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3 Bad Parking in Moscow

Bad Parking in Moscow

If you go travel to Russia and rent a car in Moscow city, be sure
you park it well, otherwise it can be treated this way.
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87 Gipsy Village

Gipsy Village

In almost every Russian city you can find a lot of Gypsy. Even the whole Gypsy villages can be met often.
Like this one on the photos from Tanya Kotova, is situated just a few km from St. Petersburg.
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7 Two Ships on Coastline

Two Ships on Coastline

These two cargo ships were thrown to the coastline by
storm on the Black Sea near Odessa city in Ukraine.
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18 Russian Roads 17

Russian Roads 17

Some more photos of Russian road. This one is federal
highway from Moscow to the border with Latvia.
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52 Abandoned Heavy Dump-Trucks

Abandoned Heavy Dump-Trucks

Hundreds of abandoned heavy dump-trucks, Caterpillar , Komatsu - all the most expensive heavy trucks you can name stay totally without care, rusting on the wind rain and snow. Who can let himself to treat the hardware this way? The answer is "ALROSA". This strange Russian name stands for the one and only diamond mining company in
Russia, making 97% gross yield of Russian diamonds, which makes a big part of the world's diamond trade pie. Sure they can let themselves doing such crazy things as dumping tens and hundreds big trucks and simply ordering new ones after the specified period of use expires. That's New Russian business.
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37 Galaxy Building, Moscow

Galaxy Building, Moscow

They have decided to build this big thing, and named it Galaxy Building, in one of the areas of Moscow. Construction costs exceed $300
million, but there are plenty investors interested in participation. It would be one of the weirdest buildings in modern Russia.
13 Police Crash in Lithuania

Police Crash in Lithuania

These day there is a lot of stuff from Lithuania! Now our reader MTS submits this video of Police car
crashing at a high speed. They probably thought that their flash-light guarantees them safety also.
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18 Russian Roads 16

Russian Roads 16

Roads are bad in Summer, roads are bad in Winter, but the worst roads are between seasons, when there is a lot of water due to rains or melting snow like on
this spring photos. And usually no municipal authorities care about this. They know some time would pass and water would impregnate into the soil.
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24 History of Lenin’s Mausoleum

History of Lenin’s Mausoleum

Probably all of us have heard of the Lenin's Mausoleum, a structure placed in the middle of the Red Square right to the Kremlin. There is a Lenin's body
inside, conserved and set for display. But it was not the same through all the Soviet Era. First it was designed as on the picture above.
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21 More Chechnya Today

More Chechnya Today

More of Chechnya nowadays from the
same photographer - Julia.

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