107 Police Show

Police Show

Posted on May 11, 2007 by

Police expresses their protest against small group of young people. Young people want to legalize pot.


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107 Responses to “Police Show”

  1. Pros says:

    Those freaks don’t realize there are people like them working in law enforcement.

    • kamenikrest says:

      “Law enforcement”, did I mishear? The people that want (if they do) to keep the order have to observe the laws first of all themselves. Don’t you think this has logic?

      • Pros says:

        I’m not following you. Please elaborate.

        • kamenikrest says:

          There are some rules how the policeman, as representatives of the State and of the Law, have to act.
          Police has to go by the book in conforming to these rules. If they violate their own regulations – the State and the Law are under threat of discreditation and delegitimization.
          Weber’s “legitime violence” monopoly, as one of characteristic of the State, loses the adjective “legitime”.

          In that case the violation is obvious –
          policeman had to mention their names and their station, had to clarify the matter of presumed delinquency to the offenders, to call to account and just only THAN, if the wrongdoing isn’t stopped, to use force.
          That’s why the freak guy in a nazilike jacket shouted “Name yourself!”. It was like – observe your own rules!

          (just to add – I know these jackanapes – and they are worthy man)

          • Pros says:

            First of all, policemen have a right to protect themselves. I don’t think the “protestants” (although I have no idea against what they protested) were adequate. I would expect the police to use tasers if needed, take them into custody, explain their rights and maybe after that introduce themselves. Something like that.

            Just imagine that you’re one of those cops. What would you do?

            • kamenikrest says:

              About “using tasers” – you’re quite wrong – the legal consecution of the operations is like I described – starting by “I’m lieutenant Ivanov, police station of Arbat district” etc., and it’s not my imagination – it’s official police precept, violated in the case.

              By the way – you saw the tape, after all – what are they protested for? Did you get? There was not any protest – the guys have arrived to police station to get know what happened with their friends arrested just few minutes before.

              What is their tort?

  2. D says:

    You gotta fight…..

    for your right…..

    to paaaaaaarrrrrrrttttttttyyyyyyy.

    • kmapy says:

      And stop violently harassing peaceful protesters who are wishing for more rational drug policies. That just makes you look like anti freedom of speech.

      • shiko says:

        The purpose of government is to not have rational policies

        If you want your own rational drug policies they only take effect in your livingroom.

        I know this because a (Texas) sheriff told me to only smoke pot at my house. Not public property (where you get busted)

    • Pros says:

      Just brilliant :) A+

  3. ZARV says:

    And after this you still think that in Russia there is no freedom mor mass media?

  4. Sarah Abramov says:

    Kosher Vodka and Gay Sex for everyone!
    (that’s my slogan)

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Good people of Estonia, you must realy try to stamp out Nazis like the one above.

    • Texas1 says:

      @ EliseiZorine

      Thank you for your comment. Now Boris can call someone else a Nazi and go into his typical week long tirade about how he loves everyone and enjoys sex with all sorts of animals.

  5. Bullwinkle says:


    • Boris Abramov says:

      WTF?? Oh yes just another dunb coment form Texas1, surprise surprise :)

      Brits and russians for Estonians!!! – not Estonia or its Nazi government.

    • Sarah Abramov says:

      Bullwinkle is Estonian himself. Just check his english!

  6. Bullwinkle says:

    The World Loves ESTONIA!

  7. Boris Abramov says:

    Texas1 or Bullwinkle is a HATEFULL RACIST, who hates Jews, Arabs, Russians, etc.

    If you have any intelligence people, do not let this CIA propoganda machine brainwash or provoke you into hateing one another.

    Stop Nationalism, love other cultures, Races, diferences, and live as one!!!

    I love you people of Estonia!!!!

  8. Bullwinkle says:

    It is Happy Hour In Texas! Have a great weekend everyone!! Thank includes you too Boris!

  9. Lasse says:

    Could anybody actually explain what is going on here?

  10. ed says:

    if only American police were as forthright … it’s great seeing the nosebleeds getting dragged off to justice.

  11. Starshii says:

    Another example how russian fascist militsija (I don´t even bother to call them “police”, as that would insult towards real police) works.

    • kamenikrest says:

      How did they provoke the police – by gathering near to the station? Your improbable naivete bepuzzles me – are you gonna tell that everything goes ok with russian police and its treatment of citizens?

