are there?

  7. Robert says:

    Aliens, it’s true. They have nothing better to do with their time than make patterns in crops and and dig holes in the ground.

    Maybe they were all part of the construction of a tunnel or something that never happened? Holes dug down in order to send building materials down and stuff up or for ventilation or such things. Though most likely some screwed up practical joke.

  8. xyplex2 says:

    Japanese orbital space lasers.

  9. grml says:

    1st: they ARE clearly drilled. You see the marks, there is no doubt about that.

    2nd: Since they have not been filled up with ferroconcrete there is no reason to assume that they were used for construction purposes.

    Therefor the were used to probe for something. Most likely oil or water. No problem to fly in a drill, do the job and fly out again. But they could have marked them for safety reasons…

    • illlich says:

      BUT then where is the left over soil? — they point out no soil left behind, no tracks from heavy machinery. . . .

      Obviously it is the aliens stealing our precious topsoil.


      • Tyler says:

        Maybe it is… That upsets me if it is the case, but it is also fascinating to me that such a thing could occur while people walk around thinking that no such thing is even possible.

        If it is true, perhaps Earth has been designated by them as a suitable planet to leech resources off of because we have raped the planet so much ourselves, so it is like they think they can take sloppy seconds… yeesh, we treat the planet like such a whore.

  10. Thales says:

    It’s really, really weird. Maybe it was digged long ago, when the forest wasn’t so dense. Maybe. For what? Not even the hole knows the answer!

  11. smokeydog001 says:

    It was part of a CIA operation.

  12. Gryts says:

    Come on everybody, it’s just an inverse tree!

  13. Rik says:

    You must be very familiar to recognize it at once.

  14. Chingau Wei says:

    These are old missile silo openings. Since the fall of the USSR they have been used to store the bodies of old hard-line Communists that have gone missing. Also the Sopranos throw people in them once in a while.

  15. Lasse says:

    A Vodka reservoir.

  16. Alex says:

    eto diri v zemle, avtor govorit chto on neznajit dlya chevo, no oni nahoditsya ryadom s harkovom v glubokom lisu…huynja vobshem.

  17. Alex says:

    its a core sample shaft for finding coal or iron, or other metals, but by the looks of it none was found

  18. Goldmeyer says:

    This is a method of red army to effectively attack USA in case of need.

  19. Astrochicken says:

    Vovis, I’m from Texas you insensitive clod!

  20. neko says:

    did the guys checking the holes out ever get to the bottom?

    if not, i’m going to go with they’re portals to another dimension.

  21. vaxjo says:

    Without knowing anything about the topology or geology of this region I will mention that they remind me of glacial potholes: if there were ever glaciers here they could have bored these holes while they melted away. We have some here in the midwestern US (and in other locations) that are comparable in size. In fact, one of our state parks features them as an attraction:

    • Itse Perkele says:

      Well, it is in a forest after all, so it can’t be a pothole, because potholes are drilled in solid rock. plus I don’t think that Ukraine is north enough for glaciers. But I’m just guessing so I might be wrong.

      • Ayekat says:

        For me it doesn’t look like a pothole, too. But I don’t think that Ukraine isn’t north enough for glaciers, because almost whole Europe was under glaciers back then in the ice age.
        Or at least it’s what I learned at school.

    • just bob says:

      Checked out that site….don’t see anything remotely resembling what you are talking about!

  22. fromukrainewithlove says:

    i think the goverment was digging holes to search for recources a while back….trees can grow large in 30 years so….

    or it was some secret project.

  23. gorby says:

    i’ve seen very similar ones on large large dry riverbeds caused by a caught rock spinning around with the force of the water. the ones around here can be over 10 feet wide or more. It might be something like this.

  24. hutspot says:

    Perhaps ventilation shafts for an underground mine, tunnel, bunker or some geologist have been busy.

  25. FekketCantenel says:

    In before, “This hole, it was made for me!

  26. Boris says:

    It can’t be a black hole since that would just go through the whole diameter of Earth, destroying it. Maybe a forgotten USSR-era military unfinished military installment? Or perhaps the glacier theory, since a lot of natural phenomena has occurred in Siberia, such as that heavy meteorite collision.

  27. eye says:

    What did they do with the soil from the drilling? Why, that’s obvious. They dug another hole and put the dirt in that. Easy, when you think about it.

