50 Frozen Bird

Frozen Bird

Posted on March 15, 2007 by

russian bird

Some say that winters are cold in Russia, but probably only birds know how COLD it is.

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50 Responses to “Frozen Bird”

  1. Danish Heroin Junkies Online says:

    Pop it in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a TV dinner.

  2. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Hello! My name is Mattias Alkolupukki. I’m a gay and drunkard! I want to marry an american man and to leave cold Finland for warm USA. Mail to order me. Order now!

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  3. MasKa says:

    Sure a dead, electricuted bird freezes when there are subzero temperatures for some period of time. I’m just wondering: Why the heck would it grab an electric wire with its beak and how can it keep hanging there?

  4. firsak says:


  5. Francesco says:

    Not very nice photoshop.

  6. Boris says:

    To people thinking it got electrocuted, it is impossible to get shocked with no ground potential. Living things get shocked only when a current flows between their body. Current flows only when there is a differential. The bird is not touching another wire or ground point; thus there is no easy path for current to get through and does not get shocked.

    If you were to hang onto this wire in midair, you probably won’t get shocked. However if you were to be touching a grounded cold water pipe at the same time, bad news for you…

  7. Boris Abramov says:

    Just a russian way of preserving dinner…. What’s wrong with that?????

  8. Didoka says:

    I’m betting that’s photoshopped. It looks like it.

  9. Acts_of_Atrocity says:

    Птичку жалко.

  10. Ari The Finn says:

    Most likely this bird (‘talitiainen’ in Finnish) used it’s beak to hold on. Once it get’s too weak, it’s feet won’t hold anymore, hence the use of beak.

  11. hck says:

    bad photochoppage

  12. neoclassic says:

    yeah looks like photosh especially tail.. but anyway the picture is funny :D

  13. Boris abramov says:

    Don’t say that!! – many texans might actually be temped to do so!!!!!!

  14. стивка says:

    Maybe the bird was sleeping in that position and just slept away? ahhih just kidding

  15. lordik says:

    I’ve seen things like this happen before in Minnesota where it gets very cold. I don’t think this is photoshopped.

    What happened here is that for some reason the bird grabbed the cold wire. Maybe it licked it to try to get water. Its mouth froze onto it. It was then unable to get away, unable to get out of the cold and it froze to death and at some point fell off the wire and hung by its mouth.

    I used to have a bird feeder that was a long cylinder that you would fill up with seed. It had holes in it where they would put their heads, with metal hoods inside to prevent the seed from all falling out. One very cold afternoon, I looked outside to see a dead bird hanging, frozen, from each little metal hood.

    • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

      You are a bird killer!

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Did you eat them, or gave them to some russians?

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Just to confirm – I am not American, and from my previous posts I am sure you can work out that I do not like Bush….

        The only people who like bush are Texas1 and his redneck brothers..

        I hope you can sleep well now!!!

        • AmericaPhobe says:

          Where are you from then? Tell me now. I demand to know.

          And i think you have divided personality disorder, since always when you comment something, allso “boris” comments. :)))))))

  16. MoscowMadMan says:

    еврейское разрешение

  17. MacJoseph says:

    Птичку жалко :(

  18. MoscoMadMan says:

    Я сердит и я русск

  19. siner says:

    PHOTOSHOP! really really bad photoshop

  20. Ikaros, a fellow bird says:

    Only reason u can get stuck by licking something out of metal is because of the moisture on the tounge. A beak is not moist in the same way as a tounge, probably not at all.

    But if I recall correctly, birds does have tounges.

    I believe in photoshop(the talons’ edges looks weird), even thou its not a physical impossibility that the bird get stuck like this :)

  21. Lipo says:

    Pizdets LOOOLL!!!!
    photoshop ////

  22. Chuwakk says:

    Не фиг было провода грызть!

  23. kir_pich says:

    да идите вы в сраку, зимы у нас, самые понтовые!!!

  24. Vladislav Kozlov says:

    Doesn’t anybody realize that this is photo shopped.
    Бля, Америкосы и другие заграничные придурки нашей планеты совсем ёбнулись. Надо их всех стерилизовать.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Таких как ты надо стерилизовать, что-бы россия совсем не погибла….

      A good example of a russian ander-class!!!!

  25. Obvious says:

    It’s not a photochop. The bird’s covered in ice, which is why its edges are highlighted (like they’d be in a cheap russian photoshop job).

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