11 What a Laugh

What a Laugh

Posted on April 25, 2007 by

Russian girl laughs a lot.

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11 responses to “What a Laugh”

  1. Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki says:

    I laugh in that way when i’m drunken. It’s interesting to watch people that can laugh without vodka.

  2. Chuwakk says:

    Охереть прямо круто! Ничего тупее и придумать нельзя.

  3. gorby says:

    how very unnecessary

  4. Marius says:

    Too much cannabis?

  5. adios says:

    трава что надо

  6. Antani says:

    anyone understand what’s the one on the other side of the phone is saying?

  7. TroubleMaker says:

    Anyone have a youtube link?

  8. Siberia says:

    Let’s hope not! ‘Cause that laugh is a fake!!! :)))))

  9. adios says:

    да нормальная баба,просто весёлая.хочу с ней дружить

  10. peter griffin says:

    was it just me or did she sound like my wife, lois griffin, from the family guy show
    matricidal infant of mine

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