      • Anna says:

        This is the “marijuana march” that was forbidden in advance as a propaganda of narcotics. The police didn’t touch the people before they started to unfold the big posters that advertised marijuana, but the clip does not show it of course. Here are the pictures from the action where you can see it:


        (pictures number 3 and 4)

        • Texas1 says:

          Why don’t doesn’t the Russian government just come out and say that no public demonstration will ever be allowed?

          • Anna says:

            Texas1, do you have enough courage to admit that your goverment washes your brains sometimes? I have. I know that there is going on an information war, both sides lie sometimes, and I always try to know different points of view. While people like you just repeat what they were taught from childhood like monkeys and never admit that they were wrong even if it is evident. Are you clever, Texas1?

            • Texas1 says:

              I would say that certain politicians will put a spin on things but the government definitely does not brainwash. Ana, the people of the United States would never allow a leader to engage in the type of desructive behavior that Putin has displayed recently.

              50% Good News Is the Bad News In Russian Radio

              Putin Scolded for Curbing the Press
              With President Vladimir Putin sitting just a few meters away, World Association of Newspapers president Gavin O’Reilly on Monday railed against Putin. Directing his comments at Putin, O’Reilly said: “I must tell you honestly that many of our members questioned the choice of Russia as the location for our 2006 world press summit and indeed have done so right up to the last minute. As I am sure you are aware, your country and your administration have been severely criticized internationally for an alleged unwillingness to forego control and influence of the media.”


              Need I say more?

        • kamenikrest says:

          Once again, these who are on the pictures, were arrested heretofore – compare the surrounding buildings of Lenta and of the tape.

          • Anna says:

            Yes, heretofore. As Lenta.ru says, it was this way: first people gathered on Old Arbat street and police didn’ touch them. Then they unrolled the posters and started to march that marijuana should be legalized and the police took the posters and arrested 6 of the demonstrants. Then those that were not arrested came to the building of the police office and tried to make a picket there and policemen asked them to come in. Then (what we can see from the clip) the demonstrants started to inquire the policemen to show their documents and resist. Then police took them into the building by force while they were shouting “you don’t have right, show your documents!” – since many reporters were around.

            • kamenikrest says:

              I don’t argue with that, but what did you mean by “tried to make a picket”? If every free gathering is a picket now))))

      • Boris Abramov says:

        I think you are a bit naive my friend. Do you realy think that russian police brutality is worse then that in the US or Britan for example? You should have seen the exteme excessive force used by police against the Pro-Hunting demostrators in the UK, that left dozens of people hospitalized. Or the the police brutality that was used during the Seattle protests, or did you forget that one?

        Incidentally, you are not allowed to protest in London in certain places without premission. But these particuler palces where not specified to the public. Therefore, any protest that UK governmet doesn’t approve of, would made illegal and would not be allowed to take place. In russia however, preotests could be held anywere any time.

        If even G.B (the great democracy) has less freedom of protest, I shan’t even mention the evil CIA dictatorship that is US!

        • kamenikrest says:

          I don’t care what US or UK police does – I don’t need to have an essential instance of gnoseological reference. I would have a self-dependent country that got rid of the West that we’re idolizing and hating.
          But if You need this – compare with Kiev where police protected the protestants from righ radicals.

    • Texas1 says:

      I agree! Besides, when was the last time you ever heard of a violent antagonistic pot protester? The terms seem to contradict each other. Oh I get it, I the demonstration isn’t an “I LOVE YOU PUTIN!” demonstration then it will be considered illegal or unauthorized. You should be a shamed of your “modern democratic” society.

    • Texas1 says:

      Hopefully, outsiders can educate the people behind this invisible iron curtain. One day Russians will see that it truly is time for a positive change and then take responsibility to make it happen.

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Well, if russia follows your philosophy Texas1, then it will invade all the countiries in the world, kill all the Arabs, Jews and will be hated by all the counties in the world!! Just like the US :)

    • starshii says:

      Hello dear Sarah! How are you? I have noticed that you have been calling estonians and germans fascist lately on this forum, so I just was trying to find out what would happen if I´d call russian official on their true name, fascist and hey I got my answer, thank you!

      PS:If you really think that Russia has professionally working and un-corrupted militsija, please wake up!

    • Texas1 says:


      I just want to thank you for being a voice of reason on this site. I think Boris (Boris, Sarah, Washington, Bullwinkle, and all of his other aliases) could learn something by listening to you.

  12. Boris Abramov says:

    KTO долбоёб?

