21 Silent Hill in St. Petersburg

Silent Hill in St. Petersburg

Posted on March 19, 2007 by

st. petersburg silent hill 1

If you have seen “Silent Hill” movie then you might recognize this special video effect. Now you can see it in real life in St. Petersburg.

What is the reason for this “fog”? There are holes in the pipes underground which require immediate plumbing, but meanwhile the wastes penetrate outside generating such a nice on photo but stinking if to wander nearby effect.

st. petersburg silent hill 2

st. petersburg silent hill 3

st. petersburg silent hill 4

st. petersburg silent hill 5

st. petersburg silent hill 6

st. petersburg silent hill 7

st. petersburg silent hill 8

st. petersburg silent hill 9

st. petersburg silent hill 10

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21 Responses to “Silent Hill in St. Petersburg”

  1. Boris says:

    An example of Soviet quality labor!

    You don’t want to know how houses (or other buildings) are built in Russia!

  2. Chingau Wei says:

    Mmmm…toxic wasteland.

  3. mac605 says:

    Pyramid Head is coming… Be prepared… ;O

  4. Boris Abramov says:


  5. TexasTriangle says:


  6. Mihara says:

    Still nothing compared to the Moscow turf fires of 2002. :)

  7. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    That`s just steam…



  8. Dave says:

    I bet that smells totally foul.

  9. Caelus says:

    reminds me the game “silent hill”, fog is everywhere in the game

  10. coquihalla1 says:

    The first slavic word I learned from my now, dearly departed grandmother, was “cholera”. The reason it was so easy to remember, was the fear and panic it seemed to instill in everyone when “холера” was mention. Obviously, the notion that this 14th century intestinal plague can reek fatal havoc in your country, has been entirely lost on this sector of European civilization…when these type of events are allowed to happen.

    People. If you don’t get this cleaned up and your public infrastructure working..your going to fear the word of “bacterium Vibrio cholerae” as much, as my baba did.


  11. Boris says:


  12. Hgrunt says:

    No. This is O. Dundicha street.

  13. adios says:

    pizdez szhach nahuy!!!tol’ko v Rossii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. adios says:

    rzhachno nahuy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. smithy says:

    totally awesome, silent hill rocks

  16. M.a.S.h. says:

    I Don’t know Petersburg, where is O. Dundicha street?
    North, East, South or West of the city?
    Which subway do I take for reaching it?
    I would like to see it on google map, it is possible

  17. rinua says:

    kruta kruta kruta!!

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