18 Russian Roads 17

Russian Roads 17

Posted on March 28, 2007 by

russian roads 1

Some more photos of Russian road. This one is federal highway from Moscow to the border with Latvia.

russian roads 2

russian roads 3

russian roads 4

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18 Responses to “Russian Roads 17”

  1. vitaliy says:

    I suppose Russia is car suspension hell

  2. Finnish-Jewish Commie Gay Alcoholics Online says:

    Russians don’t repair the road to brake economy of Latvia, cause Latvia is a transit state and Latvia make main income from transition of goods from EU to Russia.

  3. H Cook says:

    Now we know why they build such durable tanks

  4. svoloch says:

    yep, it’s basically one huge test field

  5. Swedish Bi Alcoholics Online says:

    The roads look like this so that when you drive sober (God forbid) you still feel like you are drunk.

    • fromukrainewithlove says:

      i don’t know for sure….but i think that Russia is about the only industralized country that doesn’t have lights above roads…..am i right?

      • svoloch says:

        I meant – DON’T have lights outside of major ares

        granted roads for the most part are better, thou Chicago is notorious for it’s bad roads and non-ending construction season. I know some areas here that make Russian roads look good by comparison. And I’m talking about major streets

      • ?just-me?:P? says:

        here in germany there are also no lights on highways except in the cities, but hey here is no speed limit :P
        and this even germany has a high population per qm

        makes no sense to light roads or highways outside of cities or villages, damn every car has its own lights

  6. Dimon says:


  7. Jipa says:

    Atleast falling asleep while driving must be difficult.

  8. Dewes says:

    Even brazilian roads are better than this!

  9. Sauri says:

    There are no roads in Russia, only directions.

  10. pld says:

    Who cares, you can just as well drive a tank anyway. If cops stop you, just bribe your way out and gas is cheap as well.

    • Alex Levitin, Moscow says:

      > gas is cheap as well.

      uh…. I would argue on that, actually =((
      it’s getting more and more expensive.

  11. Poser says:

    It is similar to highway Ostashkovskoe in 1 km from Moscow.

  12. Alex Levitin, Moscow says:

    very strange. I took a car from Minvodi to Stavropol (it’s Southern Russia, very poor area). It was MUCH better than this

  13. dorogi vyglyadayat tyagelymi (

  14. Egor says:

    I’m from Russia. This is lie, of course there are some bad roads, but the most part of them is good…

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