  13. Lithuanian says:

    I am very happy, We are not in this dirty “CCCP”

  14. Anna says:

    A letter from mother of the “enemy of nation”

    My son Mark Siryk has been arrested. The day whaen it happened he was walking to school,
    he was detained, handcuffed and driwen away. He was not on the square when there were disturbances.
    He is just a boy that didn’t want the Bronze Soldier to be taken away. He did not summon anybody
    to violence and massacres, he believed in justice, believed in EU and democratical Estonia.

    In one day they made him almost the enemy of nation. They made a search in our house, confiscated all the
    notebooks, computer, bank cards without explaining the reason. First they told me that he was detained
    for 48 hours, but later they let know that the arrest will last half of year.

    All this in the year when Mark finishes the school! Why? No one can explain why is the arrest,
    handcuffs and half of year in prison. These arrangement could be applicable to a very dangerous crimer,
    but not to a boy who wanted to organize picket at the monument.

    I don’t know what can be done with him there by the people who had a lump in childrens’ throat at
    daylight, beaten people that were down or sitting with batons and feet. I believe that in the conditions
    of the prison it is possible to beat out any statements and find an evidence of Moscow’s hands or anything else.

    What will my son be thinking about Estonia? And what will think tens, hundreds of boys and girls in this
    country, that were grabbed at day, pulled out from the crowd and whose faces were pressed to tha asfalt by feet?

    And what I, the mother of the boy, will think? But unlike with him, I understand very good that someone needs
    a sensation about an unveil of a conspiracy, in order to find an excuse of what had happened on the streets of
    Tallinn. And now it is very convenient for them to lay the blame on children.

    My son is in the disaster, we were placed on the edge of a material catastrophe. We will have judgements and
    advocates ahead. Mark must be free again. And I hope that honest-minded people will help and support us because
    we are not able to survive this nightmare alone.

    Our e-mail is sosmarkfree@gmail.com; tel +372 564 77727 .

    Irina Siryk

    (from russian press)

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Shame on you Estonian fascit government for committing these autrosities!!!

      And even more shame on the Europe for condoning them!!

      I love you people of Estonia, and pitty your sick government!

    • Texas1 says:

      Post the official police report please or it didn’t happen.

      • Anna says:

        Where can I find you the official police report?! I even don’t know estonian! You may try to search in google “Mark Siryk” (or “Mark Sirik”, I am not quite sure how to spell the name in english) – and probably find some clue.

      • asdf says:

        Security Police of Estonia made a statement that Siryk was arrested because he was member of “Nashi” movement and not only, one month ago he was named a head commander of Estonian part of “Nashi” movement. “Nashi” movement was the one that organized all the noise around Estonia’s embassy in Moscow and made ambassador to leave Russia because of security reasons.

        Also, Security Police of Estonia tracked down that he was the one who started to send out SMS messages to many Russians friends with a promise to pay 80EEK per hour for staying around The Soldier.

        “Nashi” is not just a bunch of young kids playing politics in Russia, they are well organized organization with about 36 000 members that is supported with money from Kremlin.

        That’s why Siryk is kept under investigation, not because he is some poor Russian school boy who was unable to go to school.

        Someone from Estonia

        • asdf says:

          From the other news in better English than mine:

          Security Police of Estonia says detained student was pro-Kremlin movement’s ‘commissioner’
          Security Police (KaPo) of Estonia Commisioner Martin Arpo announced on an Estonian Public TV program Peatnagija (Observer) that Mark Siryk, the suspect of organization of disorders in Tallinn late April, was a ‘commissioner’ of the pro-Kremlin movement Nashi. According to the KaPo Commissioner, student Mark Siryk, who became 18 years old in March, was appointed to the rank of the first and as far the unique ‘commissioner’ of the movement 12 days prior to violent events in Tallinn in April. News agency BNS quotes Martin Arpo from the Security Police of Estonia as saying to the Estonian TV that «the rank of the movement’s ‘commissioner’ first of all means that the person is recognized by leaders of movement and it is a question not simply about an activist or an average enthusiast of the Nashi».

    • Texas1 says:

      What’s wrong with asking to see the official police report? I would prefer to see the accounts of the incident from both sides and then make my opinion. Don’t you think that would be fair and balanced?

    • Anna says:

      I don’t want to prove anything by posting this letter here. I just hope that if more people would know about this story – then it could help the boy in some way.

      • Anna says:

        That was not my “piece of writing”, I’ve just translated what I read in newspaper. But you may call on the given phone number and tell these words to his mother.

