37 Galaxy Building, Moscow

Galaxy Building, Moscow

Posted on March 27, 2007 by

moscow galaxy building 1

They have decided to build this big thing, and named it Galaxy Building, in one of the areas of Moscow. Construction costs exceed $300 million, but there are plenty investors interested in participation.

It would be one of the weirdest buildings in modern Russia.

moscow galaxy building 2

moscow galaxy building 3

moscow galaxy building 4

moscow galaxy building 5

moscow galaxy building 6

moscow galaxy building 7

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37 Responses to “Galaxy Building, Moscow”

  1. Lematt says:

    What would it contain ?

  2. Finnish-Jewish Commie Buddhistic Gay Alcoholics Online says:

    It is not building, but a flying saucer!

  3. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    It will look “ou of this world” next to those endlessly grey appartment buildings…

  4. venom monger says:

    Where do you hang out the laundry?

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    Texas1 is thinking:…… “it would not be any use to me, – it has no wheels”…..

  6. gerrybytes says:

    What would it be used for? A shopping centre? It would be a huge cleaning bill to do all those windows.

  7. Fabian says:

    unbelievable building. where did you found the photos?

  8. Dimon says:

    You can see German Gref praying that it never happens.
    Must have been a Lyzhkov vision.

  9. Swedish Bi Alcoholics Online says:

    It will be a new bar which only serves gasoline, heroin and young boys.

  10. illlich says:

    they never look as good as their models. . . it will be all discoloured, grey spots on the white exterior, and I bet heating/cooling problems, leaks, etc.

    give me good old fashioned brick, stone, and wood.

  11. pofke says:

    I think it is very cool. but people are right, probably it will not be built like shown in the pic.

  12. I am says:

    Texas1 you eunuch of G.Bush

    • Vernadotte says:

      Eunuchs can actually hold great power, as they did in medieval China, where they were used by the government as administrators because they could be trusted not to build up a power base (because they could not have families), so there was no danger of them creating a rival house to threaten the ruling family. As a result many of the highest administrators were eunuchs.

      • aleke says:

        Yes and they also had the least power of anyone in the Darwinist roulette. Oops, looks like the cruel, savage rules of the universe trump humanity’s oppressive power hierarchies once again.

  13. It a gigantic sperm!

  14. leon187 says:

    thats not cool, they should back to soviet era architecture style called “Constructivism”

  15. I-Eat-Food says:

    Who is going to be able to buy goods from there?

  16. nathanww says:

    What exactly is it used for?(ıesides bravely going where no man has gone before)

  17. Roxtar says:

    The top picture looks like a thought bubble.

  18. Allan Siew says:

    Looks pretty cool!

  19. xaxaxa says:

    It’s so incredibly glorious. Builiding gigantomanic structes that collapse within 60 years makes me love authcratic regimes.

  20. zinochka says:

    that building looks so cool i hope they build it

  21. imadork says:

    Yeah, costs will overrun 300%, it will remain unfinished for years, then it’ll collapse on the road underneath it. Ahhh!

  22. govan44 says:

    Looks like a world class building. Hope it gets constructed.

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  24. Finnish-Jewish Commie Buddhistic Gay Alcoholics Online says:

    Don’t post here the personal site of my brother!

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