16 Moscow Flood at 1908

Moscow Flood at 1908

Posted on May 8, 2007 by

moscow flood at 1908 1

These are rare photos of the flood happened in Moscow at 1908.

moscow flood at 1908 2

moscow flood at 1908 3

moscow flood at 1908 4

moscow flood at 1908 5

moscow flood at 1908 6

moscow flood at 1908 7

moscow flood at 1908 8

moscow flood at 1908 9

moscow flood at 1908 10

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16 responses to “Moscow Flood at 1908”

  1. Sarah Abramov says:

    In 1908 i was a child!

  2. adios says:


  3. Traveller says:

    Okay, all you commentors, have your fun…but these are very cool pictures…thanks for posting these.

    Moscow under water, amazing.

    Thanks Again, Traveller

  4. styloroc says:

    Global warming! Oh noes!

  5. Texas1 says:


  6. Poltava says:

    Imagine the next day a very cold air current passes by and all the water turns into ice!!!

    By the way, all my compliments to the guy who got those pics.

  7. Dimon says:

    In Russia people even did not know that sex with animals is possible, until they started negotiating with USA.

  8. Homer Simpson says:

    You could ride a walrus to work!

  9. Taupey Hendaye Jaunzemis says:

    HAHAHA! I’m an American who happens to be half Russian. Now that you know people can have sex with animals, you can go FFFF yourself, Dimon! Wonderful Pictures, Fantastic Website! Thanks to everyone who shared photos and contributed!

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