122 How They Build It in Russia?

How They Build It in Russia?

Posted on May 2, 2007 by

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These days property prices in Russia hit new highs and they suffer greatly from lack of the property to feed this demand fully, so they build, build and build. But how do they build? It’s no secret that all the construction sites in Russia packed with foreign workers from even more poor ex-Soviet countries, who charge less and often don’t have visas or work permits. And these pics show how do they build modern Russia.

construction works in russia 2

construction works in russia 3

construction works in russia 4

construction works in russia 5

construction works in russia 6

construction works in russia 7

construction works in russia 8

construction works in russia 9

construction works in russia 10

construction works in russia 11

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122 Responses to “How They Build It in Russia?”

  1. v says:

    a cement truck accident on a snowy highway, a dirty toilet, a car jacked up on skids, various heavy equipment accidents.. “how they build it in russia” i dont get it…….

  2. Starshii says:

    “gastarbaiteri” rulez!

  3. amerikanyitz says:


    • jf long says:

      Yes.. Parfumia.. perfumery.. and the sewage-waste truck loading (or unloading!) just makes it.. Funny!!

  4. NineONine says:

    We have the same immagrant problem. Fortunatly, Mexicans and their brethren seem to be better at handling equipment…

    • Pacific NW says:

      Yes, the fact is, most white Americans would bust down in tears after a 4 hour workshift at Taco Bell. Not the Mexicans though, their work ethic is impeccable.

      • shiko says:

        uh oh
        some mexicans consider the southwest mexico. that means ur telling them to come more.
        some vast populations of mexicans have been here since before the annexation of the southwest in the 1800’s. they also make lots of babies. (my brother included)

        • Poncho Villa says:

          America was originally a land of Pioneers called ‘Pilgrims”…Duh…I do not thing they immediately set up an immigration office.

          Nothing was built before they arrived..Sorry the Mexicans and Muslims didn’t build it.

      • Toronto-Is-Noisy says:

        You are such a hateful and disgusting individual.

        • Poncho Villa says:

          Thank you for the comment. I consider myself “Nationalistic” and see nothing wrong with it. Perhaps you yourself should try it.

      • Poncho Villa says:

        A muslim..I should have known it…A muslim can never be a good citizen of any country. They are all traitors. It is their nature. Why the US Government allows these monsters in the mist of the regular citizenry is beyond me..But then again who knows of any government that has done anything with logic.

      • bowl says:

        Dude… shut your goddamn mouth. These mexicans come and take jobs that YOU WON’T DO. Until you quit your job and take on one of their jobs, then keep your mouth SHUT.

        definately, by the way.

    • Boris says:

      Judging by these pictures, I think any nationality would be better than a Russian.

    • Gatopeligroso says:

      Immagrant? Before making such “witty” remarks, maybe you should learn to spell check.

  5. Blazingluke says:

    All I can say is, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

  6. Dave says:

    I want the porch toilet. Perfect for checking traffic, weather, and smoking during a morning dump.

  7. Texas1 says:

    Looks like the Russians know as much about construction as they know about democracy.

    • techno says:

      Who needs YOUR freaking democracy?

      • Boris says:

        If Russians could only be A WHOLE LOT SMARTER and control their bad attitudes they might be able to build something correctly, be accepted by the rest of the world and have a real democracy.

        • maxD says:

          Amazing !! My words exactly ! Are you Russian ? Can hardly believe it – Russians lack in general ANY form of introspection / self criticism.

          About building : my in-laws bought a new apartment, to be constructed, that is. The building has been finished now, but the city council refuses to sign the ready-for-inhabitation form [well, one person on the board, that is]. Why ? The building is 13 cm ‘s [5.2 "] too low. It’s 20 floors. Also, while this situation is happening, they already started charging people upfront for water and utilities [no-one can live there yet, building has not been approved, all apartments are 4 walls only, no toilets, no kitchen, no bathroom, so seperating walls, elevators don't work] One would expect people to complain. Not in Russia – everybody pays the [huge] amount of money. Completely numbed. Now they are trying to find out how much the bribe has to be to get the last board member to sign.

          A sad but everyday story.

          On construction sites a lot of materials are being stolen : cement, bricks, anything. Since insurance is a non-functional service in Russia, the construction company is not replacing the stolen goods, no. They simply build with less cement, bricks, etc. You do the math. Doesn’t sound like a very safe building, right ? People have to pay the whole sum upfront when they buy an apartment. So the have no ‘weapons’ to fight with. So what can you do ? The common man is a nobody whose voice is ignored. And organizing is out of the question of course… no-one trusts anybody.

  8. Texas1 says:

    I can’t understand you. However, it is comical that you would even work for such an agency.

