24 Moscow at Night 2

Moscow at Night 2

Posted on March 29, 2007 by

night moscow 1

Some more photos of Moscow city at night.

night moscow 2

night moscow 3

night moscow 4

night moscow 5

night moscow 6

night moscow 7

night moscow 8

night moscow 9

night moscow 10


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24 Responses to “Moscow at Night 2”

  1. Finnish-Jewish Commie Gay Alcoholics Online says:

    Nothing special! Show us nude Putin!

  2. Alex says:

    I loved moscow, definately one of the most beautiful cities in the world!!! Cant wait to go back there again

    • Dimon says:

      LOL. Dude, you have got to get around more.
      But yes, she definitely looks better at night, at least on summer time.

  3. John from Kansas says:


  4. My dear city my dear country… I am love it all…

  5. Robert says:

    What’s that building in the tenth building down? The one with the hammer and sicle in the wreath? It looks fantastic.

    Yeah, the stories I’ve heard about Russia, it needs some sorting out. It needs people to just come along and say, “The city is made of people; forget about yourselves and think of the people.” Then maybe hug them when they do… well they need some kind of reward. Come on everybody, group hug now, awww.

    • Alex says:

      It’s the Minestry of foreign relations, like the equivalent of the pentagon, but it also deals with all the embassies overseas, and passports etc..

      Russia is a nice place, except about 100 000 bad apples, but the same easily goes for other countries, on ly there the media dos’nt pay attention to it, and the government does a better job of hiding them from the general population… In glasgoy they actually built a second city 10 miles out south to put the lower class into, it was called paisley, but now it’s mixed up again.

      • Alex says:

        Sorry, Glasgow (scotland)

        I need to check what I’ve written more often.

      • Robert says:

        Ah yes, beautiful Paisley.

        Well, any council estate in the UK, really; we try and hide them away.

        There’s loads of corruption in the UK also, especially in transport, even had deaths due to obvious corruption flaws, but thankfully it’s (I believe) getting sorted out.

        They’re redoing Transport for London, the underground at least. Maybe we won’t be like cattle any more?… hmm, nah, too hopeful.

      • Dimon says:

        Ya, it is Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but I don’t think it is similar to Pentagon. I think that would be Ministry of Defence at the opposite end of Stary Arbat. This MID or MFA building is quite plain in daytime light, even quite ugly from nearby.

      • Dimon says:

        Only 100,000 in whole country? OHHH, I think there are that many just in Moscow neighborhoods Ryblevskoye and Peredelkino.

        • Alex says:

          People in siberia are far nicer than people in the big cities, combinging moscow and st.petersburg, out of the 30-35 million total, I would say no more than 500,000 -> 1 mill are bad people. Still better than scotland :p population of about 8 million, out of which 500000 are all neds.

  6. Karen Olga says:

    Hey, awesome pics! I was wondering if I could use some of them for a presentation–I’m an English Language teacher and will be recruiting, just for a power point presentation I will be making next week. Lemme know what you think.


  7. Dimon says:

    Even dilapidated old Hotel Ukraina looks nice with proper night lighting.

  8. Paris says:

    Paris is not the same:P
    There are poor communities bun not 90% not even 5%. Actually the rich Parisians live outside of the City center (got sick of the millions of turists)

    W.r.t Moscow.. if they will organise an olympics soon (which is very probable) many things will get better.. lets hope. The touristic centre is great already.

    • Alex says:

      In the “bad” areas around Paris there are a lot of gangs from the arab world and the Balkans. Usually areas 9 -> 19.

      10 and 19 being among the worst.

  9. Tom says:

    Beautiful job! I’d love to visit.

  10. SM says:

    What camera were these shot with? Nice pix.

  11. hans says:

    this is only skin deep!
    show the mafia infested features of the city as well!

  12. cyberNETico says:

    one word: WONDERFULL

  13. Moscow the Brash says:

    I found Moscow frightening, in a good way. Out on the streets, things are big, impersonal and brash, but once you meet some people it’s OK – Muscovites are either extremely helpful, or extremely rude (or generally bemused if you’re an Aussie and you speak heavily accented, mangled Russian). I caught an overnight train from Moscow to Petersburg, and the three people sharing my compartment in the train were very welcoming (they shared their food and drink with me for the whole journey, despite the fact that I hadn’t brought any of my own to share – big faux pas).
    I only spent a couple of days in Moscow, but wish I’d stayed longer. Compared to Moscow, other European capitals are kind of tame. To make the Moscow experience worthwhile, try to pick up a bit of Russian before you go there.

    All the cliches about standing awestruck in Red Square are true. Just to try to see the ‘7 sisters’buildings as well. They’re equally impressive, and you won’t find buildings like those anywhere else in Europe.

  14. Siobahn says:

    i LOVE russia,
    My Dream Is Too Run Away Too Moscow :)

    Im Only 14 Which I Cant Really Do Right Now >:(
    But It Is An Amazing Place !

  15. Austrian says:

    Just amazing!

  16. Yuri says:

    I will always love Moscow, especially the area around the Kremlin.

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