11 Unknown Moving Tractor

Unknown Moving Tractor

Posted on April 12, 2007 by

russian tractor 1

This is a Russian tractor of totally unknown make but with a permission from road inspection for be in use in year 2007.

russian tractor 2

russian tractor 3

russian tractor 4

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11 Responses to “Unknown Moving Tractor”

  1. NateNizzle says:

    If that was in the States you might see it racing against other Lawn Tractors on ESPN.

  2. The front of the hood (grill, headlights) and the fenders over the drive wheels look suspiciously like our early-80’s “International Harvester” Cub Cadet.

    • Texas1 says:

      Yep, from other pictures of products that I’ve seen on this site the Russians were pretty good at making “look alike” products. You should have seen the post on Russian calculators. They all looked like HP’s, Sharp’s and TI’s.

  3. Adrian says:

    Maybe 07 means 1907? lol

  4. Michael Von Brah says:

    Thats a real PIMP mobile

  5. Tex says:

    I betcha pick yurself up some big ole’ mammies from that there rootin’, tootin’ high pollutin’ volga region.

    When I leave Texas fur Russia, I want to put this baby on my list of thangs ta see.

  6. Matth says:

    Wel done… the wheels are linked to the engine thanks to a belt… We can see it on the 3rd picture.

  7. H Cook says:

    I like the coilover shockes this is helpfull for setting tilt and inside weight

  8. brontoburger says:

    looks like a tractor with a hot bulb engine. Those engines are semi-diesel, they work with any fuel which burns, including oil, diesel, gas, petroleum. The engine can be started with bare hands, if you heat up the cilinder head (that’s why they are called hot bulb engines)

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