    • yana says:

      It was really comical to work with americans. I even published a book in France about american fiances /And there were so many readers/ THe frenchs love americans much more then the Russians

      • AdalphPutin says:

        Yep, the French do like Americans and they are getting really tired of those Muslims and Russians. In fact, Pro-American conservative Sarkozy could be France’s next president.

        Get some facts Yana!

        • Bullwinkle says:

          …your French husband that bought you off the Internet.

          • yana says:

            my son did it, he just turn back from the US, where spent five horrable years and now I enjoy comments of my grandson, who read me and translate your opuses, do you want to hear comment about you

      • maxD says:

        What is the book’s title ? I do read French and I’m interested. Your English is very poor I would say plus your language is not really girls language. I hope your French is better.

        Actually I think you’re not a girl but posing as one to start an argument.

        • yana says:

          “Le produit lessive pour les fiances americains.” C’est a dire SONGES ET VISIONS des americains a Moscou.Dans l’attente d’une reponse en Francais

          • maxD says:

            The book is not to be found – not on Amazon [french or otherwise], not through Google.


            • Texas1 says:

              That is hilarious MaxD! You busted her in a big lie. Just proves the point that Russians can’t be trusted.

          • Etienne says:

            Quoi? le titre “Le produit lessive pour les fiances americains” ne fait aucun sens. Aucun. Et où sont les accents? “Produit lessive”??? Qu’est-ce que cette expression? On dirait une mauvaise traduction de Babel Fish…

            What i mean is that this title means nothing. And it even contains errors, no accents on “fiances americains” (should be “fiancés américains”)… Maybe she had an english-only keyboard, but what the hell, she should know the ASCII code for such common characters in french…)

            Nice try, Yana.

      • Texas1 says:

        No, believe me. It is pathetic that you would even work for such an agency. You must have very little self esteem. I also think you are a very jealous person because you have no choice but to continue to live in Russia.

        • Etienne says:

          I will not laugh at your spelling mistakes, Yana. I think it’s cool that you try to write in english, a second or third language for you. Most americans only speak english, kudos for you. But…

          Don’t start the “i’ll send you an english dictionary” thing. If you have one, keep it for yourself. And check your spelling before submitting comments. Really, you are in no position to say that kind of things.

          Peace, yo!

        • Poncho Villa says:

          You must be a Mexican.

  9. Texas1 says:

    Let me guess, now you are in the construction business? LOL

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    Haven’t we all had enough of politics after the two Estonian posts?

    This sight is about fun and entertainment and we are again turning it into political battleground.

    Why don’t we just have some fun with friendly comments from now on?

    Why don’t we show that despite our differences in culture, race, religion and political opinions, we can still have laugh with each other :)

    • Chingau Wei says:

      Actually it is because of our differences that we are able to make fun of each other. If everyone was homogeneous, there would be nothing to laugh at.

      And on that note, a Soviet joke.

      “After the death of Princess Diana in a Mercedes crashing against a concrete pillar in Paris, it is said that some car companies tried to exploit the event in their advertising. So Volvo put out an ad where Diana appears saying: “If it had been a Volvo, I would not have died”. Russian car makers where worried about this ad, and tried to counteract with some of their own. So, Moskvitch had an ad where Diana says: “If it had been a Moskvitch, I would not have suffered at all”, and Lada: “If it had been a Lada, I would never have crashed into a wall at 200 km/h””

  11. Etienne says:

    Keep the bible out of this, Yana.

    • Poncho Villa says:

      Well..Etienne….Didn’t President Bush say that God told him to go to war against Iraq???

      • Etienne says:

        Whatever Bush says… We all know god has nothing to do with it. God (Allah as well) has always been a false reason for miserable men to make war (and money).

        I’m just saying we should try to keep our own personal belief for our selves. The human race should understand that…


  12. Texas1 says:

    This silly grandmother must be suffering from dementia.

    • yana says:

      Comparing with you I have everything to enjoy the life, I have two grandchildren at my age and sit at computer to learn it when it is rain hard, and you spend all the night near it=-here is the difference, and you-you allow yourself to jurge nations-this is suhumen -that is not. I recognise you-americans-I saw you here in Russia, not only in Russia-but everywhere you try to learn people

  13. yana says:

    Qui,je lui envoyerais matreshka

  14. Boris Abramov says:


  15. White Cossack says:

    go yana
    destroy them with your solid arguments

    lol :P

  16. yana says:

    And your help!