        By the way, if you say that this 18 years old boy was “the criminal who was arrested in Estonia after organizing violence against police and mass unrest”, then you probably can show us the official police report, that Texas1 was interested in.

        • asdf says:

          You can read fresh news from Estonia in Russian language from http://www.novosti.etv24.ee/

          I hope there are news also about Mark and why he is kept. I’m not very good at writing or searching kirillitsa, so please find it by yourself.

          As you can read there, at the first page is even a newspiece about new synagogue that will be opened in Tallinn. So not all the jews are fried and eaten yet here, in Estonia :)

  15. Anna says:

    Congradulations to Finland :(

  16. pthread.h says:

    WELL!!!?? do i get a thank you?? or what ….

  17. Boris Abramov says:

    Im glad you agree with me, but can I just say that my comments are always wise :)

  18. Boris Abramov says:

    Who is gonna win Eurovision? – not UK he he ;)

    Verka I love you!!!

  19. Boris Abramov says:

    What have you got against homosexuality? Oh yes ofcource – you want to shoot then Texas!

  20. Texas1 says:

    Suck my BIG Kosher Weiner!

    Washington is Boris

  21. Sarah Abramov says:

    Karelia? Forget about it forever!!!
    He-he! Congratulations to Finland!

  22. d_money says:

    Don’t police in russia have handcuffs?… in NYC you would’ve been cuffed and in the back of the cruiser very quickly.

    Also… I don’t know how unreasonable this is. the kids starting toking up, the cops told them to knock it off, kids resisted when the cops starting getting tough. Although, I don’t know russian, hah but that’s what it seemed like to me.

  23. yana says:

    Еще какие!

  24. Maria Wanker says:

    Texas1, i love you!

  25. I am says:

    Lets party

  26. I love estonians says:

    Ужас – это маленькая литовская неядовитая змея ;

    Эстонский тюнинг автомобиля ? это 10 педалей тормоза, передающих все оттенки смысла…

    Эстонский кирпич медленно плыл вниз, рассекая плотный таллиннский воздух…

    Сидят 3 эстонца на берегу озера.
    Раннее утро.
    -Чо то ни х%я не клюёт.
    Проходит 6 часов:
    -Да ни х%я не клюёт!
    Проходит ещё 6 часов .Уже вечер:
    -Много п;%:дите- вот и не клюёт!!!

    Эстонец поймал золотую рыбку, снял её с крючка, а она говорит ему:
    – Отпусти меня – я исполню любое твоё желание!
    В ответ на это эстонец берет её за хвост и со всей дури лупит об дерево со
    – Не нат-то расс-го-ффа-ри-ватт ссо мной ппо русс-ки!!!

    Диктор эстонских “Новостей”:
    – Вчера по всей Эстонии отключилась электроэнергия. Тысячи жителей Таллина были вынуждены несколько часов простоять в метро на эскалаторах.

  27. aleksei says:

    Famous Russian democracy.

  28. Him says:

    Looks like Russia, United States, Iran, et al are all the same. Eh? No matter the name, all governments and systems are the same in the end. We’re all just brothers. =)

  29. Dmitry says:

    То, что произошло там полностью отражает то, как происходят беседы с органами “правопорядка”… Сам с ними сталкивался: меня задержали когда я раздавал газеты (разрешённые), без представления, без объяснения основания и мотивов задержания… Сейчас в России полный беспредел с милицией. Достаточно посмотреть кадры с “Маршей несогласных”.

    Милиционеры ОБЯЗАНЫ предъявить свои документы при ЛЮБОМ контакте с людьми! Иначе вы спокойно можите применить приёмы самообороны, так как считаете, что на вас просто нападают хулиганы / грабители. (Только удостоверение является признаком милиционера).


    That has happened is completely reflects how there are conversations with policemen of “law and order”… I have faced with them myself: I was detained when I distributed newspapers (resolved), without representation, without an explanation of the basis and motives of detention… Now, in Russia, the police behaves completely illegally. It is enough to look the staff with “Marches not consent” (St. Petersburg: 3 March, 15 April. And Moscow: 2 March and 14 April). Policmen are OBLIGED to show(present) their documents at ANY contact to people! Otherwise you can to apply receptions of self-defense as consider(count), that you are attacked simply by hooligans / robbers. (Only the document is an attribute of the policman).

    Sorry for bad english. I have used auto-translater.

  30. Nimalo says:

    hehe :) Good work! Russian police is most humanity police in the world))

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