29 Creepy Playgrounds 2

Creepy Playgrounds 2

Posted on March 19, 2007 by

russian kid playgrounds 1

We had already creepy playgrounds from Russian cities here, this is a second part. Enjoy.

russian kid playgrounds 2

russian kid playgrounds 3

russian kid playgrounds 4

russian kid playgrounds 5

russian kid playgrounds 6

russian kid playgrounds 7

russian kid playgrounds 8

russian kid playgrounds 9

russian kid playgrounds 10

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russian kid playgrounds 12

russian kid playgrounds 13

russian kid playgrounds 14

russian kid playgrounds 15

russian kid playgrounds 16

russian kid playgrounds 17

russian kid playgrounds 18

russian kid playgrounds 19

russian kid playgrounds 20

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russian kid playgrounds 22

russian kid playgrounds 23

And if to follow up just look at THIS. Of course we all could imagine that drinking in Russia starts early but SO EARLY?

And another thing:

Do you want to see another weird thing from Russia? A canned herring turned to be some creature with full mouth of sharp teeth… Click on the pick above for the hole story!

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29 responses to “Creepy Playgrounds 2”

  1. kir_pich says:


  2. Boris abramov says:

    No wonder russia has so many suicides!!!

  3. sfgwertg says:

    а как вы думали еще надо воспитывать в детях доброту с ранних лет

  4. Dave says:

    The real world will seem less scary when you grow up if you play somewhere with statues of mean rabbits and under-bed monsters.

  5. Pidor says:

    They are not gays! They are monsters! Like americans!!!

  6. neoclassic says:

    YEAH!!! This ROCKS!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  7. firsak says:

    Not playing yards in Russia are like that! 😀 This one was probably deformed by Russian gothic degenerates.

  8. TexasTriangle says:

    so thats why all the russians kids turn to vodka 😛

  9. illlich says:

    Did not ancient Russian pagans carve similar idols?

  10. Bishop Brennan says:

    That elephant on the second picture down looks like a drug addict!

  11. Texas1 says:

    I would have night terrors if I was a kid in Russia. Between the scary playgrounds and the ugly flats, I would be in quite a hury to find an Internet wife from the US.

  12. maxD says:

    Probably designed by a vodka addict. Amazing, in a horror movie this would be called ‘over the top’.

  13. björn says:


    3rd picture is a teletub!!

  14. Corey says:

    In Soviet Russia, the playground plays on you!

  15. vovse_ne says:


  16. elge of Sweden says:

    This is so cool! We gonna make such a playground for the kids here, they will love it!!

  17. Dr.Forest says:


  18. Lasse says:

    Wtf? A zombie teletubby?

  19. Name Recuired says:

    1st picture: Viagra?

  20. smithy says:

    some of these look quite cute, actually

  21. Pszemek from Poland says:

    Wouldnt like to be on one of those after some heavy pot smoking…

  22. Guyver says:

    )))) Nice bunch of Idols

  23. lala says:

    that looks so cool!!

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