19 Volga Car, Stalin Edition [15 pics]

Volga Car, Stalin Edition [15 pics]

volga porsche  1


Now we’ve got more details about this Volga Stalin edition. It’s found to be only a from a Russian car Volga – 21. All other parts, suspension, engine, gearbox etc – all come from Porsche Cayenne Bi Turbo, with engine that has more than 770 hp. It has been told that it’s been assembled in Germany and the cost is around $1M. The owner, you can see him on the pics in a bright T-shirt and red boots he is the CEO of the Russian largest cellular phones retailer, known for his strange taste.

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volga porsche  3


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19 Responses to “Volga Car, Stalin Edition [15 pics]”

  1. Akki says:

    very nice car !

  2. Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki says:

    I wanna have sex with car’s owner! But he is not gay, just metrosexual, like David Beckham.

  3. maxD says:

    Nationalism is the last resort for criminals to look decent.

    Apart from that, nice car, I like the retro look a lot, but awful taste in decoration.

  4. illlich says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  5. texas1 says:

    Speaking of taste, look at the guy in the picture. Is that a costume or did he actually go to the store and pick those clothes out because he thought they looked cool?

    Woosh, I’m not gay but I could definitely help that dude with some fashion advice. FAO, how about starting a queer eye for the odd guy mission in Russia. This guy clearly needs some help! Call the fashion police please.

  6. Stasia from Siberia says:

    I’ll bet chichvarkin dreams of becoming a new stalin some day. And trains being the one at his company.

  7. adios says:

    песдатый пепелац

  8. Kylex says:

    is it Chychvarkin? Can’t recognize him on the pics.

  9. Kumar says:

    Glamour & Discourse

  10. Aleksandr says:

    That Porsche brakes probably are worth more than the entire car…

  11. hck says:

    duh, so lame. VW Beetle with Hitler and swastikas would be much cooler… though in the same league.

  12. Dim says:

    Чичваркин жжот!

  13. lolful says:


  14. opaopaopapa says:

    Owner is Mr. Chichvarkin and he is jew, not russian

  15. AquaOrange says:

    i prefer lenin than stalin(although i’m supposed to hate them along with russians for good no matter what), not to mention that lenin is a bald old man whereas stalin looks quite ok, let along his bloodyness.

  16. alter says:

    This time,
    Mr. Chichvarkin is in LONDON, wanted by RUS police :O)

  17. John says:

    If he loves uncle Stalin so much why doesn’t he see that if it wasn’t for people like this Russian “director” he wouldn’t have to use a german car to make russian one be worth a glance at… ?

  18. John Foster says:

    Stalin when it came in terms with hitler stalin killed more people, Why the hell would you want to show off the man who killed 10 million russians?

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