9 A Raising Submarine

A Raising Submarine

Posted on May 24, 2007 by

Some time ago we had photos of this Russian submarine rising near the populated beach. Now Hayt has submitted the video version of this event:

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9 responses to “A Raising Submarine”

  1. Sarah Abramov says:

    Why do they made submarines in the form of phallus?

  2. geezer says:

    Lost again!

    • DRdlV says:

      Yep, sadly.

      Maybe a ban on IP, cause doesn’t seems like moderation is the answer!

      • geezer says:

        Actually, I was commenting on the sub. But you are quite right about the level of discourse here. Abyssmal is the word that comes to mind. Understandable given the subject matter.

  3. Boris says:

    Reminds me of the homemade sub: http://www.englishrussia.com/?p=449

    “He can make an underwater trip from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, Finland and back without stops, and he can go as fast as four knots.”
    -I wonder what people thought when he resurfaced..Russian spy?

  4. toya says:

    I suppose I was American submarine close by some Russian cost.

  5. cool says:

    haha you know why their up, checkin out the girls on the beach xD

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