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Lambo Moscow

Posted on April 16, 2007 by

lamborghini, moscow

You can often meet at Moscow streets a few expensive cars at once. Like those two $300K Lamborghinis.

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48 responses to “Lambo Moscow”

  1. RSS-feed says:

    Hi! Just wonder why your images does not show up in my RSS- reader anymore, I am using Google Reader. Would be nice if you fixed this issue, thanks for the great site!

  2. Papuass says:

    He wants you to see the ugly ads.

  3. Andreas says:

    Those Lambos gotta cost more than $300K each, right?
    More like 600K…

  4. fromukrainewithlove says:

    looks weird to see such expensive cars with very cheap cars around it:P

    • Boris Abramov says:

      And we are back to the issue of “nonexistence of middle class in CIS”…

      • Gully says:

        Hmm, like where would you say there are only lambos and other rivals only ride? please choose comparable moscow city area size wise…

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Can you still buy sirens for non-governmental vehicles as you could in the 90’s????

          • Gully says:

            What? how’s that related to my question?
            if you refer to the special decoration for goverment cars which mobsters and businessmen buy from croocked officials so yes, as far as i know they still do it.

        • Texas1 says:

          About two weeks ago, I was driving from Dallas to Fort Worth and saw a Lamborghini and a Ferrari just sitting abandoned right next to each other on the highway. My guess is that they were racing at extremely excessive speeds and the police pulled them over and dragged them off to jail. It was a funny sight.

    • Paul-86 says:

      Looks weird to see such expensive cars caught in the traffic jam! In traffic jams all drivers are equal (except Bruce Almighty on his Saleen S7)!

  5. jf long says:

    well one of them is NOT from the Moscow region… I’m not sure where the ’77’ region is but it definitely isn’t Moscow… That would be 99 and 177

  6. Paul-86 says:

    You are not right. They use 77,99 and 177 codes for Moscow, because there are too much cars in Moscow. And the 177 series will come to the end soon, so there would be some other code also (probably 199?).

  7. briank says:

    Ilya Kovalchuk races Alex Ovechkin during rush hour!

  8. Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki says:

    Where are you, my Prince on white Lamborghini?

  9. I am says:

    He wait you in prison

  10. A says:

    License plate 77, 99, 97, 177

    qouted from the wikipedia

  11. Boris says:

    It’s funny to contrast and see a Lada to the right, and Soviet-era(?) truck after the left car.

  12. john says:

    I think they are having a race in a traffic jam called who can go the slowest

  13. adios says:

    Ламборгини это конечно круто но недоступно,и вот поэтому я мечтаю о бумере 530D e39 желательно 400cv 2002-2003 года


  14. SSS says:

    77, 99, 97 and 177 – Moscow-city

    50, 90 and 150 – Mocsow-region

    P.S. да, бумер хорош!

  15. pablo says:

    Russia rox i love russia 🙂

  16. USA says:

    Its a gang thing right? Everi one in the gang must drive an orange Lambo

  17. Bishop Brennan says:

    Capitalism has well and truely hit Russia in the last couple of years.

  18. Unree says:

    Фабрики – рабочим! Землю – крестьянам! Капиталистов на мыло! 😉

  19. krosavCHEg says:

    I’ve seen one of this cars in moskow and tried to keep pace with. But even in traffic jam it fast enough!

  20. lesch says:

    Муж и жена видимо.

  21. 12345 says:

    Машина +1
    Цвет -1

  22. Mookie says:

    You see the same thing every day in Miami.

  23. EMMAUNEL says:


  24. EMMAUNEL says:


  25. Ivan Minic says:

    Brothers, right? 🙂

  26. BMXpert says:

    The right one looks like a Fed Ex delivery car, There awsome, WHy dose Russia look so cheap apart then them, and its always dpreswssing, it woudl be awsome if it wasnt like that

  27. cant afford a lambo says:

    They must change their suspension everytime they comeback after a cruise around Moscow

  28. Vcex Na milo says:

    Octanovi ix oboix, vozmi dokymenti, cproci otkyda dengi ctashili – ee mojno cpokoino cajat v tyrmy crazy! Vot vashi ee businessmeni xrenovi! Ractashili ctrany vklychaia c glavnim vorom Pytinim! Vcex v odny oxapky ee k ctenke! Ne odin business v rocii legalnii a kotorie legalnie vce ravno dengi pizdiat! vot vam ee Lamborghini dlia miclei!

  29. Dan says:

    These guys are filthy RICH! I mean come on, 2 orange Lamborghini Mucielagos(the one on the left is a LP640 and the other one is the Spyder, which means they’re not the same)!

  30. Yuri says:

    Notice their tag plates too – they both are made of same numbers, which is considered extra cool in the world of Russia’s super-rich and it may cost up to $50K in bribes to Moscow MVA to get such an exclusive tag. The one on the right is probably more expensive because the letters on it spell out a meaningful exclamation. I really feel sorry for this breed. They are so deeply victimized, they did not even realize that feeling okay to “show the money”.

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