4 MacBook Granny

MacBook Granny

Posted on March 29, 2007 by

In the downtown of Moscow city you can meet a granny using MacBook and wireless Internet. She doesn’t like excessive attention and reacts not friendly for persistent young men who express interest in her activities.


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  1. Finnish-Jewish Commie Gay Alcoholics Online says:

    That’s not granny! That’s me! I worked in the sphere of gay prostitution for 7 years. And i’m 27 now, but i look much older!

  2. Uwe says:

    Never heard about privacy ? How can this guy be so rude even trying to film the website or whatever she is looking at….against her will!
    There is no more respectfull behaviour in this world for a pity.

  3. smokeydog says:

    Ha, Ha, that is Grannie McTavish, a well known CIA operative!

  4. Jason says:

    Hey, great Blog, i will recommend! I have bookmarked for future reference! All the best

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