45 In Soviet Russia Coca Helps Pepsi

In Soviet Russia Coca Helps Pepsi

Posted on March 6, 2007 by

pepsi cola coca cola

Coca-Cola truck is stuck in Russian winter roads. Who came to save him? Yeah right, the Pepsi-Cola truck.

photo by Semenov

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45 responses to “In Soviet Russia Coca Helps Pepsi”

  1. Nikolay says:

    Nice commercial for Pepsi 🙂
    And I prefer Pepsi to Coca 8)

  2. scarface says:

    i think that it’s nice ad of ZIL trucks to volvo in Russia) not coca-cola and pepsi

  3. fromukrainewithlove says:


  4. Markos says:

    Hä hä, cocacola die beste.

  5. John from Kansas says:

    Helping others in trouble no matter who they are.

  6. Steelbud says:

    why soviet russia 🙁

  7. mush says:

    Indeed, don’t that scene look awfully capitalistic to be soviet? Also that western truck… hmhm

    Anyway… my vote for Pepsi 😛

  8. Doug says:

    Yes, funny. Everyone is human and the two men may even be friends. This is a more recent picture, not Soviet Russia(which ended in 1991). I think that is the point “steelbud” above may be making. Those Pepsi-Cola graphics did not appear until 1998.

  9. Texas1 says:

    Hey Finnish, welcome back. I missed your comments in the last post which proved to be another fun one.

  10. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    excuse my mistakes, i’m totally drunken…

  11. Darknephilim says:

    LOL. Where I used to work, The Fed-Ex guy Was friends with the UPS guy.

  12. confuciou says:

    It’s tasty poison.

  13. Texas1 says:

    That’s right. I remember an IB Strategy Case Study that discussed how Pepsi entered into a trade agreement with a manufacturer of vodka.

  14. eldar says:

    I think this “soviet russia” is a parody of yakof smirnof stand up (“In soviet russia, car rides you!”)

    which proves the author of the blog knows more about obscure american cultural references than he does about obscure russian cultural references(see postcard post)

    • Texas1 says:

      He was famous in Russia before he was famous in the US. Then he defected. After several years, he was allowed safe entry back into Russia where he picked things up in front of even larger crowds. My point is that everyone knows yakof.

      • Vlad says:

        Everyone knows Yakov Smirnoff EXCEPT people in Russia.

        Prior to coming to the US in 1977 (from Ukraine – not Russia), he was an art teacher in Odessa.

        Yes – the MOST FAMOUS art teacher in the USSR!

  15. Boris Abramov says:

    Pesi was introduced to russia in 1980, with the Olimpic Games!!!

    Пейте братья Водку!!!!!!

  16. Chingau Wei says:

    That’s the sad truth, that our favorite poisonous carbonated sodas are way cheaper than healthy drinks. A 2 liter bottle of soda will cost $1 to $2, while a half gallon of juice will cost $3 or more. Sorry I can’t convert to ml or whatever you guys use for measuring volumes of liquid.

    • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

      Europeans use litres.

    • Texas1 says:

      That’s not necessarily true. Often fruit juices contain much more sugar and are more acidic then carbonated drinks. Then factor in that the fruits that are used are definitely not organic. Who knows if Russia even has organic fruits and vegetables. My guess is that there is no chance. Since nothing is very fresh in the 3rd world, they would have to use lots of preservatives. In the end, their “fruit juices” are probably no better than a carbonated beverage like Pepsi.

      • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

        That’s not necessarily true. Often fruit juices contain much more sugar and are more acidic then carbonated drinks…. Who knows if Russia even has organic fruits and vegetables.


        1. Yeap, some juices contain sugar, but the most – not! You can always choose.

        2. Juices are bought in Moldavia, Georgia, China, Africa, Brasilia, Latin America, etc and packed in Russia.

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Third world country hosting G8?….. My god how times have changed….

  17. Chingau Wei says:

    Ok dude, your license to use a ! is revoked. That’s some abuse there.

  18. Boris Abramov says:

    Tried many, don’t think i tried that one.

  19. Texas1 says:

    You are the biggest one.

  20. Texas1 says:

    This site is for non-serious debate. We tease people for the fun of it. It would get really boring if we didn’t joke around. Is anyone on here serious about anything?

  21. mrcann says:

    i am very picky about what can be called “natural” juice. i know so because drinking juices is my old habit. ive seen many of them and only very few can be called a real “natural juice”, as most others are a mix of sugar and other additives.
    as for checking Moscow’s stores – the biggest ive been so far was the Ashan supermarket.

  22. Boris says:

    @Finnish Alcoholics Online
    Just asking, are you Russian or Finnish?

  23. I am says:

    Пейте воду и не пиздите

  24. Jon says:

    In USA, mortal enemies

  25. Gordon Freeman says:

    It gives hope for the future.

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