29 Race of President’s Guard

Race of President’s Guard

Posted on April 12, 2007 by

russian president\'s guard race 1

These are photos from a race. But probably it is one of the most strangest races – it is a race of Russian president’s guards racing competing to each other in order to prove who can drive governmental guard cars better.
In winter, with little to no visitors they ride on circles, fully armed with machine guns and flashing lights on, on the same cars they use to guard Mr. Putin.

russian president\'s guard race 2

russian president\'s guard race 3

russian president\'s guard race 4

russian president\'s guard race 5

russian president\'s guard race 6

russian president\'s guard race 7

russian president\'s guard race 8

russian president\'s guard race 9

russian president\'s guard race 10


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29 Responses to “Race of President’s Guard”

  1. DooMKa says:

    Да, америкосам слабо устраивать гонки на президентских автомобилях… А нам нет :)

  2. Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki says:

    I wish to be a president of Finland.

  3. Dewes says:

    One crash and they are dead!

  4. jf long says:

    Great to see that they still put the old ZILs through the moves…

    … Why is it everytime I see Putin (or any Russian official) on the move they are always in a Mercedes or a BMW?

    Say what you will about GW Bush, at least he travels in an American car when he goes anywhere.

    What sort of message does this send to the Russian people?

  5. Acts_of_Atrocity says:


  6. KGBhoy says:

    There are no Russian cars that can provide the same reliability as American or German cars. And making them bulletproof? Come on!

    I bet the president of Italy does not drive in a Fiat or Ferrari. And King of Spain? Does he drive in a SEAT?

    By the way, who won in the race?

    • bql says:

      You just lost the bet! He drives in an italian car. And it’s a Maserati Quattroporte. Just like the italian prime minister does. And Seat though was started in Spain, now is owned by VW.
      And russian cars suck hard! I mean really hard! And that’s why Putin and others don’t use them.

    • Matt says:

      Interestingly enough – the ZIL bulletproofing is so good that at the end of the cold war, the USA bought one to reverse engineer it, and totally redesigned the US presidential limo.

  7. NateNizzle says:

    It is good to know there are red-necks all over the world.

  8. Mike says:

    Fantastic! But why have they got regular license plates?

  9. Henry says:

    This is not a race, it is a control test drive (an exam), that all the Special Designation Garage drivers have to pass.
    And actually the ZILS bet everybody. XD
    Mr. Putin uses them when extra high protection is required, but for daily use, the S600 Pullman is far more practic. I also find the soviet, box like, design of the zil’s outdated, but the making quality of this car is superb, as it’s road capabilities. There is also a curious thing about this test drive – a brand new mercedes is the prize for the driver who, after the exam, succeed in overturning the ZIL. By the day nobody was ever able to do this.

  10. live tv says:

    Wow..I wonder if they drove slower to avoid collisions.

  11. ryl says:

    why is there a dynamo flag?!
    they’re all dynamo fans?

    • passer-by says:

      in fact, all those drivers work/worked for the secret service/police departments. The Dinamo itself was started as a Russian police sportclub in the times of USSR, so it has something to do with this event…

  12. RussianPilot says:

    These photos have been taken from here:
    The author’s logo has been removed from photos :(

  13. Uwe says:

    Why not going by bicycle ? It is more healthy for oneself and doesn´t pollute the environment! And I wouldn´t care if the bicycle was Russian,German,American or whatever.

  14. Yeah they sure do love mercedes lol. I mean I wasn’t expecting a Yugo but I wasn’t expecting all mercedes except one either.

  15. meton says:

    For the same money they use to buy new cars from Germany they could use the money to refurbish and rebuild old Russian war horses back into service. IMHO it would look a lot more stylish if Putin arrived in a motorcade of modernized old Volga’s and he himself sitting in a ZIL. I believe he still does use the ZIL, and there were and still today are some example made bulletproof from the factory, which no doubt are in use by Putin. The ZIL is a true limousine it’s in the same class of vehicles as the new Maybach or Rolls-Royce Silver Phantom. A car built for the people sitting at the back from ground up, not just a extended luxury sedan. I think that Mercedes still makes their limousine editions (which are just stretched S-classes.) built-to-order under the classic Pullman trademark. As for what the president of Finland is driven around in? Well, just a normal, unstreched Mercedes-Benz S-Class 600, bulletproofed of course. Still, not very representable.

  16. meton says:

    The ZIL-41047 seen here has indeed been modernized. In 2005 ZIL introduced a prototype with a fuel-injected model of the 7.7L V8 found in the ZIL. The carburetor model produces 315hp and 600Nm torque, the fuel injected version is said to produce 400hp and 750Nm of torque. Both, I think, are still in production. That 750Nm does come in use chugging around a chassis made bulletproof. I wonder what kind of figures could they pull out of it by slapping a couple of large turbochargers to the side of it Bentley style.

    That ZIL with a machine gun mounted on top of it looks scary. That’s a tank camouflaged as a limo.

  17. steph says:

    does everybody know where to buy a zil 41047 (not armoured) ?

  18. f0ffen says:

    you tool, you are talikng about trucks, what’s that got to do with cars? what russian CARS have ever won a dakar trophy?

  19. ironfist says:

    Oh the IRONY of Russians using German cars for their president!

  20. Top-Insurance-654 says:

    hm. hope to see same more info

  21. Kiddle says:

    Whats wrong with him driving German cars?
    Do people seriously give a damn what car he drives?!

  22. Kiddle says:

    Nice pics though :)

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