99 Atlantic Herring Is Going Wild

Atlantic Herring Is Going Wild

Posted on March 20, 2007 by

atlantic herring 1

When you go travel to Russia and feel some hunger – you might want to buy some canned tuna or herring for your sandwich.

Beware. You can buy something like this. It was in canned “Atlantic Herring” dish.

atlantic herring 2

atlantic herring 3

atlantic herring 4

atlantic herring 5

atlantic herring 6

atlantic herring 7

atlantic herring 8

atlantic herring 9

atlantic herring 10

Or also added just today, there is a Jesus face image appeared on the rock at Healing Spring in Russia:


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99 Responses to “Atlantic Herring Is Going Wild”

  1. anonymous says:

    It is still alive !!!

  2. maxD says:

    But what is it ? Why didn’t the photographer take it out so we can look it in the eye ?

  3. mac605 says:

    low quality fake :O

    • Melissa Theodosen says:

      Not so fast. I had 2 cousins who worked at KFC and they actually deep fat fried a rat that was in the chicken box. Go figure. The problem with processing food is not the handlers (in essence) but more the demand put on them to keep up with quotas the company puts on them and this **** does slip through.

  4. Doug says:

    Looks like “Genna Crocodile” from “Chiburaska” cartoon. I guess there will be no more cartoons.

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    Ahhh …. so That’s why dental care in russia is so cheap.

  6. Keith says:

    Anybody who can read a little Russian will know it’s exactly what is printed on the can: “Chupacabra”

  7. vovse_ne says:

    No more fish! Only McDonalds!

  8. Drakosha says:

    РЕБЯТ, тупо для своих – это чё этта, а?

  9. vovse_ne says:

    Модер, сотри это всё, кэш тупит… :(

  10. Lipo says:

    ага пиЗДеЦ какой ТО о_0

  11. Antipode says:

    Это рыба, а не то, что вы подумали.
    Not a fake, but salmon leftover heads canned by mistake.

  12. mad.co.uk says:

    Problem is that it is easily faked by adding those bits in after the can is open.
    Mind, impressive set of teeth it has!


  13. Andreas says:

    Oh that’s just crazy !

  14. rikku says:

    that is so not real

    but what is chupacabra btw?

    • John says:

      Chupacabra is a fictional “monster” (like bigfoot or yeti) made popular by Art Bell (Coast-To-Coast).

    • Passed 3rd Grade says:

      Also known as something you could have searched on the Internet instead of posting the question on the Internet. Get smarter, people!

  15. Han says:

    Don’t be insolent.

  16. Mofassa says:

    Congratulations, you are citing a site that allows anybody with access to the internet to define a word. If I go on there and add qwertfhdsjk as a word, it doesn’t make it one in the extended english language.

  17. mr knowhow says:

    it’s a dolphin’s jaw

  18. Crow says:

    It is actually quite possible for this to be legitimate, because if you look at the teeth they seem to be degraded from the cooking process. That is also why he probably didn’t remove it entirely from the can, because it would have fallen apart as he did so.

  19. Indryd says:

    [email protected] guy using “your” for “you’re” whilst chastising someone for their English skills.

  20. ben says:

    fish evolving into reptiles

  21. Anon says:

    In Soviet Russia, fish eats you!
    P.S: Is it a coicindence that the anti-spam captcha was “kgb”?

  22. Jay says:

    So, did you eat it?

  23. Eduardo says:

    Uh yeah, i agree that the thing depicted is mor elikely a fake. Looks good though.

  24. Jimbo says:

    Damn, that looks like that chick I took home from the bar the other night. I was wondering what happened to her…

  25. tekrat says:

    It appears to be a sea lamprey. Its a fish that will attach itself to the side of another chew a small hole and basically suck on it blood until the fish dies. Very nasty creature.

    • whisky says:

      I also like to know what I eat. What kind of animal is this?

      It is definitely not a Lamprey. This is how the teeth of the (jawless and boneless) Lamprey look like: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~youson/images/lamprey.jpg
      Furthermore, on one of the pics you can see parts of the spine.

      A Dolphin it can’t be either as they have far smaller teeth which are placed really close together in the yaw and are enclosed in the yaw itself.

      The teeth, yaw morphology and skin texture look like that of a shark. Another hint that it could be a shark is that the cuts in the nose reveal white cartilaginous flesh.
      Sharks are known to pray on herring and they regularly get caught in fishermen nets.
      The round shape of the teeth are not shark-like though, shark teeth are mostly triangular with a very pronounced texture to catch the prey and they have multiple rows of them…


    • Darthwing DUCK says:

      So, it is CHUPACABRA! Fortunately, there are ninjas to kill chupacabras that swim in the sea. Unfortunately, Selma Hayek was taken for a chupacabra in disguise

    • DAZe says:

      Lampreys do not have jaws. It’s a male salmon (during mating season) their jaws extend and grow large teeth in order to move around gravel and stones to make nests for spawning.
      And dolphin jaw? really?

  26. wes says:

    i was required to enter an anti-spam word to post a message. the word i had to type was “russian”. i no lie.

  27. name says:

    and michael richards

  28. Martin Beck says:

    Yea , I agree with the other guy ” why didn’t they take it out of the can so we can get a good look at the adledged ” Herring” I come from Russo-german herritage and there was a lot of hearing eating going on at those big racus family get to gethers.