  28. jd.a.v. says:

    gosh, maybe it’s a well. people used to actually dig their own wells for drinking water and irrigation at one point. i grew up with one and there wasn’t a big pile of dirt anywhere in sight. it’s usually used as topsoil for farming. sometimes people used to dig wells and build houses and farms and then abandon them for whatever reason leaving the buildings to decay and open dangerous wells dotting the landscape. ( not to mnetion the fact that test wells for oil and water are routinely drilled all over the planet). there are always these kind of mystery stories with few photos and little or no documnetation coming from russia or china or someplace with no way to easily confirm the information. at least there are photos for this one. there’s a story on fark today about a woman in china whose cat sprouted wings and of course there are no photos.

  29. K says:

    Fricking LAZ-ER-BEAMS, from Space, that’s what did ‘em!


    • gen says:

      what are you on about its the dwarfs making holes so we will go down them and die.
      it could be like that freaky movie where there are crazy creatures that hate the light and come out in the dark to kill.
      …. :S

  30. Shizo says:

    Ты сам сначала по-русски писать научись и тебе ответят. Гопник.

    • Joshua Cook says:

      Переводчик рыб babel русский всасывает одичалые шарики козочки

      • ED says:

        Ha ha Joshua Cook, this is what your comment said when I translated it back into English with Google Translate:

        “Translator babel fish Russian blower Feyenoord balls winter”

        I assume you mean that the translater Babelfish blows balls in the winter…or something

        Goddam translators, lol

  31. An Alien says:

    I can confirm that my people did it. We used a plasma drill, standard issue old school stuff.

    Why did we do it?

    Because we’re aliens, and that’s just how we roll.

    An Alien

    P.S. I really am an Alien

  32. Twitchings says:

    Did The Soviet Union have skinny rockets … are these old missle silos…?

    Or possibly Chernoble (sp? sry) Earthworms.

    ….funny my verification word is “kgb”

  33. E knee says:

    I believe that these holes are what are called “tree molds.” They appear in areas of volcanic activity. Here are some websites on the subject (with photos).



    • Topog says:

      Nice try, but, emmm.., no. Your tree molds look totally different. They’re not DRILLED, and that’s the point.
      But nice pics you have there anyway, never heart of the moulds before.

  34. diegoboy says:

    Clearly these are drilling sample holes from either govt. or private enterprise.

    Too round to be anything else. Trees would grow back around in the years since it was done.

  35. AVP says:

    didn’t you guys see Alien vs. Predator?

  36. monkeyboy says:

    It was Shia LaBeouf
    Shia LaBeouf

  37. Chipo says:

    “Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire…”

  38. PENIX says:

    It’s clearly a hole created by a Nydus Worm.

  39. FirstShooter says:



  40. Reminds me of that one comic. Y’know. The one with the people-shaped holes in the mountain side?


  41. anonymous says:

    t-this hole, it was made for me!

  42. jimbob says:

    These are the holes left by ancient trees that were covered up by some kind of earth movement. The trees rot and leave the holes. There is something similar on a californian beach, I believe.

    drilled. lol

  43. DRRDRRRRDRRR says:

    This hole, it was made for me!

    also, anti-spam word was comrade, lol

  44. says:

    lulz, my anti-spam word was Stalin.


  45. jamer508 says:

    Well in my opinion this sounds like a load of BS. these holes could have been dug by any given drilling device and as I have worked with a few of these they can in fact be very large and even large enough to dig this “mysterious” hole. We shouldn’t fall victim the internet disease people. Not everyone tells the truth.

  46. Rick says:

    I posted this to my yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ricksaundersworld/
    and our pal Jana replied:

    Re: creepy russian holes

    I sent this link to my Dad for his opinion and here is what he said
    (he’s a hydrogeologist):

    “It is a karst chimney… the rock is limestone. The “nothing” at the bottom is dirt that has filled it in. It would not end in solid rock. The chimney continues into the roof of a sediment-filled cave.”

  47. Sasha says:

    That’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen out in the boonies like that!

    I’m going to go with a lot of people here and say they are definitely drilled by someone.

    It looks like one of those ground core samples that are taken before you build your house, except much, much bigger.
    It looks like a core sample for something.
    I don’t think it is a well, and I don’t think it is naturally occurring.

    Whoever made them really should have covered them up with something though. It’s really dangerous just leaving them open like that.

    I wonder if the guy inspecting the hole found lots of dead critters at the bottom?

  48. Lyns says:

    In Washington we have holes like that too. What happened was when St. Helens blew in 81 the lava flow burned up the trees and instead of filling in the spots where the trees were before there instead are some cylindrical holes sometimes fifty, to one hundred feet deep.

    This reminds me of it a bit. Perhaps a landslide happened and the tree deteriorated?

  49. Alan says:

    Eh? Wtf is up with Russians hating on Texas. You really don’t have much room to talk. Afterall, you are still backasswards Russia.

