19 Pancakes for Junkies?

Pancakes for Junkies?

Posted on April 10, 2007 by

russian pancakes 1

Some people say that drug addictions can be cured, but the most hard of the healing process is the substitute. A person cannot find a substitute for the accessories he is got used while being on drugs. So maybe making such pancakes Russian style can be a perfect substitute for people in need?

russian pancakes 2

russian pancakes 3

russian pancakes 4

russian pancakes 5

russian pancakes 6

russian pancakes 7

russian pancakes 8

russian pancakes 9

russian pancakes 10


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19 Responses to “Pancakes for Junkies?”

  1. Paisley says:

    I don’t think I want to know what the syrup is made of!

  2. DD says:

    Thats nasty.

  3. Texas1 says:


  4. D says:


  5. björn says:

    worst post ever.

  6. Robert says:

    I saw this in the b3ta newsletter. It’s great in itself, but not the best fitting to ‘english russia’.

    Maybe there needs to be some sort of colour coding? Red for ‘about Russia’ and blue for ‘just a general post’, or something? So people don’t start complaining when not everything is about Russia… oh well, at least the equipments in cyrillic.

    I bet the pancakes taste lovely too.

  7. fgfh says:

    It looks more like a crepe than a pancake

  8. Pol says:

    mmmm… blini!!

  9. jf long says:

    The discount card from the grocery store ‘Pyatorychka’ is a nice touch…

  10. Pyromaniac says:

    Are you sure it’s not a Colombian pancake? :P

  11. Sturmovik says:

    Very impressive skills to make tiny pancakes but what kind of egg is that?

  12. kook says:

    I agree with fgfh, they’re crepes.

  13. stevefox says:

    Oh…my god!It’s amazing…

    Get iphone

  14. Anuta says:

    That’s hilarious! Ilove it! Great post!

  15. Jester says:

    How long would it to to make breakfast?

  16. Andrasone-HUN says:


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