88 Ferrari in Slums

Ferrari in Slums

Posted on March 20, 2007 by

In Russia some people think that the car has the most importance. He might live in a dirty poor place but drive a Ferrari.

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88 Responses to “Ferrari in Slums”

  1. Boris abramov says:

    Do you know haw many replicas there are in moscow????

    • Bishop Brennan says:

      This doesn’t look like a replica. Replicas are easy to spot a mile out. Most are built on Toyota MR2 chassis, and looks terrible.

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Well replicas are not cheap as well….If that’s a replica of Ferrari Modena – one would expect to pay about $30k for it in moscow!!

  2. AmericaPhobe says:

    I saw more replicas In Beit Jala and Golan heights ;)

  3. D says:

    I see this all the time. New Ferrari vs New House… tough choice.

  4. firsak says:

    What makes the author think that this is slums? Just a regular yard.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      I can’t run 10k under 40mins – and I am 20 and go to the gim three times a week….. How old are you???

      No offence, but I can visualise you as an obese, bold, middle-aged american – who spends most of the time by his PC with a Big-Mac in his left hand>>>

    • firsak says:

      Fat is in your brains pal.

      As for me I can’t run well. But I’m a rather tough person. Can easily take 130kg in a bench press. Can you?

      Don’t forget to visit distanced places from the centre of the African cities. You will sure find real slums there.

      • firsak says:

        Hell… When I was in the centre of New York I didn’t see any slums there (except for the frightful subway). Couldn’t find any slums in the centre of Moscow as well.

        • D says:

          No slums in New York? I saw homeless people on the sidewalk in front of some of the richest companies in the world right in the middle of Manhattan.

          • firsak says:

            There are slums in New York, but not the centre. I don’t take into account individual wandering homeless guys. There are lots of them in any big city.

    • ko4ka says:

      Yes, it’s pretty much regular yard in Russia, but nothing is wrong with clotheslines, it’s just different habits.
      Don’t you know that Al Gore asks anericans not to use dryers anymore and use clotheslines to stop global warming? )
      Btw, in Russia washer and dryer is one unit and it works fine, I still don’t understand why you need 2 units. Also you have MUCH better selection of appliances in Russia (the same true for almost all other stuff). It’s what I don’t like in America, that everything is very unified and generic and you don’t really have a choice – you have to choose between the same, slightly modified models. Of course most of the people in Russia cannot afford to buy new washing machine on the other hand.

  5. Baltica says:

    I was visiting some friends…should see my house before make that kind of coment…!!!

  6. fromukrainewithlove says:

    it’s just a normal neigboor hood in Russia…..the houses are about 40 years old…but in the inside people don’t live in poverty if the author thougt so.I think if somebody van afford a ferrari he can afford a whole houseblock for his own….espacially in Russia.

  7. livoz says:

    or maybe he visiting some prostitot in neberhood?

  8. Mikhail says:

    This guy probably just stopped by his mother’s place or to pick up a GF. Besides, house is American obsession stimulated by tax deduction, low mortgage rates and deliberately poor construction of apartments.

  9. Boris Abramov says:

    Also, don’t forget that about 40% of luxury cars on Moscow roads have been stolen from Western Europe, in particular Germany. They are then smuggled to Russia via Poland.
    So in effect, a luxury car could sometimes be bought for about one quarter of its value.
    This business is very successful in Eastern Europe and in particular Russia.
    The problem is that, rich people want to appear even richer. This disorder is most commonly linked to Slav nationalities and it is also known as “low self-esteem”.

    Glad to say majority of Jews, do not suffer from this disorder – even if we have money we prefer to drive GOOD OLD LADA!

    • Dimon says:

      The other 60% are bought with stolen money and price is around 130% of real value because it is a symbol of status to pay excessive price.
      And of course, import fees.

    • D says:

      It’s not low self esteem. The opposite I think. And it’s not just us Slavs. In the U.S. it’s “ballin” (probably too slang for yall). If you got the money, why not show it off. And if you don’t, act like you do. Jews can have the Lada, we’ll keep stealing Ferraris from the Germans.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      If you mean Jews, then, I dissagre with you..
      In general, – We know exactlly who we are, and we do not have to prove anithing to anybody.
      In fact – I know a very wealthy guy who has a great amount of shares in one of the most profitable org. in russia, – and he uses metro for his day-to-day commute in Moscow..

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    Though it goes against all my ethics, morals and principals – I just love the new Escalade!!!

  11. Dimon says:

    Very true! It is also symbol of status if your personal security follows in the black Tahoe instead of the black Landcruiser.
    Very classy.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Yes – who cares about melting ice caps, who cares about the future of our children- lets all buy an Escalade!!!!

