69 Belarusian Movie Posters

Belarusian Movie Posters

Belarusian movie posters 1


Some people call Belarus “The last and only dictatorship in Europe”, well today we have some posters from this unique country. These are posters for Hollywood movies made for the cinemas of Belarus capital city Minsk.

The first one above is for the movie “50 First Dates” with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, you can see their faces clearly on this poster.

Belarusian movie posters 2


This one is for “Spy Kids 3-D”

Belarusian movie posters 3


Guess who are they and what is the movie? You give up? Ok I’ll tell you, the movie is “Freaky Friday” and these are faces of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

Belarusian movie posters 4


I hope here you can guess it. For sure that was a poster for “Scooby Doo”

Belarusian movie posters 5


This one is “Just Married” with Ashton Kutcher as some of you may have already guessed.

Belarusian movie posters 6


And who the heck is that??? No guesses? Ok, I’ll tell you – that’s “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and the lady is Renée Zellweger.

Belarusian movie posters 7


Belarusian movie posters 8


Meet Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in “Two Weeks Notice”.

Belarusian movie posters 9


The last but not the least. “Shallow Hal” with Gwyneth Paltrow. No comments on this one.

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69 Responses to “Belarusian Movie Posters”

  1. Oklahoma1 says:

    Belarus is not the only remaining dictatorship in Europe. Don’t forget about Adolph Putin.

  2. Bullwinkle says:

    0 for 9

  3. hck says:

    Actually they’re Ukrainian AFAIK.

    • sergei_d says:

      No-no, these are 100% from Minsk. I would say, all of them were painted for the movie theater called “Mir”. I have my own collection of “Mir” posters which I kept shooting every day while walking to the office, a while ago.

  4. maxD says:

    didn’t know Drew Barrymore had dandruff-problems…

  5. texas1 says:

    Adam Sandler looks like a Mexican

  6. texas1 says:

    Sandra Bullock no longer looks Jewish but she is still ugly.

  7. Sarah Abramov says:

    The first poster is actually family photo of Sarah and Boris Abramov!

    • sergei_d says:

      Actually, it should read “Russia, please give us money and we will keep talking about you taking us back”. We call this “kisses for sale”, and Russians were buying them quite good for a lot of years. :)

  8. Ivan (not a rus) says:

    if this pictures was in a museum, perhaps, could be called “art”, but in the streets, should be called “trash”

  9. Boris says:

    Looks just like USSR-era movie\propaganda posters…It’s interesting that this sort of style is still made today.

    • dave says:

      that’s a good point. Why are they making posters in this style? Is this real?

      • Kel says:

        Because machines to print large photographic style printed posters are expensive. Having someone hand paint posters is cheaper and doesn’t require the large printing machinery.

  10. MrG says:

    Actually, “Bridget Jones” was the only one I figured out on my own…

  11. Enomis says:

    Why don’t they just scan in the cover of the DVD and blow the picture up? Does XEROX not exist???

  12. I am says:

    It’s Belarus porn

  13. In 2002, I saw these hand-painted posters in Sochi Russia for Star Wars and Spiderman — see the lower right-hand corner photo. Unfortunately, my mug covers part of the picture.

  14. maxD says:

    These poster / paintings look a lot like what you can find in African video/movie houses. Over there, they really do not have Xerox, in general.

  15. Lou says:

    Why doesn’t Belarus just use movie posters instead of painting them like they’re stuck in 1950? I don’t understand why they do this.

    • Jane Doe says:

      Maybe it could be because the painter’s union is so strong? This way, artists get jobs doing what they’re … good … at, and don’t have to take day jobs as taxi drivers to earn a living.

      • dave says:

        they don’t appear to be too good at painting either. a planned economy isn’t supposed to allow everyone to do what they want, it’s supposed to make sure that there are enough people to do what is needed for the state and the people. This is creating busy work just for the sake of working.

  16. Marina says:

    Товарищу художнику – зачот! Славься, боец невидимого фронта! Какую нужную и своевременную работу он делает… Для отвращения молодого поколения от американской поп-культуры все средства хороши!

  17. asan_13 says:

    Preved, pendosegi!

  18. asan_13 says:

    They are true persons of Americans, бугага!

  19. feketefene says:

    WOOOOW MAN! Those paintings are soo funny. I guess the people are shocked, that in the films nobody looks like on the poster. LOL

  20. I guess I missed it but why do they have to be paintings instead of just regular pictures with different text?

  21. Jayson Barclay says:

    This is comical. I think these movie posters were painted by my boss George. He also has marginal sanity and a very limited ability to grasp any world outside of the one he lives in where he is King, of course.

  22. mr. fit says:

    haha, man that is weird

  23. Staindie says:

    work your brains and translate

  24. Staindie says:

    ну вы и припиздки я таких еще не видел

  25. Jason says:

    Come on people,It was part of the soviet union!They can not print movie posters in cyrillic.They have not yet caught up with modern Russian Federation.MIR

  26. brbrbr says:

    ironically its maybe ONLY democratic contry, ont only in East Europe, but in all Eurasia continent.
    its a truly shame how easy some individuals a[and organisations]affected by propaganda and blackmail.

  27. Taupey says:

    Cool movie poster art. I like the Bridget Jones Diary & Shallow Hal poster the best.

  28. Beverage Dispensers : says:

    i like art posters specially if they depict something about nature and beauty ..

  29. Alex Artemiev, Minsk says:

    Nothing but a tradition, guys. The same guy might of been doing’em painted posters for many decades. Just try looking at it from a different angle.

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