23 Last Shots of Yeltsin

Last Shots of Yeltsin

Posted on April 25, 2007 by

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These shots are made yesterday at the Moscow church where the body of Yeltsin lies and people come to pay him a last visit. Photos by Mitya Aleshkovski

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23 responses to “Last Shots of Yeltsin”

  1. Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki says:

    Wow! He looks just like me in my youth.

  2. USian says:

    There’s a good tradition in Russia: you say something nice about the dead person or you say nothing.

    Thus, I remain silent.

    The Legacy of Boris Yeltsin

  3. secret man agent says:

    What do those newspapers say?

  4. V. Zhirik says:

    It says “Before his death, Yeltsin visited Holy Places”

    • lt zgsss says:

      Folls, he was a good man. He helped cccp to collapse. He made big changes. Treat a dead man with respect. He done more in his life than you ever will.

  5. Ian Power says:

    What church is that? It’s absolutely magnificant! How could a church like that survive the Soviet Era?

    • maxD says:

      Stalin had the church blown up in the ’30’s. He had a swimming pool installed in it’s place. It was rebuild in the ’90’s.

  6. Pros says:

    People seem to be happy.

  7. Ian Power says:

    Amazing; and it was constructed in less than ten years. Interestingly, it seems Yeltsin himself was involved in its construction. Just when I thought nobody built proper churches anymore! Wow…

  8. I am says:

    Не пизди валера

  9. Pavel says:

    Yeltsin was a great leader.

    When the hardliners wanted to get Gorbachev at his summer house the captian of the Odessa landed the marines to project him.

  10. ODP says:

    When I was learning Russian, we loved Yeltsin….he spoke so slowly and clearly and often made grammatical errors in key moments.

  11. Crudely Wrott says:

    I am glad that Boris Yeltsin lived at the same time as I.

    I don’t know how “good” of a leader he was. I do not “know” that he drank too much vodka. I was not there at the time so how can I know?

    I must take the images I have seen and the words I have heard from differing points of view with the good faith that not all these proponents are lying.

    When I saw the shells exploding on the Parliament (sorry, the Duma?) I was very concerned that something large and malevolent had been unleashed and that the situation would soon spiral out of control. But then the most natural yet most overlooked thing happened: a man stood up.

    For the sake of us all, we should all stand up.

  12. Swedish Bi Alcoholics Online says:

    Wow! He looks drunk even in his death! Cheers Boris!

  13. Shizo says:

    The alcoholic in black jacket looks really funny. Especially on the second pic.

  14. Mambo says:

    Do Svidanja, Moskva

  15. too much vodka says:

    Yeltsin was Russia’s greatest leader since Kerensky. At least he had some courage, not like the coward Putin.

  16. Rachel_Rachel says:

    ohhh the blonde soldier in pic 4 is banging hot..does anyone have his phone number???? BTW I will miss Mr Yeltsin, he was a cool guy, come on you gotta be cool to be drunk all the time

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