43 Russian Bride Not So Bridish

Russian Bride Not So Bridish

Posted on March 7, 2007 by

russian bride

For those who are in search of Russian brides, note this particular wedding. This Russian bride is interested more in her friend.

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43 Responses to “Russian Bride Not So Bridish”

  1. Bert says:

    So is the groom, I bet :D

  2. Starshii says:

    Hmmm. I think these girls have only listened too much T.A.T.U.

    • Darek from Poland says:

      As I heard T.A.T.U. girls weren’t lesbian. They had only imitated lesbian and have seized the opportunity of strong promotion which was made by ‘political correct’ world show business (enslaved by the leftists and other nitwits).
      When the TATU girls unmask they are not lesbian and have boy-friends, the world show business did desert from the girls, the promotion has ended, the manager of TATU took away the right to ‘TATU mark’ and the girls sings, now, somewhere but I haven’t heard it by very long time. It’s a pity – their songs are very nice.

      I heard it but I’m not sure it’s true.

      • Todd says:

        Leave them alone, they had lovely synth breakdowns. I got some of their songs recently (I was never a fan of them or anything) but they’re really good pop songs.
        Stop being so pretentious, they were very talented girls, and achieved more than you will ever do.

  3. Nikita says:

    She is probably really drunk or too freaky.
    You can call this pic manual of how to get killed at your wedding.

  4. Boris Abramov says:

    Perhaps that is her way of giving the grum and the bride a present for thier wedding day!!!

    I sure there will be even more fun in the bedroom.

  5. Texas1 says:

    If that’s the way they are, expect the market for Russian mail order brides to flourish. j/k I prefer American girls.

    • Fry says:

      I know what you mean. Russian girls just do not have what real American man needs: fat lazy ass, Oprah complex, ugliness etc. Go America!

      • Texas1 says:

        I’ve seen lots of hideously ugly and majorly fat Russian girls on this site. You guys have no room to talk.

        • Fry says:

          You spend to much time on internet. Before you judge anything you should see Russia with your own eyes. No one says that Russia has only model looking girls, but if you compare them to average american woman you can see the differance. They are at least thin and natural. I cannot believe how many fat people are in USA. I bet even you are not thin;)

          • Canadian_Beaver says:

            Wow…you guys make me glad I’m not a ‘Merican.

            Canadian girls kick A$$ (I should know, I am one).

            …so there. ;)

    • fromukrainewithlove says:

      What are you saying….in a America everybody is gay or lesbian….

      • fromukrainewithlove says:

        and yes because our women are so ugly and dumb…American men buy greencards for them to live in America.And split up after a couple of years…

  6. Dave says:

    If those are mail order girls, caveat emptor.

  7. Bishop Brennan says:

    Careful now…

    To be hnoest, I reckon the groom may be in for a pleasant surprise on his honeymoon night!

  8. korek says:

    That is truly Russian lady.They are all like that.They care friend more then the husband.That’s why, there are a lot of Russian man become crazy, more child without father, more lesbian, divorce at young age and breaking moral.anyway congratulation for the russian.

    • Acts_of_Atrocity says:

      “They are all like that” = FALSE.

      С восьмым мартом, девченки! :D

      • Darek from Poland says:

        8 March it’s a communist fete.

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Its also an International Woman’s Day!!

          Are women in poland still second class citizens???

          • Darek from Poland says:

            You should learn from traditional Polish men a cavalier behavior to women.
            But I think those lessons would be fruitless. You probably treat women as smaller, weaker and less bright men, don’t you ?

          • Texas1 says:

            If women in Poland are second class and they qualify for second class postage then expect Poland’s exports to out pace Russia’s.

  9. björn says:

    with a groom that “stunning”, I’m not surprised. have you never kissed a friend when drunk? you missed out…

  10. illlich says:

    don’t be so negative everybody, say yes to love.

  11. Texas1 says:

    I’ve seen a lot of pictures of fat Russian girls on this site.

    • pippi longstocking says:

      not! sure there are a lot of fat people in the u.s but the fattest country in % is in fact some tropical island country… true.
      i must say that scandinavian (norway + sweden) girls are way better in all aspects than any others! put that in your pipe and smoke it! =)

  12. Alex says:

    But what if The two women are brides?

    • Texas1 says:

      That could be but then it doesn’t explain why those two nerds at the table aren’t kickin’ it with the three in back.

  13. Doug says:

    That lesbian stuff would turn a lot of guys on, but not me.

  14. whocares says:

    oh, come on you people! she’s kissing her ON THE CHEEK! nothing lesbian about that! she’s probably not even drunk, just really happy to be getting married, and her friend’s happy for her, so they hug and kiss, that’s all. So you can all go and be disappointed now :)

  15. Jessika whatever says:

    oh, come on you people! she’s kissing her ON THE CHEEK! nothing lesbian about that! she’s probably not even drunk, just really happy to be getting married, and her friend’s happy for her, so they hug and kiss, that’s all. So you can all go and be disappointed now

    Lol, right…

  16. Chris says:

    I love Russia and Russian girls…the most beautiful girls to my eyes…
    I live in Belgium.

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