14 Moscow Styling

Moscow Styling

Posted on May 20, 2007 by

Moscow changes 1

Moscow is the capital of Russia and it changes quickly. For example this small part of Moscow changed drastically just during one day. The shot above was made in the morning, the photo below is made later in the afternoon.

Moscow changes 2

via Masha_Blade

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14 Responses to “Moscow Styling”

  1. alex says:

    Yeah, who needs trees? Right?

  2. WTF…any explanation of what is going on there? Is it construction?…the park looked like it was a work in progress to start…then not. Sad.

    • Anna says:

      It is a joke I think. It could not be like that.

      • pld says:

        Let me guess … some guy bribed some city officials, cut down all the trees as quickly as possible and sold them off for timber? Russia is corrupt to the core, probably something like that.

  3. Doug says:

    Maybe they removed the trees so that people would know that there was a small playground there. Perhaps they removed the trees because it would deter criminals who may have been dealining drugs there.

  4. D says:

    I doubt thats the same day…. but why would they leave half a tree in the top left?

  5. Bert says:

    Straight from fishki.net… AGAIN ;-)

  6. Boris says:

    And why did they do that!?? It looks much worse now, reminds me of Soviet style landscaping.

  7. Anna says:

    Can modern versions of programs like photoshop do this? I have heard that it is possible for them to take away a big dog from a picture, why not tree? Also on the second picture the place where the trees were before looks too homogeneous, and the two white things look unnatural… I think it is a good photoshop :-)

    • maxD says:

      You can cut out a clearly defined shape quite easily, but you also have to deal with what it’s covering up. And its shadow. Etc. This is no Photoshop. They probably are turning this playground into a construction site. Happens all the time in Moscow, sadly. Money. Parks have to make way.

      Just spend some time in Rome. Beautiful. Like St. Petersburg, the only European city in Russia. Buildings on a human scale, lots of green. Respect for historic constructions.
      Unlike Moscow. Money rules Moscow. Money and corruption. In the end a completely unbearable concrete ‘garden’ will be left. Filled with these beehive-like ‘elite-apartment’ buildings. Sad.

  8. renton says:

    hmm- nobody realized that there are no holes after trees. Maybe the situation was like- we are making a movie, Volodia- set there 30 trees, that might look better.

    My version is that they set fake trees day befeore(decoration), someone did a picture of it and then, the next picture is like return to the reality.

  9. TOP says:

    If you zoom right in you can see the trees being cut down, there is a gang of men behind a vehicle on the right and on the left are men with the flowering trees already cut down. It looks like there is another person cutting the flowering trees.

    In the second (afterwards) picture there is a pile of wood chippings.

    This is desecration and they should be ashamed of what has been done!

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