21 Russian Roads 15

Russian Roads 15

Posted on March 21, 2007 by

russian roads 1

The topic of Russian Roads is endless..

russian roads 2

russian roads 3

russian roads 4

russian roads 5

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21 Responses to “Russian Roads 15”

  1. BoneButcher says:

    Jeez…. I se know with your website why the finnish army fought you of in the second WW lol!

  2. fromukrainewithlove says:

    nobody have ever overwon Russia….

  3. Kazol says:

    How many articles on Russian roads are there?

  4. x57 says:

    That’s what she said!

  5. nathanww says:

    Um…that’s a parking lot, not a road.

  6. Texas1 says:

    That upsets me too about Texas and elsewhere.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Well… Texas does have some rough roads, ….but London on the other hand, or in fact all of England, – has no rough roads at all!!!
      The onlly people who might need an offroader… are farmers!!

      • Texas1 says:

        I’ve never seen a rough road in Texas and I’ve lived here 4 years and have been all over the state.

        • Boris Abramov says:

          The point I am trying to make is that,- there are plenty of offroad possibilities in Texas i.e. desserts, woods, etc….
          London however, – has none of these.
          England does have some woods but offroad joys can not be practised in a vast majority of places!!!!

          • Texas1 says:

            That might be true but you know as well as I do that the typical person with 4WD has never been off road. You look inside and all you see is happy meal boxes all over the back seat. SUV’s are just glorified minivans for moms who don’t want to be seen driving a minivan. Minivans have no sex appeal. However, I don’t think that SUV’s have sex appeal either.

  7. dionich says:

    Like its said in Russia. “Russia has two problems. First – it is russian roads, and the second – those who build it” :D

  8. strannik says:

    Only Tatar commander Batyi did it in 1240. So, Russian princedoms were in vassal dependence for 240 years. Russian princes rented a tribute to the Golden Horde, but reigned their lands as their own.

  9. Bumper says:

    Fools and roads – russian main problems… =)))

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