53 Lithuanian Milk Truck

Lithuanian Milk Truck

Posted on March 23, 2007 by

milk truck lithuania 1

This is a crash photos of Russian truck “ZIL” in Lithuania which transported milk. That was a lot of milk and all of it spilled out to the road surface.

UPDATE: In the first comment there is a question what exactly is written on the truck, “is it penis?” no it’s not. It’s “PIENAS” which means “milk” on Lithuanian. And by the way “Vista” means “hen” on Lithuanian. I don’t know how this affect the sales of Windows Hen in this Baltic Country.

milk truck lithuania 2

milk truck lithuania 3

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53 Responses to “Lithuanian Milk Truck”

  1. BC ATV says:

    Did anyone cry?

  2. Boris Abramov says:

    Well… joining the EU has not done them any favors!!!
    Looks like russia in the 70’s…….Just look at the truck!!!! LOL!!!

    Ahhh….Just like I remember when I visited in 2003…

  3. Anonymous says:

    clarification: it’s GAZ, not ZIL

  4. Le Ivanytch says:

    This is GAZ-53, guy. You should learn albanian.

  5. Texas1 says:

    Looks like downtown Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show.

  6. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    That’s not milk, that’s my sperm!

  7. Darius says:

    No it is “PIENAS” means milk in english

  8. dionich says:

    It’s GAZ not ZIL :) By the way, I’m from lithuania, and windows vista is called HEH :D

  9. Acts_of_Atrocity says:


  10. strannik says:

    This truck is not from Russia, the registration numbers seems to be Lithuanian. But it is GAZ and has been made in Russia.

  11. strannik says:

    It’s GAZ-53. Made since 1968. I think they stopped assembling it more than 10 years ago. In any case this one is very old.

    • someone says:

      sorry, but you can’t know if it’s 52 or 53 btw. there is a lot of difference between those two machines.

      darn sorry for the people who needed that milk..

  12. 4estgraham says:

    Darius, “Milk” in English is “Milk” not “Pienas”, just a little help there for ya…

  13. john says:

    Does anyone know where is the Viktor Reznikov and the Michael Boyarskiy now today

  14. adios says:

    Its GAZ.


    GAZON s molokom uebalsia nahuy

  15. Yor The Time Hunter says:

    Do Gummi Bears drive milk trucks, I see them in the dark

  16. skreejeejs says:

    And by the way “Vista” means “hen” on Latvian NOT on Lithuanian!

  17. Poser says:

    What relation this does have to Russia? These photographs are made not in Russia.

  18. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    Those cows died for nothing!!!

  19. these are very old pictures. i remember that they collected all that milk and exported it to russia

  20. ccpro says:

    It’s not a ‘ZIL’. It’s ‘GAZ’ model

  21. PPP says:


  22. towny says:

    to HATE_ALL_lithuanians

    you must be polish?

    by the way – polish is not a nationality – it’s a profession

  23. to HATE_ALL_lithuanians says:

    Regarding jobs- if some immigrants who just came to UK, hardly speaks any english can take over your job, what does it says about you? It only says that you are so useless employers better give job to immigrants. ;)

    • hehe says:

      Agree on this point. And on topic number 28: you have imported all lowest grade and stoopidest people to UK and other countries. LT became MUCH safer, crime level felt drastically, etc, etc.

      As for me – i’m 27, I do approx 1.5 euro/month(after taxes), before “crisis” had a company car, that I could use 24/7 (cost cutting sux :( )

      Considering the fact, that rent prices for a quite nice 50 sq m flat in the Vilnius center right now is about 250 Euro/ PER MONTH, beer price is ~1.5 Euro (pub), I see no reasons why I should emigrate. :)

      I don’t work for some special company, or anything special/extra. I’m just engineer, doing my job. Although, I’m a big fan of my job(or speciality), I don’t work overtimes. I do some sports. I do spend my time working for non-governmental organization, helping to rise money for variuos stuff, trying to be active in local community, etc.

      Same situation is with few hundred of my friends… So probably, you would need to get some sort of education ? Or try to find some OTHER reason, related to real life, not to emotions. :)

  24. Algis says:

    This ain’t no ZIL, it’s a GAZ-53, most likely – you can tell from the front grill (it could of course be a 52 from the last years of its production, right before the introduction of the 53rd). Apart from other differences and improvements, the main thing was that the 52nd had a V6, whilst the 53rd was equipped with a V8.

    Milk and other _liquid_ carrying trucks are actually difficult to handle, vehicle flips and other accidents are quite common, if the driver isn’t experienced enough.

    Just take fire trucks, as an example: they are driven either with full-to-top water tanks, or fully empty, and never half-filled.

  25. lietuvis says:

    issipisineja pedikai,ant pienovezio bus bybys parasyta,uzpist gali savo paprastumu.

  26. internautas says:

    Folks, this is a very old picture… made at least 10 years ago. I am sure you won’t find any of such vehicles in Lithuania now..

  27. internautas says:

    P.S. Lithuanians don’t hate Americans. Lithuanians like all other Europeans (except British ofcourse) don’t like American way of living with all these Macdonalds and super sweet Starbucks coffee. I preffer Italian Espresso.

  28. lape says:

    A nice feast for cats. I do hope a lot of them came to it.

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