24 Mr. Putin’s Shadows

Mr. Putin’s Shadows

Posted on March 25, 2007 by

vladimir putin, israel 1

The fact noted by Russian bloggers is the strange shadows he projected on the walls. Just look at those shadows.

vladimir putin, israel 2

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24 Responses to “Mr. Putin’s Shadows”

  1. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    He is Jew just like me! I’m a Jew too!

    My name is Borah Levi-Alkoluppuki!

    • Boris Abramov says:

      just another lame attempt to appear “Jew-friendlly”..

      PS: I like the way you have chosen the name of a ski resort as your last name.

      Levi – is a fantastic place to go skiing!!!!!!!!

      • Finnish-Jewish Alcoholics Online says:

        I’m not jewish-friendly! I’m a finnish jew! My name is Borah! But boys call me Sarah!

      • Robert says:

        do you mean Levi-Alkoluppuki or do you actually just mean Levi?

        ‘Cos Levi is a Jewish name. Russians probably know it better as Levin or Leviyn.

        Where were these photos taken? And why would Putin have an interest in wearing a Kapel in the first place? You say Jew-friendly, but is there really a need to be so?

        (Though on topic… this only further proves my lizard people conspiracy. Well it’s not a conspiracy, because it’s true.)

        • Boris Abramov says:

          levi is a Jewish name, however i do not think that Finnish would ever know that. Levi is also a ski resort in lapland Finnland!!!

          • Finnish-Jew Alcoholics Online says:

            They beat me in Finland when i was at school. They said that i’m not aryan. That’s why a became gay and drunkard.

    • DaniTheMan says:

      wohoo, go finland!! hyvä suomi!

  2. Boris Abramov says:

    In the second picture, he looks like Mr Burns… LOL!!!

  3. Paul says:

    In the first picture he looks like g-man from Half-life!

  4. dodo says:

    Shadows looks like american president Busch.

  5. feodor says:

    It looks like he has an alien shadow to me. Bush’s shadow is insect like with horns. Bush is afraid of Putin ‘restricting freedoms’ while he does the exact things to us Americans, then lies about it and uses the State Secrets Act or ‘executive priveledge’ to cover up his crimes. Why do you think Cheney was so furious that Congress wanted to see what was discussed between him and the oil companies BEFORE 9/11?. In your country the criminals are the Russian-Israeli mafia and in our country it is the politicians and ‘business leaders’. Putin would kiss a boys belly but Bush would bugger him!

  6. Texan says:


  7. Polina says:

    That’s E.T.

  8. Finnish-Jewish Alcoholics Online says:

    Attention! That was written not by me!

  9. [RU] daredevil says:

    bwah, our president is an alien.. how nice ~_~

  10. draugadrotin says:

    putin is an alien who wants chaos to rule earth

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