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39 Electic-powered Trucks in Russia

Electic-powered Trucks in Russia

These days there are many talks on converting fuel cars to some new sources of power: hydrogen or electrical driven, many hybrids appear which use both electricity and fuel. But not many know that already 60 years in some Russian cities there are even big trucks are go solely on electricity without a drop of fuel. The only problem with them
they are wired. Yes, connected to the wires which cover all the major streets of the cities so that such trucks and some passengers trolleybuses (which don't use rails like trams but go just on any surface) are connected. Look at those pics to get the picture of these ecologically safe trucks with 60 years history.
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26 Cleaning Windows With Attitude

Cleaning Windows With Attitude

  This old lady from
Latvia has no fear...
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34 Ferro-Chrome? No thanks…

Ferro-Chrome? No thanks…

These are photos from Serov city which is located in Northern Ural region of Russia by Alexei Miakishev. A big part of city population earns for their living by mining ferro-chrome from... Ferro-Chrome producing factory's dump. The dump containing the remains and leftovers from the factory's
production was left without any control so hundreds of city people visit it trying to find the some rare ferro-chrome remains to sell in future. It has been reported that this illegal and dangerous for health business is being developed now by city people at a very large scale.
11 Drunk Combat

Drunk Combat

Video of a Russian guy dancing outside in Mortal
Combat style, but in a quite drunk way:
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20 More Moscow HDR

More Moscow HDR

For all HDR lovers, some more
Moscow in HDR by eduard@pakaln.ru

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