    Oh, and we don’t listen to country music or wear cowboy hats anymore. Enjoy your ignorance.

    • Akufen says:

      Maybe you should read up on cancer vaccines, or any vaccine for that matter.

      • Ainsley says:

        Akufen, maybe you should clarify your comments. Since it is unclear what you are talking about, I cannot respond directly to your comment. As such, I will respond to what I think you meant. It’s not a “cancer vaccine”, nor did I ever say “cancer vaccine”. I was talking about a vaccine that prevents a virus that has been linked to cervical cancer (and more recently to some kinds of throat cancer). Cancer preventing vaccines would reduce one’s risk for developing cancer. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a “cancer vaccine”.

        Perhaps there are a few things you should read up on.


    • hal durnat says:

      you people think all us people from texas wear cowboy hats,go barefoot, wear blue jeans and date our cousin.
      me and my brudder banged her a few times…but we didnt date her.

      • Jesse says:

        So basically the only argument you make against Bush and Texas relationship is the fact that he wasn’t birthed in the state of Texas? He was raised there from the age of 4 years old, and became Governor there lol I mean come on… The governor is the leader of the state.

  50. flippo says:

    it’s frm the freaking iron cannon frm the freakin GDI!!

  51. J P says:

    Maybe someone dug it with a shovel.

    Far out idea I know :P

  52. littletimmy says:

    perhaps this could be from military equipment. Maybe a space based satellite that can produce a high powered beam. what better of a place to test it than in a forest.

  53. ahwei says:

    look at the 1st picture and rest of pictures of the hole, it looks very different. the entrance looks rough and muddy if you look at the 1st couple and rest are much more smoother. maybe its fake? if its true then why isnt there pictures showing what is exactly down the hole? because they have made attempt going down the hole already, they should have photograhed pictures and the bottom of the hole.

    If it is not fake, would it be millitary operation left behind since world war II? cant be world warI because russia didnt participate (not as i know of, i need to look back into my history books)

    well, its a pretty interesting topic to look at and to discuss with you guys.

  54. HijoDeFuta says:

    Go down that shaft and you’ll end up at Bush’s ass

  55. Nolski says:

    Wow. Someone REALLY wanted to find Blackbeardov’s treasure.

  56. yass says:

    Some guy at GLP said this:

    The hole is not drilled downwards. But from the bottom up.

    The devils are coming out to play.


    Maybe it’s the Gog/Magog

  57. brew24 says:

    It was God, he fell over with a boner.

  58. Paul Sweeney says:

    1 Word – LASER

  59. Utini says:

    Clearly this is the work for the Predator. (You’ll probably need to have seen Alien Vs Predator to understand this)

  60. thanatos says:

    Has no one here seen the movie Tremors? ’nuff said.

  61. Will says:

    Why do I have to be the first one to say it?:
    It’s obviously

  62. rep hunter says:

    Yeah they are air vents for a rep nest.

  63. Zack says:

    wow you guys really don’t have anything better to do then tell each other off over some pictures? lol and i suppose ill get told off now, oh well.

  64. teknosuicide says:

    Could it be from this??


  65. Lek says:

    This holes are in Poland too! This phenomena is made by UFO objects like that: http://www.nautilus.org.pl/article.php?articlesid=624
    All these holes are made by ‘aliens creatures’ for survival of the species on Earth. One of the greatest world clairvoyants says these holes are pointed with genetics!

  66. frank says:

    Somebody posted that these photos has been taken near Kharkiv, Ukraine
    Is this information 100% sure ? ?
    Or maybe they where taken in Kamachatka, which is located in Russuia and not in Ukraine

    Does anybody know about the geology of the region where these photos have been taken ?
    Are there any volcanoes around ?

  67. Kharkov says:

    I know, All this photos from Kharkov (ukraine)
    volcanoes are not present beside :)
    Hole of 18 m. in depth and 1,2 m. in width, in a wood. And nobody knows its origin. And more, at the bottom of a hole have found a lonely frog.

