underwear car 1

12 Underwear Car

Underwear Car

Underwear cars can
be met in Moscow...
mono trail 1

9 Mono Rails Trains 150 Years Ago

Mono Rails Trains 150 Years Ago

More than 150 years ago, before rails for trains appeared in Russia, people were considering the mono-rail system on the common rail. The first mono-rail routes were built in Russia 7 years before the first common rail routes and were popular among rich people as a mean of
transportation. The difference from the common rail system is that train and the car don't stand on two rails as they go but hang on one rail, thus hanging in the air. On these photos you can see mono rail station, car and route back from 1800s, 150 years ago in Russia.
25 AK-47 Building

AK-47 Building

A skyscraper in the form of AK-47 gun is going to be
built in Izhevsk, motherland of AK-47 Inventor.
abandoned abkhazia 1

97 Abandoned Abhazia

Abandoned Abhazia

This was once a Southernmost part of Russia, close to Turkey and Iran lying on the shores of the Black Sea. Very popular Soviet resorts situated there. Now it's a part of Georgia, though they consider themselves to be an independent part of Georgia. But the most important fact the Soviet structures that were left there 20 years ago after USSR started to collapse stay there untouched and unmaintained because budgets of these
small countries sometimes are not enough even to supply electricity and heat to its citizen. There were many periods of time when people of these places lived without any centralized electricity for months, almost every apartment had to be equipped with independent diesel generator of electricity, and that task was not easy when there are no jobs and the average salary is ten dollars per month.
2101 cabrio 1

9 2101 Cabrio

2101 Cabrio

Russian automobile industries don't provide cabrio models so people have to
take care about getting a decent cabrio themselves. Like this one.
elevator in toilet 1

15 Elevator in the Toilet

Elevator in the Toilet

Some places have elevators
directly to the restrooms.
russian flying saucer
34 Russian Flying Saucer

Russian Flying Saucer

According to popmech.ru this photo is presented from a private collection of an old Russian Air Force retiree, who have seen with his eyes the flying saucers made for Russian army in 1950s and even had a chance to make this photo.
Their AF squad had a task to compete those machines in order to test their characteristics in air fight. This particular photo was made in Russian Air Force base on Shpitzbergen or Slalbard island, north to Norway.
28 American Boy, American Joy

American Boy, American Joy

Russian lady singers
like American boys!
vilkus lebedev adapter 1

31 Electrical Adapter for Suicide

Electrical Adapter for Suicide

Russian design studio "Artlebedev" started production of a strange device. This device can be plugged in any wall outlet as an adapter for your two fingers in order to get new experience with electricity or if to stay
plugged longer for some suicide alternatives. Also adapters for USA and Europe available. In case you want to get this experience in a group a special outlet-multiplier can be supplied as an option.

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