      Then we will have no world to worry about…

      • D says:

        Enviromental Scientist huh, care to name the source of those statistics?

        • fromukrainewithlove says:

          Who cares about the dollar figure…..we’re destroying the world….the more you damage the envoriment…the more dollars you make….so i can’t see any logic in that.

          But maybe i don’t get your scientific stuff….my english isn’t that good.

          • fromukrainewithlove says:

            all this because of a ferarri picture…..humans are complicated.:)

          • fromukrainewithlove says:

            if there were hard facts for it…and it would be recognized as an global problem…i would sign it yes…

            • fromukrainewithlove says:

              well maybe you’re right but what should be the reason to do so?I don’t think to make money…because the nations are losing money for it.Except USA of course,maybe they did it on purpose to weaken other nations who knows.USA has indirect influence on the media…if you get my point.

              But what you said about to ban water…i think that the human body is able to get used to about anything including (so called) dihydrogen monoxide.For example there’re people living near Chernobyl that grow their food on the ground that is radioactive.They eat it and don’t get sick, so even radioactive isn’t deadly in little numbers if getting into human body.

              • fromukrainewithlove says:

                no you don’t get me…..for example:

                Usa (goverment) makes an order to research greenhouse effect.The researchers say it will destroy world….so Usa goverment make it public to the press…..so the press can do their pratice of setting things upside down.That is what i mean bij indirect control of media.Everybody could do it.If they don’t want things to go in to the media….they just say we don’t have any information on it YET(and keep saying it).You get my drift?

            • Boris Abramov says:

              I agree with the comment about mass media – the same tachniques were use during the cold war on BOTH SIDES….

              There were no lies, just manipulation and selection of specific facts…that were relevant to the cause!!

              That’s why – do not believe everything you read in the papers people!! (I mean that in general sense, Golbal Warming a product of humanity)

        • D says:

          “Dollar GDP Per Metric Ton Of CO2″

          What exactly does that mean? Switzerland doesn’t depend on CO2 emissions for it’s economy as much as uzbekistan? So what? This has nothing to do with how much total CO2 is released into the Air. Take those numbers, paste into excel and sort by total CO2 emmissions.

          It goes
          1.World 24126416
          2.USA 5872278
          3.EU 3682755
          4.China 3513103
          5.Russia 1432513

          Enviromental Scientists should not be misleading people.

          • Boris Abramov says:

            “Enviromental Scientists” LOL – YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!

          • fromukrainewithlove says:

            yes…sars would be completly destroyed…because everybody would wear a mouth cap because of the pollution…

          • fromukrainewithlove says:

            besides that…in teh site that i gave…you can see how much money every nation has…the money of USA exist mostly out of loans….so the number wouldn’t be as high as you say it is…because they didn’t earn it with production…but with loans..


          • D says:

            You’re looking at all the wrong statistics. The one that matters is 25% of CO2 is from the U.S., mostly from vehicles. If all the cars in the U.S. would no longer emit C02, how much less CO2 would be released into the air? Once you get that number and realize the problem, then you can put your degree towards something useful in the alternative fuel research.

      • fromukrainewithlove says:

        are you crazy…i just saw in the news a few weeks ago that USA doesn’t sign the treaty for reducing of inudstry that is making the greenhouse effect.USA is the BIIIG number one envorimental terrorist.

        As for china…many American corparations are stationed in China that make the problem over there…

      • Boris Abramov says:

        WTF did you get that from???

        At least russia singed to Kyoto!

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Can you specify exactlly why Kyoto has no relevance to the real world?

          It might not be perfect, – but it’s a start!

          • fromukrainewithlove says:

            you’re a real example of why americans don’t the treaty…

            • D says:

              Yeah, I can see now why America is in denial on this issue. Because of scientists like you. Were you hired by an American energy company to do your research?

              • Boris Abramov says:

                Anyway guys…. I think we are drifting of the point a bit… We are talking about a Ferari in the Ghetto.. stick to the subject!!!!

          • Boris Abramov says:

            My vision of you abouve is correct….. you spend too much time on your PC.

            However, i do agree that US is not the onlly probelem….

            All the developing counties, in particular China and India -have to be on board, or there is really no point..

            However, their argument is this: “Why should we deprive ourselves of the laxuries that western nations had for decades”..

            This also an increasing mentality in South America….

            We are all DOOMED!!!

            • Boris Abramov says:

              I do not think you got my point- but anyway I digress, I might be a jewish geek, but even I am finding this boring and totally irelevant!!!