  68. frank says:

    Thanks a lot Kharkov !
    I asked about a volcano because they are holes looking a bit like the « tree molds » here in Hawaî:
    I was thinking that this phenomena could have happened with bigger trees during the geological ages …

    So it looks like these holes are not quite recent (20 years or so) and have been drilled.
    But why has the extracted soil been so carefully taken away ?
    To study the stratification or mineral content ?
    No relation with Chernobyl ?
    I think that Kharkiv which is located further away from Chernobyl than Kiev

  69. Assasin says:

    Комментарий от Geolox с сайта http://www.kharkovforum.com/showthread.php?t=82917&page=9, эти ребята и нашли дырку

    “Не буду раскрывать местоположение этих дырок поскольку их много и многие остались в таком состоянии (не засыпаные), если вскроеться и факты получат огласку нашу канторку прикроют.
    Раскрываю причину образования этой/х дырок для чего и как мы это делали.
    Нам было поставлена задача выявить залежи кварцевого песка, который в последствии будет применяеться для изготовления стекла. Планировалось и планируеться построить под Харьковом самый большой на Украине стекольный завод.
    По геологическим картам нам были даны определенные высоты полученые путем сейсмического зондирования земной коры в предполагаемых местах залегания песка.
    В связи с отсутствием официального разрешения все работы проводяться вручную, обычно в отдаленных местах и на холмах, т.к. именно здесь наиболее заметны геологические изменения, можно проследить структуру почвы и отсутствуют водоносные слои.
    По прибытию на место мы:
    1. Находили место.
    2. Обозначали высоту на деревьях (не всегда).
    3. Расчищали територию (не всегда).
    4. Копали колодец глубиной от 5 до 30 м.
    5. Брали образцы песка для исследования (посли этого оставляли пустоты и боковые шурфы).
    Копали спиральным методом.
    6. Оставляли банки.
    Применялись следующие инструменты: специальная лопата, ведро (спец.сумка для забора грунта), веревка, тринога, ручная лебедка.
    Обычно на одной точке проводили не более 2 недель, обычно 1 неделю, работали по 5 человек.
    Мы до сих пор мы занимаемся поисками этого песка. Всего на юге Харьковской области на сегодняшний день с 2000 года нами было вырыто более 20 таких пробных скважин.
    Еще планируеться вырыть минимум 6 таких в этом году, и это только нашей группой. Пока платят деньги будем рыть и дальше!!! Пока!!!”

  70. kharkov says:

    Geolox гонит! Нифига это не его дырки!

    Nice holes in Hawai

  71. Sethasaurus says:

    Everybody knows Russia must get it’s vodka from huge vodka wells, such as this. It simply isn’t possible to manufacture the amount of vodka that is drunk by Russian people every day.

    Also, in Soviet Russia, holes dig you!

  72. Patricia says:

    Excellent Post…(Funny)

    But please remember he only owns a ranch down here….he was born in New England..so not a real Texan !

  73. Hollenweger Christina says:

    This phenomenon also happened a few years ago in the area of Lake Geneva in Switzerland (over night).Same form as on the pictures you show. No traces of the earth, trucks or anything. Farmers living in the area however reported that animals behaved very strangely during the night this happened. The next morning the army locked up the area. It is believed that the drilled looking holes had to do with UFO activity. I have seen the same with my own eyes in Peru and local farmers confirmed having seen a large UFO taking up the earth in just seconds at around 2.pm in the morning. Animals also behaved very strangely and dogs barked like crazy when it happened. I have made pictures and a film with an interview on this phenomenon with local indios. Some ET race seems to be very interested in earth probes from various areas of the globe.

  74. JimmyK says:

    2 PM in the morning eh?

  75. Mike says:

    Where? I don’t see George Bush anywhere!

  76. Yep says:

    Strange holes?? no! Bin Laden hides in there…

  77. Who Cares says:

    They were made by the Silver Surfer. But where is the Fantastic 4 to come save us!!!

  78. john says:

    Well it’s limestone, so all the lava-related things are obviously incorrect. It looks entirely too regular for the usual Karst-related processes like piping and chimney production, which tend to utilise weaknesses in the rock itself and result in fairly irregular structures.

    I think drilled is the probably answer.

    Probably drilled recently too, as the 1m (+/-) of topsoil on the upper slope hasn’t slumped over the opening. The diameter is wrong for coring for samples though. 1.2 m is huge. The usual sampling diameter would be about 5cm. nothing so large.

    At 18m depth, nothing geological would have changed much unless they’re looking for a specific thing like the K/T boundary. But finding an exposure would be cheaper.

    My guess – They were going to install something really big and bored these holes for anchors. Fill them full of re-bar and concrete and a hole that big would hold a very large structure.

    A quick topographical survey might indicate if a pattern was observed in their placement. Since the subject one is on the side of a slope, are there more along the slope or possibly across the valley on the opposing slope?

    -that’s all I got.

  79. Ben says:

    You guys have seen AVP, right? These were tests shots.