  17. yana says:

    Now I am going to see the film “The specialities of Russian Hockey” about the games in Canada 1972 I advise you to watch it-ORT Chanal

  18. ChyeKyo says:

    Hello people! Here in Spain we have some problems also with the building industry because the prices of the houses are rising without stop so a lot of industries begin to bluid without stop and people can’t pay the prizes… So a lot of foreing people live in ultra-little flats with more than 16 persons bad-living there…
    Now here there a lot of people who can’t buy a house and they have to live with their parents until they have about 37 years old…
    It’s so lame…

    • Texas1 says:

      Wow! That sounds awful! Here in Dallas/Fort Worth in the United States a person can readily buy a brand new 1,500 square foot home with an attached 2-car garage and all major appliances for $100,000 – $110,000. A brand new 2,700 square foot home with an in ground pool can be purchased for less than $200,000.

      • Pacific NW says:

        The only catch is that you’d be surrounded by cowardly sheep raping ignorants for almost 1000 miles.

        • yana says:

          What can we do? They are really everywhere/
          I don’t know how is it in your motherland, but here,in Russia, when the girls came to american marriage agency they always asked one first question-DO YOU HAVE THE RUSSIAN FIANCE/ I answered-where could be the Russians in american agency- their replics was- OK show us the gorbleens then

        • Texas1 says:

          We did not take the land away from the Chinese! We did take the land away from the savage Indians.

      • Poncho Villa says:

        Don’t tell them this Texas1…Hell they’ll all be on the next boat or plane trying to do as the wetbacks do. Come here, mooch, steal and cause trouble.

    • Poncho Villa says:

      This can’t be said for Texas…Texas won their Independence from Mexico and Mexico acknowleged the new “Republic of Texas” as did Santa Anna.. But the rest of the Southwest? It was annexed after the Mexican American War. Mexico got their ass kicked and lost the land.. To the winner goes the spoils of war. They have to get over it.

  19. yana says:

    Is this site only for amerikashkas? I am upset!Cowboy from Texas your “stratedgery” is clear.
    Explain Bush thet Elisabeth in England is the second, not the eleventh
    Who knows-where there are no amerikashkys? Or they are everywhere?

  20. galina says:

    Yana! you are super! whom are you?

  21. yana says:

    What do you mean? I am Polish, my full name is Yanina

  22. yana says:

    Pipette between legs! you are sofisticated

  23. Fernando says:

    Respect, Eanina! “amerikashky”-polish word?

  24. yana says:

    Who has douts! Amerikakaskky-truism

    • Putty says:

      Russia will never be what it once was. I can understand your bitterness against america. While other countires are rising Russia is falling (literally judging from the pictures)

      • Poncho Villa says:

        In all honesty I think Russia will be a great country again.
        They have no debt.
        They have learned the pros and cons of both a God and Godless government.
        Their people are super smart.
        They are somewhat Nationalistic and
        most important of all!

        The have no wetback mexicans or muslims.

        • yana says:

          And plus russia has on its territorium about 40 % of world natural resourses, if take in consideretion that there is only one continent which could reproduce itself-Euroasia-70%, and distribute all other resourses between another continents we’ll see that America has such miserable fat to be a monster, drinking the blood of other peoples, and that’s why muslims whom you love so much congratulate each other with each killed american trooper , for them he is monster, and not only for them. Hope you will not deny the fact that the world (so jealous) hates you.

  25. SS Yank says:

    Are you sure these photos are not from West Virginia? Anyhow, some of the building construction looks better than the Ryan Homes going up in the US. I’m American, but we must respect they whipped the living snot out of us in space and science. Most Americans can barely do simple Math (but they know what time American Idol is on)

  26. garth says:

    Well, a few of these pictures are funny (especially the pipe in the middle of the room), but the description is inaccurate in that they hardly illustrate the problems you mention….

  27. yana says:

    For amerikashky-truism-from latin word-is not construction- it is well known opinion
    But I wonder-so many dogs are barking up, and the first has changed the name-pipette, how are you!

  28. Alex says:

    To Texas, Bullwinkle, others:

    1) Borat was not a good portrayal of Russia (nor Kazakhstan). The language they spoke in there was not Kazakhi 90% of the time although the font/writing was. That movie also portrayed Kazakhstan as an ass-backwards country – which it is not. What the movie showed you – and shame on you for believing it was true – is equivalent to taping the life of an uncivilized “town” in central Alabama filled with rednecks and only one person knows how to read. If your really know the country and its culture, Bullwinkle, you would understand that everything from the music to the style of dress was greatly misinterpreted by Mr. Cohen – the director.

    2) As much as Americans love to think they are the most superior nationality in the world, they need to understand that their scope is limited to a country with very little ACTUAL economic problems (the recession is one but it’s only one and lasted how long?). Now compare that to the major recession that Russia went through when the change of government occured. Such a change is very difficult to recover from, especially when the people that are responsible for it are taking the money destined for the country and shoving it into their pockets and onto the Swiss bank accounts.