  12. Boris Abramov says:

    Now lets not be silly – no one wants another cold war, we must all live as one!!!

    C.B – has just got to much time on his hands, and his PC is the only satisfaction in his miserable existence….Give the guy a break!!!

  13. longrun says:

    Slums? That’s an ordinary neighbourhood, and actually the appartments there can be very expensive, if it’s not far from the city center.
    It’s also pretty usual when a wealthy person prefer to buy a few standard apartments in such a block and to reconstruct them into one large two- or three-storied apartment. In many ways it’s more convinient than to have private house.

    And for your guidance real russian slums consist of one-storied buildings and an ignorant observer can mistake them for private houses, though very small. So it’s just the matter of perspective.

  14. vovse_ne says:

    Funny people! It’s easier to buy Ferrari then a good flat in Russia.

  15. TexasTriangle says:

    actually, i heard moscow is one of the most expensive places to live, so this looks, in fact, true

    though i could be wrong, ive never actually visted russia but i will this summer

    also, the yard may look like some place in haiti, the fact is that he may be either visiting, or if you see in the background the apartments look clean and expensive

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Moscow is the most expensive place… but not to live!!

      Hope you enjoy moscow,- its a great experiance for peole in the west!!!

  16. TexasRedneck says:

    so there’s a clothesline up. So what. Maybe the washing machine died and he’s waiting for his new one to come on the truck…sure won’t fit in that Ferrari. Or, and this is one hell of a stretch I know…its someone VISITING. There’s a Mercedes parked in front of the trailer home across the street from me, does that mean someone who owns a 10k house also owns a 100k car? NO. It means that my neighbors brother came over to her place to visit.

  17. Pidor says:

    We must fight for carrying out gayparade in Moscow!

  18. venom monger says:

    I have a Sig P228, Sig P232 (9mm and .380acp respectively) and a Saiga 7.62X.51 (because it was cheap and fired cheap NATO ammo.)

  19. Rich says:

    What a brilliant blog this is….hilarious banter!

  20. Luka fominov says:

    This is not slums. Its a normal area. I did not know slums costed anywhere from 150,000 to 500,000.

  21. Kazol says:

    This is NOT a good place for that kind of car!!
    You would need this: http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=392442728&size=o

  22. Nikolay says:

    Actually, we have forum here on this site to discuss lot of things..

  23. Mike says:

    I don’t mean to sound dis-respectfull, but how long have ferraris been available to buy in Russia?

  24. :) says:

    Just imagine that some countries in Europe and East will decline to use USA dollars. And oops all American economy will blow. So, guests from USA don’t be so proud, that you are currently live a bit better, this will gone in nearly 10 years :), there is no weapon or technology to stop this. It’s definitely that US economy will crash and collapse.

  25. phony13 says:

    its a car. i dunno. mabye some1…i dunno… STOLE IT.

  26. Max says:

    Don’t be so ignorant simply because you don’t know. In Russia, just like in any ex soviet republic country, it is very popular to dry clothes outside. People try to do it even when have their own houses. Many people like the smell of the clothes dried outside and not in the dryer. Most appartments in Russia and other countries had been privatized and, believe it or not, they cost almost as much, and when it comes to central cities like Moscow, St. Pitersburgh, Novosibirsk And many others, even as much as appartments in large US cities. And just because the building doesn’t look hi tech, the appartments inside usually look great, with the late type furniture. Russians normaly live for the next day and rarely think of the far future as it can be very unpredictable. Although it is getting better and so more and more people make investments and get credits. By the way, here in the states, I noticed the same patern with other cultures, especialy Asians. I’ve see many asians driving expencive cars even though they live is asian ghettos.

  27. strannik says:

    You are right, in Moscow or St.-Petersburg three-room apartment in such “slums” is nearby 300 000 $, and in the center of the city is up to 1 000 000$. The author of this photo couldn’t find “Ferrari” on a background of the real russian slums (whether they really exists? i’ve never seen.)That’s why this photo don’t explain anything.

  28. Allan Siew says:

    Wouldn’t the car get scratch?…

  29. athome says:

    Looks familiar, just like Detroit, Michigan, the USofA

  30. Filippe says:

    I really enjoy the content of your website. Keep up the good work. looking the news and pictures here it feels like as if I had already been to Russia, and the surrounding countries.

  31. Max says:

    Cool and funny picture. Please do not overthink about this picture. Expensive car parked in a neighbourhood. Could be a set-up could be a coincidance etc. And it’s an old place does not look like a slum. Look at the other cars in the picture as well

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