  80. Rocky Raccoon says:

    I’m a geologist. Holes like this are sometimes drilled while prospecting for mineral deposits. If geologic mapping and the preliminary samples taken at the surface look promising, large diameter holes like these may be drilled to a specific depth where the geologic model predicts the ore is most likely to be found. A large sample is taken from the drill cuttings at this depth and analyzed to determine whether the tenor of the ore is sufficient to support a large investment.

    It is irresponsible to leave holes like this open, as they are a safety hazard. Roping into a hole like this is very dangerous! The air at the bottom may be depleted of oxygen or the air may have been replaced by methane, hydrogen sulfide, or another poisonous gas.

  81. anon says:


  82. Texas Tornado says:

    Is there any reason why y’all hate Texas so much?…or is it just that jealousy kills?..

  83. rollins says:

    I found a vedio on youtube…it says about soviets drilling holes to record sounds of earth plates and ended up recording sounds from hell..I don’t know how true this vedio is…given below is the link…


  84. j says:

    haha texas loves the death penalty and the funny thing is texas also has the most amount of murderers on parole…irony.

  85. this cant ppossible be real, and or true! its not very clear either! this clearly is just a hole, probably drilled…but hey your good for trying hahahaha!:):):):):):):):):):)

  86. Aviatik says:

    I know about one such hole in Czech republic. It is drilled into sandstone on low ridge in forest and nobody knows why. It is better to drill well in the valley; it is improbable that there are any mineral raw materials; it is too small for ICBM… ;-)

  87. Sir Graham says:

    Could this be a giant kettle from ice age aftermath?

  88. John says:

    I’ve been trying to tell everybody for years!
    The whole country’s going down the tubes!
    Finally people are starting to listen!

  89. Fabio Tebaldi says:

    in Brazil a similar hole was found about 15 years ago. this should be used for nuclear tests…..

  90. chris green says:

    I know what they did with all the soil out of these deep holes who ever dug them! do you want to know? Well what they did was…they dug another deep hole and put the soil in there!!!!!SIMPLES!

  91. h20101 says:

    these could be the access shafts for a QUANAT system;tunnels that brings water from the hills, where the water table is high to the lowlands and barren areas. these were dug in eurasia/the middle east many centuries ago and the location of the horizontal tunnel is known by the line of access bores dug from the surface to the water tunnel to allow maintenance and repairs every few miles. its a rather ingenious system but required lots of labor to put into place

  92. Vikan says:

    This is soooo meaningless. So what, It’s a freakin hole :(

  93. George W. Bush says:

    Maybe Osama Laden is hiding in that hole..

  94. George W. Bush says:

    Yeah GLA Underground :D

  95. Paul Felix Schott says:

    1908 June 30 7:17 A.M. Siberia, Tunguska near Lake Cheko was the site of a meteorite coming to earth many of meteors have many small little ones right behind the big one. Many small pices of Meteorite have made holes like this all over the Planet Earth and its Moon. Look at Jupiter In July of 1994, the fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with it and that is what we saw from a great distance away. many more smaller pices that we did not see also hit Jupiter at or about the same time. They go so deep that the earth dirt covers them up in time. looking like a deep hole, if one would dig deep enough at the bottom of the hole. You will find your proof it was a pice of meteorite that made it.

  96. casey says:

    They are obviously breathing holes for the lizard people living in the center of the earth.

  97. Jim Bob says:

    I’ve looked at the pictures andread all youse peoples, and not one has it right. You are all wrong, Wrong, WRONG! There
    is only one thing that can make a hole like that.

    Giant moles, is whut. The kind they only have in Texas, or Russia.

  98. TJ says:

    This is definitely a sinkhole – they crop up all over the place in regions where the landscape exhibits Karst Topography


    It’s to do with the gradual dissolving of carboniferous rock layers such as limestone. If you read through the above Wikipedia article, look for a picture labelled “the Witch’s Finger” – it depicts a cave stalagmite which effectively depicts the other end of one of these; when the dissolved sediment drops into a cave!

    Sinkholes can also appear in the ocean, and are often dramatically large in size:


    Thanks for sharing these great images, I really enjoyed the article.

  99. mike says:

    it could have been drilled, by massive machines, and the earth taken away on trucks, and later they clean up the drilling site. why were they drilling ? to look for oil or mineral deposits.

  100. bole says:

    Maybe the remnants of secret Soviet experiments with disintegrating guns?

  101. merce says:

    heres an idea; since they’re clearly drilled, yet no soil is left behind, and they are deep into the ground, they could be using the soil for scientific reasons, like exploring the layers of the earth, ex: in history and such. This would explain why the earth is gone from the holes, and why they are so deep.

  102. Besy says:

    I did it… Sorry… really had to take a dump… Didn’t want it to stink…

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