    As much as “TEXAS” likes to think and generalize Russians as ignorant (or whatever else you used), you need to understand that the country as a whole does not provide a great deal of moral support. People don’t (even fakely) smile at you like they do in the U.S. – which is NOT to say that people aren’t friendly – just to show you some differences seeing as to how you haven’t even been there, or if you have – must have been under heavy influence of dope.

    The truth of the matter is, it’s difficult for a recovering country to continue to recover when the divergence in it’s people is so vast: on one hand, you have the super duper rich folk who got their money through (probably) stealing (a small percentage). On the other hand, you have very poor people living in the same types of building that you have seen pictured above – ones that don’t have their hands next to an oil tanker from which they cna collect. Middle class is growing, but without much support.

    I’ll try to explain this to you later but hopefully you can begin to wrap your Texan generalizing head around this concept.



    • yana says:

      I worked at the agency. I know their problems, Texas and another they are barking up our dear Russia because of complex, great complex, they are good for nothing, and the Russia is object, agree, that for man to have a pitiful organ between legs is great sorrow

      • Poncho Villa says:

        And since your husband is French/France I suspect he has a
        “Smelly French Pipette”…

        • yana says:

          Smelly! You are dreaming on! If your pippete could have such fonction! Dreams! Dreams!
          I am humanist and I am sure that evil will never could inspair such important organ.I stop writting here-go to the church! May be,you’ll do the same!
          Any time cry SOS!I’llgive you good helpful advise

  29. Poncho Villa says:

    True…Have you seen Scott Hamil? He is so BALD… I bet he could skate on his head….lol

    • yana says:

      He did it with good coordination! American!The feet, the haeds-same fonctions. Main-try not to think,thouh american feet think faster

  30. Putin says:

    Comrades rule the boxing!!! RED STORM!!!

    USA is OVER!!!

  31. galina says:

    Write in Russian! I enjoyed your story about Rodeck.Respect

  32. Nadya says:

    Yana,write in Russian,i enjoyed your story about Roddeck

  33. Tarzann says:


  34. Tarzann says:

    Mail me!!!!!!!!

  35. kreker says:


  36. Вася says:

    Тут был Вася

  37. Алексей says:

    Глупо судить о стране не побывав в ней и тем более вступать в дискуссии основываясь на фото приколах!
    И в любой стране и в любой нации есть как придурки так и умне люди.

  38. Smokes says:

    very cool pics and amazing. hahah

  39. Smokes says:

    very nice and amazing pics.

  40. Grenis says:

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  41. yana says:

    Мне кажется, что американцам следует беспокоиться о себе,прежде всего. Ведь что отмечают все без исключения инострацы в Америке-слабое интеллектуальное развитие индивидуумов. Мой сын провел там 10 лет,приехал туда в 17 лет и сетовал,что уровень 17-летнего американца соответствует уровню 11-летнего русского. Статистика неумолима-40% американцев безграмотны,и вы ,надеюсь отрицать не будете-99% американцев-люди с деревенской ментальностью. Вот злобного тролля из Техаса уже уважать можно за то, что Бжезинского читал. Но любая русская бабка,проживающая в халупе(смотри фото выше)-Спиноза по сравнению со средним американцем. И что еще бросается в глаза в крупных американских городах-огромное количество даунов на улицах.Это просто беда!Особенно смешно, когда американцы рассуждают о культуре. И очень весело бывает,когда, попадая в Россию,испытывают культурный шок. А уж в Москве-то! Известен факт- этот город неприлично красив,роскошен,богат и агрессивен. Вашего теннисиста Родека перед матчем на Кубок Девиса наш Сафин повел по ресторанам и ночным клубам,через пять дней тот проиграл матч и оправдывался на пресс-конференции,что был потрясен,никогда не видел такого красивого города,отеля,ресторанов, никогда не ел такой вкусной еды и так дальше. Впрочем ,Сафин нехорошо поступил,тем более,что у Родека на лице все та же печать даунизма.

  42. yana says:

    Good old babelfish!
    It is always funny when americans speak about intellect/ I have no any desire to defend fiances who came to Russia for dating, but they crossed the ocean, they got information, they learned how to use tickets in transport. Ut is great deal for them! You will not deny the fact that 99% americans are people with village mentality. I respect angry troll from Texas for reading Brzezynsky-it is also great deal for him!
    Ans what is the most surprising for foriegners visiting US, especially big cities-the quantity of “downs” in the streets
    So-the last Russian intellectual was born 150 years ago? and in states was born any? From 16th century?

  43. yana says:

    Where is my comment

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