29 Mig-29 Close Ups

Mig-29 Close Ups

Posted on March 18, 2007 by

An impressive amateur video of MIG-29 fighter made by another pilot from the cockpit.

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29 Responses to “Mig-29 Close Ups”

  1. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    I predict this entry to grow beyond 100 comments, with help of Mig-29, Su-27, Raptor, F16, espionage, reverse enginering, and, above everything, who`s gonna kick who`s ass.

    (Nooooooooooo, Charles, nooooo!!11)

  2. He just described what will be written here.
    He meant me as a gay.

  3. DodgyFoot says:

    The Mig 29 is useless. I looked in the cockpit once and didn’t find the samovar. What good is it without a samovar? Even british tanks have samovars (well, a water boiler).

    I guarantee that if they put in a samovar, its sales will double overnight. I bet the amerikans will start equipping their planes with fancy high-tech microwaves, but nothing can compare to a solidly built samovar that can work in the most extreme climates. It is to tea what the T34 is to tank warfare!

    Go forth and brew! Down with MacDonalds! Up with Ρуcckoе Виcтрo!

  4. nigel says:

    This type of rant should end….”and they all lived happily ever after.”

    • energyFight says:

      like they are living happy in the US as subprime home loans are imploding…

      Here is a video to help delusional America:

      • Viktor says:

        I even can’t look at your video because I live on territory of failed Russian empire and haven’t high speed internet connection. From the title, I think it must be about corruption. If you are American, then you can not be familiar with REAL corruption. American politicians and corporate leaders are amateurs in the field of corruption.
        As for your other complaints, I recommend you go to Russia and tour some medical clinics and then go home and cry about your American technology and institutions. Hah.

        • energyFight says:


          Are you kidding?

          America is the center of the universe when it come to corrpution. I think of things like Enron, Tyco, WoldCom, Arthor Anderson, Lucent, Bush and his Iraq was, Halliburton, Bush eluding the Saddam 9/11…

          You want fvcking corruption, America is a sophisticated corruption, only in America can 300 million people beive some dip sh!t that Saddam had wmd, and later we can’t find ONE GRAM. Now that’s corruption.

          Bush is laughing all the way to the bank.

          Yukos was nothing man. Fvck, Tyco sucked billions of dollars out of America… And the US miltary has 2.4 trillion it can’t find.

          • D says:

            People in general are corrupt.

            • Boris Abramov says:

              Corruption in the west tends to be more high level, i.e. -political.

              Corruption in russia tends to be on lower more social levels, such as: bribing a police officer, or giving a driving examiner $100 in order to make sure you pass your test. – That sort of corruption is not neceserally bad …

              • dave says:

                not really, corruption in the west is generally confined to the higher echelons of “society”. corruption in russia is part of society as a whole, regardless of welth or power

  5. energyFight says:


    Moaning? I’m not maoning, I think it’s funny the suicide America is doing… bring it on…

    Russia looks damn good to me…

  6. Dimon says:

    Where would someone go to make a comment about MiG video?
    This is obviously not the correct place.

  7. Pidor says:

    Let’s speak about gays. They are very nice! I love them ;)

  8. D says:

    Russia and America are both falling behind on technology. Sometimes I wish I were in South Korea.

  9. I am says:

    Putin not dictator! he is best man in russia

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Well… considering all the pricks we had rullig our country for 90 years – he might well be the best, however that is nothing to be proud of.

      • Alex says:

        He saved russia from being split into 8 parts as the US had planned, if we had another president like Yelsin, it may very well be by now. I don’t care if you don’t like the guy, but he did do a service for his country.

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    No, – Gays do suck!!!

  11. Chingau Wei says:

    Wow, this thing looks so old-fashioned compared to everything the West is building now, even the clunky Euro Fighter.

    I bet you can still land it on a dirt road without destroying it though. Russians never make anything beautiful, but they never make it weak either.

  12. dave says:

    at least the russians aren’t having any iraq-esque problems… i mean, other than the war in chechnya…

  13. adios says:

    idite vi nahuy so svoim litvinenko debili.video zachto,operatoru udachi!

  14. Rico says:

    I was a crew chief on American fighter jets when I was in the military. The Russians have always built the best looking fighters I have to admit. They are second to none thats for sure.

  15. george says:

    you can even fly one yourself – try http://www.flyfighterjet.com :)

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