    And not once did I see a herring with teeth . Why if that happeded at one of our festivities , for uncle Kostias would shoot the dam thing. Teeth Indeed

    Yours Drully

    Leyland Austrian Of Bay City

  29. LKbron says:

    Maybe it is just a vampire herring!

  30. Vampire says:

    After seeing the spam words posts. I just had to state what mine is:


  31. Wolf says:

    As someone already mentioned earlier on, it’s the head of a salmon:

    Not a fake, but salmon leftover heads canned by mistake.

  32. almightytom says:

    id almost say it looks somewhat like a small alligator or crocodile. the teeth look to big to be salmon. especially those front ones. to me, it looks like the crooked teeth and irregular flesh around the teeth could be from a reptile.

    of course, i have no idea if alligators or crocs even live around russia.

  33. okfinethen says:

    HINDI TIME! break it down! *tabla solo*

  34. fo shizzle says:

    im with ya Rusky, and i aint even an american..

  35. vovse_ne says:

    You know, there IS some internet in Russia! Why not to speak Russian? Так ведь?

  36. yaffil says:

    fotozjop, nah

  37. I’ve got a title for this. The Hunt for the Red Herring.

  38. Trujew says:

    But…does it blend?

  39. James says:

    I don’t think that was Christ Jesus in that rock, I’m pretty sure it was George Washington himself. And that canned alligator is the scariest ass thing I’ve ever seen.

  40. munaks says:

    i think its the lochness monster

  41. bud says:

    That ain’t jesus. It’s George Washington!

  42. Izzy says:

    Looks like the snout of an alligator gar, or other gar fish, to me.

    Compare here:


  43. Thaele says:

    Y0U G07Z PWND S4CK5ZZ!! PH35R 73H 1337N3SS!! ZOMG N00BS!!

  44. Hueristic says:

    You got that right Friggin wigga kid!

  45. Noah says:

    wow i wasnt even gonna post a comment, then i saw that my anti spam word was soviet, and considering the whole, RUSSINS WANNA KILL AMERICANS thing, i just felt the need to let everyone no

    and yes galatine, the internet IS for porn…..just look here

  46. Noah says:

    link didnt seem to come through…..o well just go here


  47. Andrew says:

    C’mon, obviously it’s a herring caught in the Chernobyl area. Haven’t you seen those before? You should see their chickens…

    The entire food-in-cans industry tried to prevent the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. from coming out, because it revealed where all the weird food came from. Now you know.

    Oh yeah, btw, they also serve it to you when you take an Aeroflot plane.

  48. Vera says:

    in is impossible that we see on these photos. it is provocation on Russia sea-industry. we can put everithing in open jar to do different photos and to say that it is right that you see. I eat fish and I have never seen nothing idintical.
    It is provocation!!!!!!!

  49. Houdini says:

    What is my captcha word

  50. milky candy says:

    Looks fake

  51. Sem1 says:

    Looks good

  52. Noodle says:

    YUM, delicious canned headcrabs…

  53. sdfjkldas says:

    puke on my shoes

  54. Anybody notice the edge of the can? Do they not have can openers in Russia?

  55. Anton says:

    What kind of animal is this?

  56. Oggie Doggie says:

    I believe these are photos of the snouts of male Chum Salmon. The male Chum Salmon grow pretty hideous sets of teeth as they prepare to spawn, and they do so even while still out in the ocean.

    Chum salmon are usually referred to as DOG SALMON in Alaska – and you can see why.

    I’m not an ichthyologist, but this is what I believe them to be.

  57. Max says:

    Like was said before, salmon jaw http://www.pbase.com/pogopens/image/32562344

    If you look on the side of the can, it has salmon fillets anyway.

  58. Andy says:

    It’s a jaw from a chum salmon. Which is why we call them gators when they are spawned out and half dead. They don’t normally have huge teeth until their gums recede during spawning. Usually they go into cat food when they are that bad, but I guess not in Russia.

  59. Keiran says:

    OMAGAD! you people are all missing it, the upper jaw is a tooth pick for after your tasteh meal xD

  60. madness6977 says:

    i love trolls. thank you

  61. Holly says:

    I thought everyone was just trying to AVOID getting to the “meat” of the discussion.

  62. lapsuslinguae says:

    o.O seriously looks like canned boa constrictor to me, gross!

  63. algdfa says:


  64. Puani says:

    ffs! that stuff looks disgusting! >_< more like canned baby croc. YUCK! xP

  65. George says:

    The Chinese wouldn’t be the slightest bit upset with jaws like that. ‘Mmmm, gimme summa flied lice wiff that pleese.’


  66. Jay says:

    I’m with Max – that’s a picture of SALMON on the wrapper of the can, not herring. Where they originally got the idea that it was herring, I dunno. It does look like a set of male salmon jaws, too.

  67. EWw…. doesn’t look that it will give me good appetite.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  68. TheAwesomeone says:

    Sabre Toothed Herring, Russia is awesome!!!

  69. Mark says:

    smile looks similar to my ex-girlfriend

  70. görüntülü sohbet says:

    Definitely, what a splendid website and educative posts, I will bookmark your website.All the Best!

  71. foobar says:

    The images of this canned herring always fascinated me. I wonder who took these images and where they were first posted.

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