48 Chechnya Today Photo

Chechnya Today Photo

Somebody have submitted us a shot of
how Chechnya in Russia looks today.
missile train, russia, st. petersburg 1

38 Missile Train in St. Petersburg

Missile Train in St. Petersburg

All know that missiles can be launched from underground shafts, from mobile trucks that carry missiles or from submarines. But in Russia
missiles can be also launched from.. trains! These are photos of such a missile loaded train standing in St. Petersburg.
russian car dives 1

22 Car Diving

Car Diving

He was happy that the car stopped half way to the the water. Though
the driver himself got into the river due to the interta force.
60 Homeless African-Russians

Homeless African-Russians

So there started to appear
homeless African-Russians in Moscow.
vladimir putin, israel 1

24 Mr. Putin’s Shadows

Mr. Putin’s Shadows

The fact noted by Russian bloggers is the strange shadows he
projected on the walls. Just look at those shadows.
32 Arm-wrestling: Russian Way

Arm-wrestling: Russian Way

How do they do
arm-wrestling in
milk truck lithuania 1

53 Lithuanian Milk Truck

Lithuanian Milk Truck

This is a crash photos of Russian truck "ZIL" in Lithuania which transported milk. That was a lot of milk and all of it spilled out to the road surface. UPDATE: In the first comment there is a question what exactly is written on the
truck, "is it penis?" no it's not. It's "PIENAS" which means "milk" on Lithuanian. And by the way "Vista" means "hen" on Lithuanian. I don't know how this affect the sales of Windows Hen in this Baltic Country.
hill of crosses , lithuania  1
33 Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

  These are photos of unknown author from Hill of Crosses. It has more than 50,000 crosses on it, and no it is not a cemetery. The reasons for the crosses to be there is that there is a story that each one who would put his own
cross on this mountain would become a lucky guy, so thousands come here and install their custom crosses. They say this tradition appeared before the Christianity came to Lithuania and Russia and is of pagan origin.
7 Russian Cabrio

Russian Cabrio

For a mega
pimped ride
moskvich furniture 1

20 Moskvitch Car Furniture

Moskvitch Car Furniture

I don't know is it a trend or just a single work but there is an old Moskvich-407 car turned into dining room furniture by itself
covered with golden paint and silks and is being sold now. The start price was 10,000 EUR, that's around $13,000.

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