15 Can You Do This?

Can You Do This?

Posted on April 27, 2007 by

Look what can do a guy from the Russian village.


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15 Responses to “Can You Do This?”

  1. Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki says:

    I can. And that is not Russia. It’s western Ukraine.

    I’ve seen video from America and Europe in this style. Some black guy was staring in weird way so his eyes were out of the face.

  2. texas1 says:

    That wasn’t some black guy, that was Boris.

  3. grml says:

    That vid is about 8 yrs old dude.

  4. Jim says:

    Sounds Czech to me.

    • Texas1 says:

      That poor guy makes a small comment and half the internet is jumping on his back. Oh well, better you than me. :)

  5. Pacific NW says:

    I used to work in a mental institution and one of our clients had tongue that was twice as long. She had no teeth, so we had to feed her pureed food. When it was time to eat, she would unroll her tongue and hold it like a rag, and wipe the food off the plate with her long tongue.

  6. illlich says:

    I could do that. . . I just don’t want to.

  7. Erkan says:

    Haha,.. that was entertaining, he could become a big entertainer in the world.

  8. Didoka says:

    I just love how he smiles the whole time. He looks happy, so it’s all good.

  9. Harbec says:

    Is this ability a side affect from Tchernobil?

  10. ros says:

    the thing is that he just does not have teeth. that’s all.

  11. Bobby says:

    He is participating in a sport known as ‘gurning.’ Supposedly, gurning has been around since medieval times. The Wiki article is pretty lame, but you can find another here:


  12. [...] toothless old man from Russia has a really elastic face (and a really long tongue as well). The video is slightly disturbing, and it begs the question, why [...]

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