36 Russian Beach

Russian Beach

russian beach

A real Russian would not like to go to the beach without a bottle or two. As a result of such a habit there are A LOT of bottles left behind.

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36 responses to “Russian Beach”

  1. Doug says:

    “A rear Russian”? Ha Ha. You mean a “rare” Russian. A “rear” is what that guy is showing to the camera. It is an understandable mistake, I suspect this web site is about an opportunity for practicing English. You people do okay.

  2. Bishop Brennan says:

    Looks like an average beach in Dublin!

  3. fromukrainewithlove says:

    an average beach in Dublin where many russians come i geass then:D

    But it’s nice for beggars that collect botlles…there a lot of them in Russia/Ukraine….if it weren’t for them collecting bottles you couldn’t set a foot without getting glass under your shoes;)

  4. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Better worry about yourself. Consumption of vodka is getting lower on 5% every year since 2002! European consumer commitee say that in 2012 consumption of vodka will be lower on 30% than in 2002.

    • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

      in Russia…

    • silent but deadly says:

      Yes, but aren’t there 5% fewer russian consumers every year as well, because the population is shrinking?

      • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

        Nope. Population of Russia is shrinking only on 0.67% every year. And this number is getting lower. But consumption of vodka is getting down on 4-5% every year.

        And about shrinking russian population. In 2004 Russian population has shrunk on more than 900.000 people, in 2005 – on 730.000 and in 2006 – on 560.000.

        As you see situation is getting better. However it is bad, but it’s getting better.

        • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

          I work for myself. I’m proudly testing vodka diet on myself to win fat in this world!

        • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

          I’m Finnish not because i’m Finn, but because i’m totally finnished! I’m drunkard and gay!

          Gay pride worldwide! Vodka pride worldwide!

          • marvin says:

            Prove that you are Finnish by translating your own statement into Finnish, only then shall I believe that you are not Russian:

            “I’m Finnish not because i’m Finn, but because i’m totally finnished! I’m drunkard and gay!”

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    I don’t think his mental ability has anything to do with consumption of alcohol, – dumbness in Texas was passed down from generation-to-generation, – an effect of all the inbreeding within the family!!!

  6. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Actually all people act in this way, not Russians only.

  7. I am says:

    I think this beach of small dirty river

  8. p4130 says:

    Well… it looks like our typical Polish university students’ flat. Only we have a little less sand:)

  9. TexasTriangle says:

    wow, people

  10. Fry says:

    Russians are funny. When I go to beach I usually watch babes not bottles. Do you have somekind pervert relationship with bottles? :)))))

  11. Boris says:

    I was once watching a movie in Russia, which had long commercial breaks. I watched (and counted) them because those beer ads were funny. ALL 7 commercials were beer\alcohol-related! unbelievable.

    • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

      Commercials of vodka is prohibited. Commercials of beer is prohibited from 8 a.m till 22 p.m. That’s why after 22.00 there’s so much commercials of beer.

  12. vovse_ne says:

    I don’t drink beer…
    Probably I’m not russian?!

  13. I am says:

    Beer is poison

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