17 Graffiti from Ukraine

Graffiti from Ukraine

Posted on March 29, 2007 by

Guys from Ukraine have their own view on the graffiti. They decided to illustrate Ukrainian fairy-tales on the walls of the city. Look what it looks like.



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17 responses to “Graffiti from Ukraine”

  1. Finnish-Jewish Commie Gay Alcoholics Online says:

    Ask the artist to write my nude portrait!

  2. John from Kansas says:

    Fantastic! As with many graffiti artists, these people not only have talent and creativity, but also a great sense of humor.

  3. maxD says:

    Great ! Colorful, original and inventive, plus very nicely executed.

  4. XPOH says:

    Nice, who is the guy?

  5. AvengerRus says:

    Nice… May be invite this guys to bomb on grey walls of St-Petersburg houses? ))

  6. lostin says:

    Hi friend, I am linking your blog to mine.

    BTW, I encounter an interesting anti spam word on this post. Guess what is it? KGB! lol

  7. raoul says:

    great graff !!! excellent .
    check this out :
    it’s a similar style

  8. Louis says:

    Superb ! Great Artist !

  9. d says:

    amazing! reminds me of vitché style

  10. fome says:

    cool!! reminds me a lot of Os Gemeos. Who is(are) this(these) guy(s)? didnt catch a name…but great stuff!!! top5 on my list.

  11. Walker says:

    Reminds me a lot of EYAN HIGGINS. His work is very similar.

    • richard parling says:

      hi, my name is richard from england. i have 4 original pieces by eyan higgins from 1997 that i’d like to sell, have seen your comment of his name and was wondering if you were aware of any one that may be interested in them. if you can be of any help either email me or you can contact me on 07824443143.


  12. Garrythebest says:

    Сасите, эта наш паря, хоть и хохол

  13. Host one says:

    Xyjase!yo ik ))

  14. sochy says:

    great. thanks for info abou ukraine culture.

  15. sochy says:

    very nice graffity. thanks for fotos.

  16. Autolive says:

    amazing! reminds me of vitché style

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