18 Cars of Plasticine

Cars of Plasticine

Posted on May 4, 2007 by

russian cars made of plasticine 1

All these small cars made of plasticine by Russian artist and you can see their actual size on the shot below – each of them is much smaller than a regular matchbox. They all are soft and can be easily ruined by some accidental easy touch.

russian cars made of plasticine 2

russian cars made of plasticine 3

russian cars made of plasticine 4

russian cars made of plasticine 5

russian cars made of plasticine 6

russian cars made of plasticine 7

russian cars made of plasticine 8

russian cars made of plasticine 9

russian cars made of plasticine 10


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18 Responses to “Cars of Plasticine”

  1. Antani says:

    in case of crash they’re safer than really russian cars.

  2. R H says:

    Looks like they’ve been sitting somewhere gathering dust for quite some time now.

    • Pacific NW says:

      Is it dust or is it artificial snow?

    • p1k3y says:

      i think they were in a freezer. They must be solid as a rock

      • Mexi-Cant says:

        Probably. Though I work with polymer clays and you’d be suprised what a damn dirt-magnet they are. Then again I dont know if plasticine is a polymer clay. I take it it is one, though, with a name like that.

  3. Nastia says:

    I think it’s called “plastelin” pronounced plahs-tse-leen. It’s more like clay than playdoh

  4. smokeydog says:


  5. Mofo says:

    nice stuff

  6. ChyeKyo says:

    people with too much free time… it’s cool too artistic and cute ones…

  7. Boris says:

    I like the USSR-era truck design-most trucks are dark green (camouflage?)

  8. interesting… but i don’t agree..

  9. viljandi says:

    Viljandi Tikuvabrik – Estonian Match

  10. El_Greco says:

    Respect nice models

  11. Netunimi says:

    These where made in Estonia , Saaremaa. Copyright violation?

    Sry for my bad english

    • Carlo says:

      Very interesting, i used to do the same kind of work ( I am happy to read somebody call “artist” to the author), plasticine / Plastiline, is a petroleum derivated, the “dust” is maybe, dew, and if the author put them into the freezer, they are really hard ! I know it because i worked on the same way (my vehicles were more refined, my cars can open doors, trunk, have seats,wheels,..etc)scale 1:80 more or less.
      Now I do the same but in other materials, scale 1:18, but i am still on the way to obtain a good imitation of real cars.

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