15 New Type of Traffic Light

New Type of Traffic Light

Posted on May 2, 2007 by

russian traffic light

When you plan go travel to Russia remember to study the manuals from way new traffic lights installed on some streets. Like this one.

photo: shadow-of-irbis

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15 responses to “New Type of Traffic Light”

  1. Aiwan says:

    This is an idol at the garages made of old traffic light

  2. Chingau Wei says:

    Alot of these pictures make me wonder when parts of Russia were actually *new* and shiny. They have such a depressing tone to them, it looks like the rusty unpainted metal was installed there in the beginning and nothing has changed. Almost like every part of the country was built 100 years ago and has never been touched again.

  3. Gop stop says:

    And how many farms in russia you have had to visit for sex with sheeps ?

  4. moltar says:

    This looks like a railway light…

  5. Paul-86 says:

    Ha! I think that not far from this light a new working light is installed, so they just forgot to take the old one down.

  6. Ivan Minic says:

    Now that’s trashed..

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